The perfect plan to travel Los Cabos

Cabo San lucas

Every adventure requires a good planning so you can enjoy the best way that is why we want to give you the following recommendations so that any of the flights to Los Cabos is simply perfect.

The obligatory photo in the most recognized place in Los Cabos

The obligatory photo for all those who visit Los Cabos for the first time, is with the emblematic Arco, the right place where the Pacific Ocean meets the Gulf of California. To get there you can hire a boat ride, yacht or boat in the Marina of Cabo San Lucas, and there are many types of tours for all tastes and budgets. Approximately every three or four years a “beach” is formed under the Arc, it is a beautiful natural phenomenon that occurs due to the marine currents and the temporary accumulation of sand, it lasts up to three weeks, although due to the high swell it can be dangerous to walk in the area.

Los Cabos View

The perfect season to travel to Los Cabos

The high season in Los Cabos is between October and May, which is when a greater number of Americans and Canadians visit the destination to leave behind the low temperatures of the north, but the busiest days are especially the end of March during the springbreak. Don´t forget in your luggage a sweater or light jacket because, although in Los Cabos 365 days of sunshine are enjoyed, some nights you can get to feel something cold by the winds that come from the sea. If you visit Los Cabos from December to March, you will live a great show, the whale watching, because during these months, several species of cetaceans migrate to their coasts to mate or to have their young, and without a doubt, it is an incredible experience.

Let yourself get caught up for the nights of parties

The night in Cabo San Lucas is full of entertainment and fun, so you will never be short of options for fun, thanks to the great variety of restaurants, bars of all sizes and colors, as well as a large number of nightclubs for all tastes. Therefore, in summary, the night in Cabo is guaranteed fun.

Relax, discover and have fun in Los Cabos

Los Cabos are world famous for the quality of their spas, try their relaxing massages, hydrotherapy, reflexology and other options offered to give you that moment of peace that we all need. However, remember to make a place in your agenda to also go shopping, because here you will find everything with small boutiques, major brands, luxury brands, jewelry stores, art galleries, handicrafts, textiles, organic markets and much more. On the other hand, if yours are first level sports then you can´t miss knowing the golf courses that are among the best in the world for their breathtaking views, which don´t exist in other parts of the planet, thanks to their ecosystem of deserts and cliffs with the spectacular sea in the background.

We warn you that when you take one of the flights to Los Cabos you may end up in love with the city and want to stay and live there, so take your precautions and enjoy the trip.

San José de Gracia a town of faith

Aguascalientes downtown

Surrounded by a large vegetation and large natural spaces, we present you to San José de Gracia, a Magic Town that has become one of the great favorites of those who take one of the flights to Aguascalientes looking for a true place of peace, but let us tell you the reasons more in detail.

The climate of a peaceful town

With an altitude that exceeds 2000 meters above sea level and as in the Sierra Madre Occidental, San José de Gracia enjoys a temperate climate and an average annual temperature of 16 °C. The months of June and July are the hottest and the December-January period is the coldest, the pleasant climate of the mountains invites you to enjoy it with warm clothes.

The attractions of the place

Let’s start the tour in San José de Gracia through the town center, where you will find a simple but elegant main square, and near this is the emblematic municipal palace. Although undoubtedly, the attraction that attracts the most tourists, and especially to believers from all over the world, is the imposing statue of the Broken Christ located in the Plutarco Dam, a masterpiece of engineering in its time. Another important attraction if you want to get in touch with nature is theBoca Del Túnel Park, an immense space to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities.

Christ broken

The Broken Christ a symbol of world faith

Among the 5 largest monuments in all of Mexico, is this immense statue of 28 meters high, divided between 25 meters of the sculpture and 3 meters of the concrete base that supports it. The spectacular image is located on the island of Presa Calles so its access is only by water, and after reaching the island, you have to climb some stairs to the sanctuary. The great sculpture of the Christ, which lacks the right arm and right leg, was inspired by the tragedy that hit the town by the construction of the dam, which forced a massive exodus of the population to raise the level of the water, today is one of the most visited monuments in Mexico, also receiving parishioners from around the world.

Girl at mountain in San Jose de Gracia


Boca de Túnel, a place for adventure

Adrenaline lovers also have a perfect option to have fun in San José de Gracia in the Boca del Túnel Adventure Park, with a beautiful lagoon and rock formations around it is an ideal environment for horseback riding or cycling, you can also throw yourself by the two available zip lines and crossing the 13 suspension bridges that the park has, including one of 105 meters long and 15 meters high that crosses the lagoon. The entertainment of the park will provide you with much excitement on your trip, with several experiences only suitable for the more adventurous.

There are different options for staying in the town if you want to travel from very early to very late, we are sure that after arriving on any of the flights to Aguascalientes, in this place you will find all the peace you need to replenish energy and spend some days full of tranquility.


Shopping in Los Cabos as an adventure

Imagine with the tickets of the flights to Los Cabos in hand , decided to completely forget the stress and with all the attitude to relax completely in this corner of Baja California. Time goes by and you realize that something was missing to put in your luggage, that’s where the moment becomes uncomfortable and you think your vacation was ruined, however, this doesn´t have to be the case, as often even the traveler more experienced get to spend this inconvenience, and the simplest thing that can be done to remedy the situation is to go to a shopping center.

In Los Cabos, these centers offer an infinity of services for visitors and locals, if you require a specific product or service, we present below the most luxurious shopping centers for shopping in Los Cabos.

Puerto Paraíso

Its beautiful construction and its impressive location make it the heart of downtown Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Paraiso has 10 theaters, bowling hall, electronic games, parking for 2000 cars and a large selection of brands and imported items from other countries. It also offers a variety of restaurants, bars and cafes that have a varied menu, Mexican and international drinks, no doubt a place where you will find anything you have forgotten to pack, and taking advantage of the trip you can take a walk around the place and give yourself a little taste in any of its stores or its restaurants.

Puerto Paraiso mall los cabos

Plaza Del Mar

Go shopping in Los Cabos and enter this shopping center is an experience similar to malls in the United States, Plaza del Mar offers a variety of stores such as Cabo Hats, Agave Bar, Cabo San Lucas Surf Shop, Wide Open Baja, between many more. In this square you can buy t-shirts, bags, hats, accessories, in short, if you want to put together a totally different outfit, this is the right place.

Plaza Bonita

Located in the Marina of Cabo San Lucas, it is designed to spend an excellent day of rest and buy everything you need at the last minute. In this place, you can enjoy magnificent bars, incredible restaurants, luxury boutiques, jewelers and shops specializing in handicrafts, it is perfect for a family or couple walk and even to find the ideal souvenir of those unforgettable holidays.

plaza bonita Los cabos

San Lucas Square

In it you will find a great diversity of professional services, entertainment, restaurants, and much more, its wide spaces offer comfort and it is ideal to spend a day shopping with family or as a couple. It is considered one of the best centers to go shopping in Los Cabos due to the great diversity of options to spend an entertaining afternoon or to take a night walk that ends with a delicious dinner.
Don´t worry about what you forget at home when you take one of the flights to Los Cabos, better go shopping and discover the diversity of entertainment, cuisine and even handicrafts offered by these shopping malls.


Don´t miss Huatulco, the jewel of Oaxaca

Waterfalls on sunny day at Huatulco Mexico

When we decided to take one of the flights to Oaxaca, we are choosing one of the places with more diversity to visit, because it has unique places of its kind that we can fall in love with. One of these places is Huatulco, a city that is more than just a beach place, it is a natural complex made up of nine bays and thousands of colors. In this place you will find various activities that you will enjoy from beginning to end, and for all kinds of tastes, look below for this list of things to do and get ready to enjoy them.

Visit the Yeé Lo Beé Mariposario


Besides being the largest butterfly garden in Mexico, this place is a real palace of colors, its name comes from Zapoteco and means “flower of the sky”. Here you will find the largest butterfly farm in America, in the same way you will learn all about its reproduction in the iguanario.

Mariposario Yee Lo Bee at Huatulco


Living with nature in the Copalitilla waterfalls


Located just over an hour from Huatulco, the Copalitilla waterfalls are a different way to enjoy the nature of this site. The place is made up of 30 waterfalls where there is a 20 meters high, and the pools formed at their feet are ideal for swimming and enjoying the calm of the area. You can also go cycling, take long walks and even camp around.

Get to know the Tangolunda Ranch


This is the best place for adventurous souls and extreme emotions; the place is surrounded by trails, rivers and jungles, where you can enjoy various activities such as zip-lining, rafting, climbing, abseiling, among others, while in each of these activities you will feel part of Huatulco.


Stroll through the town of Santa Maria Huatulco


Its small, but picturesque streets are perfect for walking and enjoying every step, for a moment you will leave aside the fun of the sea for the tranquility of the people. Here you will find some colorful buildings that are visited by dozens of people every day.


Rest in the Bahías de Huatulco National Park


Huatulco is a complete world from start to finish; it has one of the largest natural reserves in all of southern Mexico and one of the most vibrant ecosystems in the world, not for nothing was declared as a Protected Natural Area since 1998. In the place dozens of birds, mammals and reptiles, as well as multiple plant species, in this territory you can go hiking, expeditions and bike tours.



Take a picture in La Crucecita


La Crucecita is the meeting point of all visitors and travelers that arrive to Huatulco and it is because in this place you will find a wide variety of tourist services, as well as a huge corridor of restaurants. It also has a wonderful market of handicrafts, as well as a small but beautiful church dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Visit Huatulco the next time you take one of the flights to Oaxaca, and do not miss the beauties with which this place counts, because its wealth goes beyond sun, sand and sea.


The best hotels to rest in Aguascalientes

Aguascalientes Church at night

Regardless of the reason for our search for flights to Aguascalientes, something that is certain is that we will want to find the best hotel to rest, and of course after a well-deserved break to travel the city. Whether to know the place and visit its most emblematic points, or to move quickly to the meeting points, whatever our intention, choosing our hotel will influence the satisfaction of the trip, so today we bring this small selection for your visit.

Marriott Hotel

This is one of the best hotels in Aguascalientes with 6 stars, it has comfortable and luxurious rooms, luxury services and incredible attractions as it has an equipped gym, heated pool, business center, restaurants and sauna. Its privileged location only 20 minutes from the airport will allow you to have access to the most important cultural and commercial areas. It is one of the hotels in Aguascalientes with more space to hold large events such as weddings, conferences or large business meetings, since it has twelve meeting rooms.

Wedding at hotel Marriot Reception

Quinta Real

With a Mexican colonial style, Quinta Real Aguascalientes is one of the hotels that represent the state in each of its corners, it is a 5 star hotel that offers incredible facilities and the best rooms with a first class service, so if you are a very demanding traveler with the details, this is the perfect hotel to stay. It is very close to tourist attractions such as museums, churches and shopping centers.


Gran Hotel Hacienda de la Noria


The place is one of the hotels in the city with a great colonial influence, it was modernized taking care of all the original details and today it is considered a historical icon of tradition and culture. The colorful tones, the lush gardens, the huge pool and the exclusive rooms have made it four stars; it is located only 3 kilometers from the San Marcos Fair facilities, so this hotel is the ideal place to enjoy this awesome annual festival full of tradition.

Aguascalientes Hotel


This hotel has a modern style ideal for relaxing; Hotel Aguascalientes offers an impeccable service, as well as tranquility and all the comforts, making it perfect to live unforgettable experiences. It has a family pool, convention center, sports areas and gyms, restaurant and areas for special events. It is located on the main commercial areas of Aguascalientes and the city party surrounds this beautiful hotel, so you can enjoy the nightlife of this magnificent destination.

The Trojes

The hotel is located on the outskirts of the city, but very close to the industrial and commercial area, it has the Silia and Verandah restaurants, as well as a bar called Cuatro Barrios. It has a large heated pool available, event service, business center and room service, with a classic contemporary architecture; receive hundreds of travelers to offer their services.

These are just some of the places where you can stay as soon as you arrive in one of the flights to Aguascalientes, in each of them you will be able to find what you need and make your trip a success.

The Trojes Aguascalientes

The best places to stay in Los Cabos

Pueblo Bonito Resort

If there is something that continues to keep flights to Los Cabos at the top of the best places to visit in Mexico, are its great natural settings that leave anyone who visits them surprised. No matter how many times you have visited the place, because among the beautiful coasts and natural monuments it is difficult not to be surprised and let yourself go and enjoy the moment. However, something that also gives it that recognition are its hotels and places to stay, which are perfect to miss for few days without worry about nothing more than resting and enjoying the beach environment.

View of Solmar Resort and the beach

Solmar Resort

A resort of the most recommended for those looking to relax, here you can enjoy your favorite drink while spending an afternoon at the pool, and if you want to completely leave the stress, you can go to its Spa, which is one of the main attractions of the hotel. After touring the beautiful natural attractions that surround the Solmar Resort, take a break on the shore of the beach and think about which restaurant you will visit later, as these offers a host of regional and international dishes to enjoy the unique flavor that Mexican coasts offer, an one of the best places to stay because of the view. Without a doubt, a perfect place for those who seek a more rustic and relaxed option.


Bahia Hotel & Beach house

This hotel is located in the heart of Cabo San Lucas; this all-inclusive place offers a space of traditional style, which is perfect to escape from routine. Relax in the beach club facing the sea with a very local atmosphere, which provides personalized attention, and will make it one of your favorites. In its Esquina bar restaurant, you can enjoy specialties that fuse Mexican cuisine with Asian and South American styles, plus its cozy spaces and elegant rooms make it an option to relax in nature.

Villa Del Arco Beach Resort & Spa

This place offers endless options for an unforgettable trip as a couple, as it is described as a hotel specializing in romantic experiences. Its spacious and cozy rooms have balconies overlooking the most representative natural monument of Los Cabos, “El Arco”, the main attraction, which gives the resort its name. In addition to suites with private Jacuzzi to relax and later you can enjoy the exquisite dishes offered by its restaurants overlooking the sea.

Vista de dron de Villa de Arco Resort

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach

The location of Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach is ideal for those seeking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, while being inside a private cliff on the Pacific coast; it remains relatively isolated, but still has an effective route to get to the center of Cabo San Lucas. This hotel combines the advantages of a modern style with a colonial touch and an incomparable natural landscape.

It is due to its combination of first class services, a cozy atmosphere and a series of beautiful landscapes, that more and more people are convinced to take flights to Los Cabos and verify that the place is perfect for a few days of complete fun, rest if necessary and enjoy its great hotel offer.

Walk through Mexico City in love plan

Travel Mexico as a Couple

The plans of trip in couple sometimes tend to be complicated since they can´t always coincide in suitable dates for both, nevertheless, when this is achieved, there is nothing like traveling the destiny in a plan totally taken from the hands. Knowing places that inspire us to enjoy with our partner, meet a new place, and what better to take one of the flights to Mexico City, one of the cities that has a great diversity of places to have the ideal date.

The Chapultepec Forest

If your perfect choice for a romantic plan is something out of the ordinary, then you should visit the Chapultepec Forest and its surroundings, your tour can start at the zoo, where you can admire 240 species of animals. Then put on your life jackets and navigate in the Lake of Chapultepec. In addition, if you want to close your day with a flourish accompanied by a spectacular view, then don´t miss dinner at El Lago Restaurant, where you will be delighted with the quality and taste of your food, as well as the breathtaking views over the lake.

Chapultepec Forest at Mexico City

Coyoacán, a place submerged in romanticism


Coyoacán is the destination indicated for you if you want to transport yourself to a place full of Mexican traditions; it is a beautiful space where you can enjoy incredible and romantic moments next to your partner. You can walk downtown, visit the Church of San Juan Bautista and the Blue House of Frida Kahlo, places that will make your day something to remember.

A desert to travel in time

You can´t miss this park that is called the Desierto de los Leones, which is a trip back in time to the 17th century. In this place, you have to choose between different activities such as attending a concert, taking painting classes with your partner, sports activities for more than a thousand hectares of green area, it is worthwhile always being in contact with nature and enjoy these beautiful landscapes.


Xochimilco, the place of flowers

Xochimilco is much more than trajinera, alcohol and friends, because here you will find perfect corners for an appointment full of romance, you can start by a walk through the flower market, which offers you the opportunity to acquire a wide variety of flowers and plants. Then you can go to the Nativitas Forest, located next to the market where you can have a picnic, ride a horse and take romantic walks.

Latinoamerican Tower Mexico City


A high-altitude dinner at the Latin American Tower

To finish, nothing like a romantic dinner from the place that offers one of the best views of the city, the Latin American Tower, in the Bar Miralto Restaurant located on the 41st floor, prepares everything for your romantic evening, you just have to choose the menu and the date.
These are just some ideas to take advantage of flights to Mexico City with your partner and get out of the ordinary. However, don´t forget that you are in a city with endless options for fun and learning, so use all the means you have available to take advantage of it as you should in your visit.



An unaccompanied trip with friends

going with a map

It is increasingly common to see or hear stories about travelers who decide to start a new route through different places, starting the adventure in one of the Mexican airlines accompanied only by their exploration curiosity and the necessary luggage. Nowadays, traveling alone is a true experience of life where you make your own decisions about the roads you will travel, without consulting anyone else and adventuring to discover places, cultures and situations that will live in your memory forever. That is why, if you are about to make the decision to live the experience, these tips may be useful for the trip.

Mark the route to follow, write the places you want to visit and find out their tourist attractions

When you travel on your own, you are more open to let yourself be surprised by what surrounds you; you will be privileged to observe things that nobody else has seen on their excursions to the most known places of a certain destination. However, the most important thing is that you always have a good sense of location, find out where you are, what means of transport you can use, prices and access routes to each of them in your trip.


Don´t be afraid to ask for recommendations of places

Whether you advise at the hotel or with other travelers, it is likely that someone on your list is missing, and the best way to truly discover the attractions of your destination is through the people who live there. Whether it’s cafes, bars, restaurants, natural places, monuments, museums and beaches, anyone will make your visit different and unique, because many times we only visit the most famous places, when there are many others, in which you can enjoy more than those we had in mind.

questions words

Don´t take more than necessary

Baggage is essential when traveling, but so you can move more easily and without discomfort, take only what is strictly necessary. We refer to things such as your travel documents, such as passport, travel and identification insurance, cell phone, charger, a good pair of shoes and depending on the weather you are going to be in, coat, gloves, shorts, cool shirts, and of course, your sunglasses and sunscreen.

Warn that you will be far

We know that the adventurous spirit always accompanies you, but keep in mind that you can´t disappear like that out of nowhere, so the best thing is to tell a relative or close friend that you will be away for some time during your trip. Communicate with them from time to time and let them know that you are well.

friends speaking

Take a map or guide with you to know where you are

If you prefer, you can also download some apps that will help you locate yourself better, generally in each destination you will find a point of attention to tourists where they will inform you everything related to the place and the facilities to move.

There are several ways to travel alone, you can go in adventure mode, backpacker and with a fixed budget or, on the contrary, you prefer to stay in a hotel with all the amenities, hire a tour or rent a vehicle to move around freely. However, always be very clear that regardless of whether you are on a Mexican airline, or of any type, you should find out which are the safe areas and what precautions you should have so that you avoid inconveniences during your trip.

going with a map

Creel, a Chihuahua town for all travelers

Creel Chihuahua Mexico

Although in the world there are many places that meet perfect characteristics for all types of travelers, there are few places that do it as perfectly as Chihuahua. Well, who has taken any of the flights to Chihuahua, knows that in the state you will find everything you need to take the best memories home, and to sample is Creel, one of its magical towns.

If you are one of the travelers who like to explore

In Creel there are plenty of things to do, but for those who don´t like to sit still, they will find a series of perfect places to walk for a good while, and what better than to start photographing themselves in the Creel Station of the El Chepe railway. The total journey covers 653 km with 37 bridges and 86 tunnels from where you will have another view of the Barrancas Del Cobre, and then you can go into the Cristo Rey Church of Neo-Gothic style, located on the corner of the Armas Square next to the Temple of Our Lady of Lourdes, both buildings of the twentieth century. Now, if you want to know a little more about the town, you should go to the Casa de la Artesanías Museum, since it is dedicated to the customs, crafts and lifestyle of the Rarámuris, don´t forget to stop by the store where handicrafts made by themselves are sold.

If you like more, enjoy the nature that surrounds you


Nothing like a walk in the middle of the forest and discover the impressive rock formations of the Monje Valley, also known as Valley of the Gods, or spend all day in the Barrancas Del Cobre Adventure Park, admiring its magnificence, throwing you on zip lines, traveling by cable car, climbing via ferrata and walking on its hanging bridges. Although if you prefer a refreshing place, then you should swim in the thermal spring of Recowata, located in the Tararecua ravine, which has an average temperature of 35 degrees Celsius, although to get there it is necessary to descend by ATV or horseback.


And if after the adventure you feel hungry

At lunchtime, you will also have a great time in Creel where the meat is delicious, taste it on a typical dish, stew meat or a traditional chilaca stuffed with cheese, accompanied by a tesgüino to refresh yourself. On the other hand, for the simple whim, taste the burritos of roast, and don´t leave without having a machaca, which will give you all the energy to continue enjoying the town.

Village Creel


Stay in the village

Creel is a town that you can explore in a day, but if you really want to know and enjoy it properly, then you should stay a couple of days more. However, for the lodging don´t worry since you will find the best for your visit, although it is best to arrive with a reservation.
Creel is a place that even to get there must be done in a special way, in El Chepe railway crossing tunnels and cliffs to marvel at the majestic nature, to reach its enchanted scenario that seemed inspired by some novel. So you can´t miss this spectacular place the next time you take one of the flights to Chihuahua.

Sierra de Creel


Oaxaca de Juárez, a city that has a lot to offer


Oaxaca de Juárez is one of the most beautiful and colorful Mexican colonial cities in the country, it is synonymous with cultural diversity, surrounded by villages that preserve ancestral traditions and natural beauties unique in the world. So, if you want to take one of the flights to Oaxaca to get to know its capital, be prepared as you will have a long way to go.

Institute of Graphic Arts of Oaxaca

It is an institution that preserves one of the most important graphic collections of Latin America, this is a cultural center in the heart of the city that has space for different exhibitions, a wonderful inner courtyard, a Cultural Library specialized in Art, photographic center and cinema club, and best of all, is that admission is free.

Museum of Cultures of Oaxaca and the Ethnobotanical Garden

Museum of Cultures of Oaxaca and the Ethnobotanical Garden

Located in the former Convent of Santo Domingo de Guzman, whose construction began in 1575 and the last phase concluded in the year of 1731, it is a monumental building, and a splendid architectural example of the viceregal period. The current museum has 14 permanent rooms of Archeology, History and Ethnography, nine thematic rooms and three temporary exhibition rooms, most of the exposed archaeological objects were discovered during the exploration and research work carried out by the INAH in Oaxacan territory. The garden is located in what was the old orchard of the convent of Santo Domingo and shows hundreds of species of plants native to various parts of the state of Oaxaca.

Macedonio Alcalá Theater

It is enough to just contemplate its facade to realize that you are facing one of the most iconic theaters in Mexico; this place was opened in 1909 and initially served as a Theater-Casino. Its main entrance has three doors carved in green quarry and a French-style lobby, it also has a beautiful white marble staircase and its dome is supported by red marble columns, undoubtedly a place worthy of admiration and photography.

Macedonio Alcalá Street

Macedonio Alcalá Street

Every great city has an iconic street, and the capital of Oaxaca is not far behind, Macedonio Alcalá Street is also known as the city’s tourist walker, because this great road connects the downtown with the Temple of Santo Domingo de Guzman. In this tour, you can walk next to shops, stalls, restaurants, cafes, museums and art galleries, so it is a good way to immerse yourself in the Oaxacan essence.

Rufino Tamayo Museum of Prehispanic Art

This is a space of Oaxacan art and culture, the Museum of Prehispanic Art is one of the essentials of the capital and is dedicated to the great artist Rufino Tamayo. The place has five rooms, and a great variety of paintings by the author, besides having a collection of more than a thousand pieces of prehispanic art from the cultures of the Pacific, Gulf and western Mexico.

Oaxaca de Juárez is a paradise on Earth, full of prehispanic history and colonial charm, visiting it is to know an unknown side of Mexico and soak in a city of union with an enormous cultural diversity. Don´t think more to get any of the flights to Oaxaca and explore this city that is a World Heritage Site.