A relaxed trip to San José del Cabo

San Jose del Cabo

The beaches are the number one attraction for most travelers in Mexico that is why we are going to talk about one of the most special beach places you can visit; we are talking about San José del Cabo, which is located in Baja California Sur. Then, it is enough to take any of the flights to Los Cabos to arrive comfortably to rest, and if you are looking to save on your tickets, remember to be flexible when choosing the travel date, as you could save yourself a lot of money traveling in the low season.

Plan your trip is the key to make this a success, because organizing an itinerary will be much more comfortable to know every corner of San José as it should, that’s why we will let you know the most important places you must travel during your trip, and that you can´t miss in your plan. We recommend you first locate the city tour, normally they are in the squares, and they offer you an overview of the place, so you will locate places and you will feel much more familiar with the area.

Palmilla Beach

On this beach in the form of half-moon you can perform various water activities, including renting a sport fishing boat, and in whale season you can be dazzle with this majestic spectacle.

San José bird sanctuary

A natural refuge for birds and plants better known as the Natural Oasis, which covers 1.4 square kilometers of protected territory with incredible biological diversity ranging from birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles and insects.

San José bird beach

Organic market San José del Cabo

This space opened in 2002 to provide a place for small local organic farmers, it is known for being a place with soul, spirit and tradition, don´t miss visiting all the stalls that offer you a great multicultural variety.

Paquimé Gallery

Design, technique and art, is what you can find in this gallery, you will delight with beautiful and colorful crafts, as well as jewelry and Huichol art. Don´t miss the opportunity to admire the different pieces of art that you find here and even in an outburst, you could take some home.

Todos Los Santos Bay

Designated as Magical Town, it has peculiar activities among which surfing stands out, as well as having a great variety of festivals among which the Music Festival, the Mango Festival and the Champagne Festival stand out. One of the most outstanding stories of the place is in Hotel California, because the urban legend says that the group The Eagles was inspired by this place to write the famous song.

Palmilla Beach

Hotels in San José del Cabo

As for the offer of hotels in San Jose del Cabo, there is a huge variety of options that also go hand in hand with the season in which you make your reservation, but you shouldn´t worry, since you will always find something suitable to your tastes, needs and budget.

Start looking for the ideal date to choose one of the flights to Los Cabos and get to know San José del Cabo, because the landscapes, surely you will want to immortalize them in your social networks. All the beaches are dreamy, and with a wide variety of water activities.

Los Cabos Hotels

Destinations: Cancun hotels where the party does not end

Mexican Beaches Cancun

Beach and party are the words that could best describe the flights to Cancun Mexico, since a long time ago, not for nothing is one of the favorite destinations of spring breakers and this is also why many hotel chains have strived to offer better attractive for young people, and thus build hotels with better infrastructure and entertainment. Therefore, if you are planning a well-deserved vacation, we recommend some of the best hotels, which are ideal to enjoy the party at all times.

Hard Rock Cancun

This hotel is really impressive to have unlimited access to its attractions with an All Inclusive plan, which in addition to having the best parties, also has 9 restaurants where you will eat delicious, you will never run out of cocktails and drinks that you can order even in your room, there is a lot of entertainment during the day and throughout the night, because here many events are organized, including parties in the pool with foam in the company of important DJ’s. Its price can be considered high, but considering that you don´t have to leave to have the whole party, it is a very good investment.


Grand Oasis Cancun

In addition to being only a few minutes from Delfines beach, it also has all-inclusive packages, where you won´t only enjoy a private beach, but also a Spa and the best facilities to practice some golf or sweat on its tennis courts. It is 15 km from the center of Cancun so the bars and clubs will be very close, however, if you prefer you can stay at the hotel and take advantage of its bars on the beach and in the pool. During the night, there are shows and music festivals, so you will have a lot of entertainment without having to leave the hotel.

Beach Palace Cancun

The Beach Palace is a luxury hotel that is located on the beach in the hotel zone of Cancun, so you can go to all the bars and clubs in the area. It has 3 pools and a full service spa, in case you want to relax after a night of partying. On the other hand, if your thing is to stay healthy and continue with your exercise routine, the gym is a great option since it is very well conditioned, and for those looking for entertainment inside the hotel, here they also offer shows during the day and the night.


Sunset at beach


Golden Parnassus Resort & SPA

If you are looking for a more relaxed place, then this will be your ideal place, since in this hotel you will only find adults, since the entrance to minors is strictly forbidden and is located in a quiet area 6 km from the nightlife center. Cancun It has a beautiful view of the sea where you can relax or visit its Spa during the day, so that during the night you can dine in an elegant restaurant and visit its lounge to dance.

There is no doubt that when we begin to choose our seat between flights to Cancun Mexico, with the intention of having a good time, we will have hundreds of options to stay to experience the party, since we assure you that these options are the best you can find to celebrate day and night with your friends.



Hotels with extraordinary views in Mexico

Mexican Beaches

One of the best attractions in Mexico is the great amount of landscapes that we have to admire, to which we can travel by any of the different Mexican airlines, it doesn´t matter if the place has access to the ocean, the mountains or the jungle, each one is spectacular in its own way. Due to these wonderful landscapes, there are certain hotels that have taken advantage of this great feature to offer luxury accommodations with an incredible view in different parts of Mexico.

Coxala Hotel

The first one is in front of the Chapala Lake, in Jalisco; the place is also very close to the Magical Town of Ajijic. Its architecture is inspired by the pre-Hispanic period and channels thermal waters to its facilities, resulting in a beautiful landscape of this lagoon, from relaxing pools where it is impossible not to forget about everything and so just enjoy the moment.

Arriba La Roca Hotel

The next of the hotels is in Todos Santos, and as its name suggests, it is located on a large rock in Baja California Sur. Its swimming pool is at the edge of the cliff, giving you an exceptional view of the blue sea, in addition, this hotel is located between two paradisiacal beaches, giving you one of the best locations to come and go among them enjoying them to the fullest.

Posada Barrancas Mirador Hotel

Being larger than the Grand Canyon in the United States, it was logical that a hotel was built in Barrancas del Cobre, and this lodging in Chihuahua has managed to make the most of it. From here, you can enjoy the great view of a cliff of 200 meters, while the sunset paints this canyon a copper color, worth admiring from your balcony.

Cantil Hotel

A few kilometers from Xalapa Veracruz, this hotel is located on the edge of a cliff, due to its privileged location it is perfect for ecotourism activities such as hiking, abseiling, climbing and paragliding. In addition, your spa is one of the most recognized in the region, where what you should least worry about will be having an itinerary, because you could spend it completely in the hotel and be the happiest person in the world.

Siete Lunas Hotel

It is the turn of this hotel in the Magic Town of Sayulita Nayarit, and because there is no pavement it is a bit difficult to reach this place, but the trip is worth it because thanks to its cabins in the middle of the jungle, its private environment It is an earthly paradise where you will find an absolute calm and a peace environment unique in its kind.


Huasteca Secreta Hotel

If you want to get away from civilization, come to this hotel in the Huasteca Potosina of San Luis Potosí, it is next to the blue waters of the Salto Del Meco waterfall, so it has a spectacular panorama. Let the sound of falling water lull you and relax you after a day of adventure on the Huasteca.

Get ready to be amazed with the landscapes you will find in these places, which you can reach by any of the Mexican airlines, and be surprised, by the excellent quality of their services and activities they have to make your days perfect.

San Luis Potosí a land of tourism

Mezcal´s Route

In the center of Mexico is San Luis Potosí, one of the most incredible states of the country full of history, culture and tourist places, which offer a wide variety of activities to spend a perfect holiday away from the daily routine. A place where you can get lost in a natural environment with rivers and waterfalls for diving, mountains for cycling and also enjoy their traditions. Check some of the places you can´t miss in your next opportunity to take one of the flights to San Luis Potosí.

Tangamanga Park

It is known as one of the largest urban parks in the country, there you can find several places to eat and rest, and of course, the large space that has to walk, exercise and live with family or friends. Without a doubt, it is a place for a very quiet but entertaining plan to spend a day in contact with nature.

El Meco Waterfall


In the middle of the vegetation with more than 50 meters of height is the El Meco Waterfall, also known as “El Mirador”. Prepare to be paralyzed when you see for the first time this incredible natural wonder that has a relaxing sound and a beautiful view, you can stay at a hotel overlooking the river, eat potosinas enchiladas at the Rio Paraíso restaurant, and even take A beer in the nearby bars.

Railroads of San Luis Potosí


For some, this place is a treasure; perhaps because it conserves the trains that traveled through Mexico for thousands of years, for the youngest, this means of transport was in the past and perhaps some haven´t even had the opportunity to see them in person. That is why during your trip, don´t forget to spend an afternoon at the Railways to witness all types of wagons, get to know them inside and learn about the stories and anecdotes of the railroads.

Zaragoza Pedestrian Avenue

Known as one of the longest pedestrian avenues in America, if you are a lover of architecture get ready to appreciate many large houses built in the place. In this avenue, you can also find places of interest such as the Cathedral, the Plaza de Armas, the Spanish Clock, the Caja de Agua, the Red Cross, the Military Barracks and finally, the beautiful Sanctuary, each site with unique and admirable characteristics.

Route of the Mezcal


If you are a Mezcal lover, you can´t miss this walk that leaves the Plaza de Armas and goes through the highland factories, which have a history of more than 200 years and some still work producing the best of this liquor. You can also learn a little about this drink and the mysticism behind its history, since ancient cultures considered it a sacred drink.
San Luis Potosí is a place in Mexico that without a doubt, we must know, it adapts to all types of travelers and you can make endless ecotourism activities. We hope this information helps you plan and choose between flights to San Luis Potosí and let the place fall in love with you.


Veracruz, a capital full of history

Veracruz ´s Aquarium View

The capital of Veracruz is the main commercial port of Mexico, and it is also the main tourist destination of the state. Mainly take one of the flights to Veracruz, it translates into traveling to one of the best beach destinations on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, it is a seafaring city that keeps and maintains its traditions. It was through Veracruz that Hernan Cortés arrived to begin the conquest and colonization of Mexico, hence it has a strong colonial past that can still be seen today through its streets.

The Zocalo of the city

This is a public space partially surrounded by the Cathedral and the Municipal Palace, this is where people meet at all hours, especially after nightfall, to enjoy music, dance and have fun with the many options available. The most imposing building in this area is the Cathedral, which was built in 1721 with a neoclassical style; in the area, there are several works of art that are worth admiring.

Boulevard Manuel Ávila Camacho

This street is one of the most interesting for tourism in the city, so it almost always has people walking at all times of the day, it is also full of outdoor cafes, restaurants, bars, gives access to the Aquarium of Veracruz and can be reached by it to several beaches, making it a great place to walk, meet people, spend time, visit the various craft markets and admire the rich history of the city through the monuments and statues that can be found along the boulevard. It is also possible to rent kayaks, take boat rides through the bay or get diving and snorkeling excursions in the Veracruz Reef System, a protected underwater area and part of one of the largest coral reefs on the planet.

Aquarium Mexico

Veracruz’s aquarium

Opened in 1992, it is the most important aquarium in Mexico and probably in Latin America, considered today as one of the main tourist attractions of the city. The aquarium has 8 exhibition areas with an approximate distance of 500 m in total and an outdoor terrace facing the sea of 300 m long, which turns out to be a popular attraction.

San Juan of Ulua

Located at the northern end of the port, its construction began in 1535 making it one of the oldest and largest fortresses in America. Its initial function was to protect the Port of Veracruz from the attack of pirates and corsairs, but throughout it is nearly 500 years of existence it has fulfilled various functions and had important roles in the history of the city and Mexico. Nowadays it is a museum and it is almost a must see place.

The beaches of the capital

The beaches are an inseparable part of Veracruz, and in fact, this city is the main destination of sun and beach of the state, perhaps not so much for what you will find on its beaches, but for the infrastructure of services they have and the entertainment options what you can find.

Don´t hesitate to take any of the flights to Veracruz and thus be able to visit one of the most important ports in Mexico that has enough to offer to all types of travelers.



Mazunte, a land to enjoy

The flights to Oaxaca are the best investments you could make, since this land is one of the most privileged in Mexico, and that has practically everything. Now, a perfect place to enjoy these riches can be found in Mazunte, a perfect land to rest and have a great time. The magical town of Mazunte is embellished by an extension of one kilometer of golden sand, bathed by temperate and crystalline waters, with beautiful green and blue tones, making it magnificent to sunbathe, eat delicious and drink mezcal while you contemplate the horizon.
This Magical Town also boasts a charming hotel and gastronomic offer, which seduces travelers from all over the world. The golden tones of its beaches at sunset won´t let you go easily from this paradise in which the days seem to last less, so be prepared to enjoy the best of the place.


Admire sunrises and sunsets

The most beautiful sunrises and sunsets are appreciated in Punta Cometa, the largest mountain in the South Pacific; from there you can see the different natural wonders such as the migration of whales from December to March. Puerto Angel is a beautiful horseshoe bay located 10 km from Mazunte, its quiet beach is ideal for swimming safely; its waters with green and blue tones will surprise you with its marine fauna. Very early, it is possible to see working fishermen and even one can come to talk with them while the sun is rising over the horizon.


Taste exquisite gastronomic delights

One of the best things you can do on this land is to eat, and you can do it all day long because it will be difficult for something not to please you. Don´t forget to taste the pork beans, which are cooked with pulque, pork hogs and sausage, the birria tatemada is also typical, having as dessert fruits in syrup, pomegranate and milk caramels.


This land is from the turtles

Mazunte is the magical town of the turtles and one of the best experiences you can have in life will be to free these little ones who only seek to survive in the immense sea, ask about the schedules and enjoy this popular activity in this town magical. The Mexican Turtle Center, is an open space to promote the conservation of five different species of turtles, works as a museum, research center, aquarium and hatchery, so visit this aquarium perfectly complement that unique experience at sea.


The whole year is perfect to take any of the flights to Oaxaca and visit Mazunte thanks to everything that can be done in the place, regardless of whether it is high or low season. However, during the holidays you will see more people and you will be able to soak up the culture of the town, as it happens on January 15 with the Popular Festival of the Patron Saint of Esquipulas or in the final days of February, when the International Festival takes place of the Circus, and when spring arrives on March 21, the Equinox Festivities are prepared.

Cozumel, a big place to do all that you want

Cozumel is one of the largest and most populated islands of Mexico, the tourist interest that awakens thanks to its spectacular places to dive, admire the wildlife and swim in its beautiful beaches, make this place one of the most visited by various cruises. Then, the flights to Cozumel are the most coveted by those who seek to enjoy this paradisiacal place.

Its reef is one of the most famous and extensive in the world with more than 30 km, especially promoted by the oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, who recorded a documentary about underwater life in 1961. In less than a day, you can travel in total 47 km long and approximately 15 km wide, and its almost linear road makes it easy to travel, which is also optimal to make some stops and enjoy its beaches.


Where to move on the Island

San Miguel is the largest town on the island and is also, where most of the large commercial stores, car rental, nightlife, and restaurants are concentrated, and from here, there are three ways to travel around Cozumel. Some streets are decorated with huge graffiti murals painted by international artists.

In the western part of the island, the beaches that lie between Punta Norte and Punta Sur, such as San Francisco or Del Sol beach, are of fine white sand with very calm waters, as well as crystalline waters, and with a lot of marine species that can be observed, something ideal for activities such as diving or snorkeling. Along the reefs, highlighting the Palancar with intense underwater life, you can find multiple species of tropical fish and black coral, while on the contrary, in the eastern part, it is open sea making its waters much more dangerous, so it is recommended to take extreme precautions when swimming on this side of the island.


The remains of the Mayan culture

The coastal road that continues from San Miguel to the South goes through different beaches with bars, dive sites, Chankanaab Park, which was originally a Mayan site now converted into a theme park, and various resorts. Upon reaching the southern end, a detour indicates the entrance to the Punta Sur Eco-Beach Park Natural Park where the Mayan remains of El Caracol and the Celarain Lighthouse are located. The park houses a bird habitat with sighting towers, crocodiles, turtle nesting area and the Museum of Navigation.

In the far north is a small piece of paradise barely 1 km long, known as the Island of the Passion or Mukyaj Peten in Maya, this culture considered it a sacred place and it was here that Ixchel, the goddess of love and fertility, was worshiped. This place is usually the favorite setting for couples who, attracted by the beauty of the landscape and a pre-Hispanic legend, decide to unite their lives to receive the blessing of the deity.

Start now to search between the flights to Cozumel and dedicate a few days to this destination, which despite being an island, has enough to offer and so you have a great time.

Mazatlan, land of Carnival

At the moment we choose between flights to Mazatlan, you can begin to feel the energy and good vibes of a beautiful beach town, which receives its carnival every year with parades and joy, while you can admire colorful ornaments on the street and people who are willing to have a good time. Mazatlan, the “Land of the Deer” as its inhabitants used to call it, keeps history, color and tradition in this carnival that has just turned a century since its birth.

The Mazatlan Carnival is distinguished by its grupera wave music that defines this celebration with bands, tambora and wind instruments. The typical dances of the region stand out, such as “la quebradita”, going through other rhythms such as marimba, mariachi and all kinds of music that is characterized as cheerful and fun.

One of the main events is “The Burning of Bad Mood”, whose tradition tries to burn with fire a doll of some personality that has made them have a bad time, they can be characters such as politicians, singers, and even the local baseball team have gone through the flames. Among the events where people gather, the most are during the coronation of the Carnival Queen, the Queen of the Flora Games and the Infant Queen.

If you want to be part of the most popular dances performed in this carnival, you just need to attend and have the best disposition, since in the ” dance of fachas” all attendees dress up and wear masks, while more original and fun better, since at the end of this celebration an evaluation of the best outfits is made.

The carnival begins this February 28, but you must be on the lookout, since on the third day the first “Carnival Parade” takes place in the afternoon. However, if you prefer the night party, a day after this will light the coast of Mazatlan with allegorical cars that parade to the sound of the tambora. Around 40 cars with different themes are liked by children and adults who enjoy everything, from dinosaurs to creative puppets, it is said that each year they are brighter and more original.

Another main event is “The Naval Combat”, and it is about the representation of the fight during the French intervention of the 19th century, followed by a fireworks show that looks spectacular in the reflection of the sea. The cultural part can´t be left aside and alternative activities of literature, poetry and painting are carried out with their respective exhibition halls.


Talking about Mazatlan opens our appetite, and if in your plans is to attend the carnival you can´t miss the typical flavor of the sea food with mojarras, cocktails and ceviches. To cool off, you can taste barley water or the delicious Tejuino, and for dessert, typical sweets such as cocadas, capirotadas, or jericalla.

The flights to Mazatlan offer us endless options for fun like any good beach destination, but having a carnival is the strong card of the destination that we can´t miss.

The best city to walk around

Monterrey is one of the most developed cities in Mexico, and is known to be a center for big businessmen. However, flights to Monterrey can be for much more than just business, since it is also one of the places with the best quality of country life. In addition, the city has many places for you to enjoy it to the fullest, from ecological reserves, boat rides, museums and visits to the heights; this and more awaits you in the Regiomontana capital.


Chipinque Ecological Park

In Monterrey, in addition to finding large tourist complexes in the city, you will also have places to admire nature. Chipinque Ecological Park is a Natural Protected Area that everyone should visit at least once in their life, here you can rest from the city to climb the mountains and appreciate the view of the flora and fauna of the place, you can walk, run, ride a bike, go to the butterfly house or just relax and enjoy.



It would seem that all the museums are in the center of the country, but Monterrey has a very important one and it is the Museum of Contemporary Art. It is one of the most important cultural centers in Latin America, because it disseminates Latin visual arts, as well as exhibitions from other regions of the world and is a fundamental space for young art.


BBVA Bancomer Stadium

Regardless of whether you are a football fan or not, you have to go to the house of the Rayados de Monterrey, it is the newest and most sophisticated stadium in the country, since it has a few time since it was inaugurated. The same firm that made the Yankees Stadium in New York, worked with the Mexican V&FO Architects to make the project, from outside you will be impressed by the monumental of its architecture, while inside you will be amazed by its capacity for 53500 spectators, 324 suites and even a shopping center.


San Pedro de Pinta

If you are looking for a relaxed and even healthy plan, San Pedro de Pinta is perfect for that, on Saturdays and Sundays in the morning, they are the ideal time to visit this place since you can go with your partner, friends or family, take a walk to your dog, run, and ride a bike or rollerblade. In addition, after the exercise you can visit the food trucks of delicious food that are put in the place, since you will also find many organic products. Of course, don’t forget to make some yoga.


Obispado Viewpoint

To appreciate the magnitude of the city you need to climb the Del Obispado Hill, which is 775 meters above sea level and has a Mexican flag that identifies it from afar. It has a viewpoint, so you can see the city in more detail, but just being there you will impress with the magnitude, it also has three French gardens and you don´t need to worry about the road, as it is made for you to visit.

All flights to Monterrey allow us to know one of the best cities to live in Mexico, and not only that, but strolling through its streets to know each of the iconic sites of the place becomes a truly unique and perfect experience to get out of routine.

The most precious jewels of Chiapas

Chiapas is a place for adventure; contemplation and fascination, here the people catch the colors and release them in the form of magic or legends. The indigenous cultures share the richness of it through its history and its customs, so any of the flights to Chiapas not only let us know one of the most beautiful states of Mexico, but also lets us appreciate unique jewels, as are its towns.

Chiapa de Corzo, Heart and soul of Chiapas

This Magical Town is distinguished by its monumental complex where La Pila stands out, the only one of its kind in Latin America and the Santo Domingo temple, which is the seat of one of the most colorful festivals in Mexico. The Fiesta Grande de Enero, with its “Dance of the Parachicos”, declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, is recognized for its exquisite cuisine, with dishes such as baked cochito and its typical candies, as well as for beauty artisanal that manifests itself in many forms.

San Cristóbal de las Casas

The busy city of San Cristóbal de Las Casas, gives a completely traditional and historical image in a unique environment of cultural richness where there is a meeting of languages and styles. Located in the mountains of the Highlands of Chiapas, the magic of this town is discovered by walking the streets where you can witness the culture that manifests in their neighborhoods and parties, as well as textiles, metalwork, toys and jewelry that you can get to take home a piece of this great culture.

Comitán de Dominguez

The plains surrounding Comitán are a region of natural wonders where the Lagunas de Montebello National Park is located, the archaeological sites of Tenam Puente and Chinkultic, as well as the Parador Santa Maria. However, if you like to practice diving you can´t miss the Lakes of Columbus or the Chukumaltik cenote, where you can start a completely relaxed day in its waters. Its historical center gathers colonial and 19th century temples, traditional mansions, museums and cultural centers; this town is also the cradle of the independence of Chiapas and Central America, so when you walk through its streets you can learn a little more about this important event in history.


The main characteristic of this beautiful Magic Town is that it has several important places of the Mayan culture, but the place also has a small central square with a pleasant atmosphere where you can spend hours of calm, and you can visit a craft market where you can buy jewelry and textiles from Chiapas. It shelters a spectacular Mayan archaeological zone surrounded by abundant jungle and beautiful waterfalls, it is one of the most interesting archaeological cities of Mexico, and to know it is to discover the soul of the Mayan world that allows us to understand myths, rituals, beliefs and admire the majestic architecture of this great culture.

Although flights to Chiapas can be very entertaining, visiting these classic towns full of cultural and historical spaces can give your trip an even more symbolic and special tone, difficult to compare with other destinations.