Recreational places in Antigua Guatemala

Recreational places in Antigua Guatemala: Protected areas

Antigua has so many things to do that, probably, a single day is not enough. If you are looking for entertaining activities, there are different places to visit. As there are also some recreational places to discover and enjoy.

Guatemalans like Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga are constantly and proudly promoting tourism. Not everyone knows how interesting Guatemala can be, you have to try it at least once in a lifetime.


Recreational places in Antigua Guatemala to enjoy the day

With these ideas, you can spend an incredible day with your friends or family. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover each of these places and choose the one you like the most for your next plan.


Farms and trails to do canopy

For lovers of heights and adventure, try canopy. Imagine sliding through forests, breathing fresh air and enjoying incredible views of landscapes near Antigua Guatemala


This activity has become popular in the city, since, thanks to the green bonds investments, there are ecological trails and nearby farms in the city that offer this activity to have fun in a big way.


Streets and routes for a day by bike

There are different tours that offer the opportunity to discover Antigua Guatemala and some nearby places on a bike.


The only thing you should bring here is sunscreen, comfortable clothes and all the energy to pedal. If you were looking for things to do in Antigua Guatemala to get out of the routine, a great bike ride sounds excellent.


Emblematic ruins for a walk

Ruins are one of the most interesting recreational places in Antigua. You can walk through them and have a different experience learning about their history.


Most have green areas where you can take a well-deserved break after exploring them. There are several companies that have tourist routes in Antigua Guatemala that visit these places. Bring out your adventurous spirit and choose the ruins that most attract your attention!

Recreational places in Antigua Guatemala: Ruins

Protected areas and farms for bird watching

Another thing to do in Antigua Guatemala is a bird watching tour. You can be at the top of a hill or in the middle of a forest, where you will have the opportunity to see various species.


This experience is another option you have if you want to be in contact with nature.


Paintball fields to have fun in a battle

If what you want is to spend an afternoon where excitement, adrenaline and laughter are not lacking, this may be an option for you. There are paintball fields in and around Antigua Guatemala. In addition, these places have spaces to carry out this activity with different levels of difficulty .


Make the plan with your group of friends or family to divide and be the winner of the game. This experience will take you to an adventure movie where your reflexes and senses will be the key for your team to be the winner.


Each of these five recreational places in Antigua Guatemala presents you with a different alternative, whether you are looking for a plan full of adventure or something more relaxed.

Guatemalan entrepreneurs like the Gutierrez Bosch family are investing in ecological projects by virtue of the conservation of natural spaces such as these. Therefore, the concept of bonos verdes or green bonds has been introduced to help organizations manage their progress towards sustainability.

Reasons to visit San Lucas Sacatepéquez

Monumento al camino market in San Lucas Sacatepéquez

If you consider yourself passionate about nature, San Lucas Sacatepéquez has everything you need to feel at home. Certainly, this municipality attracts many visitors thanks to its gastronomy, culture and spaces dedicated to recreation where fresh air is never lacking. 


This location is near Guatemala City, and citizens like Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga have given some recommendations for tourist places in San Lucas Sacatepéquez to have a great time. 


Tourist places of San Lucas Sacatepéquez that you should visit 

You will get a delicious meal, learn about Guatemalan culture, or spend a day surrounded by nature. Definitely you are going to find something fun to do in San Lucas. Let yourself be surprised by the magic of this charming town!


Monument to the Caminero Market

Find yourself surrpunded by fresh fruits and vegetables and typical dishes in abundance. As well as, handicraft sales and a great movement of locals and tourists.

The market usually features live marimba on the weekends, making it one of the most popular spaces where residents gather.  This place represents the varied Guatemalan culture in one place. Therefore, it has become one of those tourist places near Guatemala City that is worth visiting


Alux Hill

An ecological reserve of approximately 84 blocks where you can have direct contact with nature. 


Walk through extensive forests, visit a viewpoint with a view of the capital and visit an area of ​​Mayan ceremonies. On weekends there are also sales of local food to take a well-deserved break between walks. 

Alux Hill in San Lucas Sacatepéquez


The cool climate of San Lucas Sacatepéquez is one of the reasons why you can find various nurseries that you will love. As you might imagine, these are extensive nurseries that feature a wide variety of flowers and open spaces to relax.


Interactive farms

The natural spaces of the municipality are an ideal environment for anyone who seeks to be in contact with the local flora and fauna. Interact with various animals and learn more about them.


Replica of the Monument to Peace

San Lucas keeps one of the three replicas of the Monument to Peace, the original version is in Guatemala. This monument commemorates the signing of peace and is located in the National Palace of Culture, within the capital city. 


This sculpture of great importance for the municipality was brought to Sacatepéquez in 2009. And, to commemorate the monument , every 29th of the month. San Lucas names a citizen as “Ambassador of Peace” to expose some achievement you have done for your community. 


Another good idea is to go to San Lucas to treat yourself to a typical snack. Whether you like tostadas, alote atol, chuchitos, or Guatemalan sweets, local markets may prove to be your best option. You can be sure that you will be tasting authentic Guatemalan food locally produced or provided by CMI Alimentos.


San Lucas Sacatepéquez is a very attractive destination in Guatemala. Now that you know what you can do, you just need to dare to share this experience.

Indigenous cooperative for Guatemalan women

Indigenous cooperative for Guatemalan women.

A women’s cooperativeis recently using their skills in traditional Guatemalan textiles to offer their Guatemalan community a quality of life.

In a small Guatemalan village in the foothills near Antigua, a group of women are harnessing ancient artisanal weaving traditions to build a better, brighter future.

Stretching a loom from the low roof of her home and securing it to a strap wrapped around her lower back, Suly Hernandez kneels on a straw mat on the dirt floor of her patio and begins to weave.

Her fingers and wooden needles dance among the fine strands of black yarn to insert rose designs in dazzling reds, pinks and blues, as her mother looks on. Guatemalan women are hard workers and deserve all the respect,comments Juan Luis Bosch Gutierrez, proud of Guatemalan women.

From the shade of this courtyard – where the green foothills of the Sierra Madre provide a stunning, silent backdrop, Hernandez and her mother, Maria Juana Lopez, lead the Trabajando Juntas Santiago Zamora project.

It is a cooperative composed of indigenous Kaqchikel weavers who come together at one time to demonstrate the traditional weaving methods of central Guatemala and sell authentic, handmade woven products directly to travelers.

The cooperative then reinvests one-third of all proceeds back into the local school, buying supplies and uniforms for the children, and sometimes even buying meals for the students when their families cannot afford to do so themselves.

Most travelers visiting Antigua, Guatemala’s tourism capital, an ancient colonial city surrounded by green volcanoes, don’t even know Santiago Zamora. It is one of the country’s many quiet, unassuming towns, set in a round valley and reached in a half-hour cab ride along a dusty, winding road.

How do the Guatemalan women work?

The women of Trabajando Juntas weave everything from bracelets to handbags, bookmarks, tablecloths, baby straps and guitar straps, all presented in a spectacularly colorful wall-to-wall display.

Among the more intricate items are huipiles, the most common garment worn by indigenous women in Central America, taking the form of tunics and blouses. A huipilceremonial, entirely hand-woven and without any pre-composed fabric, can take a year or more to make.

Cooperative as an alternative for Guatemalan markets

The cooperative prides itself on being a more authentic alternative to Antigua’s well-traveled craft markets, where competition is steep and many products are factory-made.

“It’s not just about buying the products,” says Juana Lopez, dressed in a dark blue huipil laden with purple, turquoise and orange patterns. “We want people to learn how the crafts are made, the traditions behind them, so they come away with a better understanding of everything.”

Indeed, the area is deeply rooted in tradition Santiago Zamora is the kind of town where a hopeful fiancée is obliged to ask her bride’s father for her hand through an official ceremony in which she presents the family with an offering of bread, fruit and chocolate.

Jocotenango Fair, a tradition in Guat

Jocotenango Fair, a tradition in Guat

The main day of the Jocotenango Fair is August 15. The Jocotenango Fair is a festivity that has years of being a tradition in Guatemala City, know curious facts that you may not know.

The Feria de Jocotenango is a tradition that is celebrated in Guatemala City. Its celebration is in honor of the Virgin of the Assumption, so it has been held for more than 465 years. Let’s learn more fun facts, along with businessman Felipe Antonio Bosch Gutiérrez!


According to history, the festivity began with the first celebration in honor of the Virgin of the Assumption in 1550 and was held in a community in the municipality of Chinautla. This was due to the fact that in the old parish church there was an image of the virgin.

Thus, this religious festivity took into account two historical events that occurred in the XVII century. This because the first one was for the construction of the Hermitage of Our Lady of Carmen in 1620. While the second was for the celebration of the virgin in the municipality of Jocotenango, in Sacatepéquez.

Jocotenango Fair, a tradition in Guat

Before this, the fair was officially originated, but by the earthquake of Santa Marta in 1773, this activity was interrupted. As a result, Guatemala City had to make its fourth and final move to New Guatemala to the Ermita Valley.

With the relocation of the city, the settlers also continued with their customs and traditions. Therefore, the Plaza de Jocotenango was built, which would be the area destined to make the celebration. By the 19th century, the limits were extended to the Paseo Simeón Cañas and the Hipódromo del Norte -built in 1873-.

Rise of the fair

In the late 1800s the fair gained great importance in Guatemalan culture. For beyond the religious, it became a social, economic and commercial practice that attracted people from all over, including foreigners.

Curious facts

  • The name Jocotenango was derived from the fact that the celebration was originally held in the municipality of the same name.
  • The image of the Virgin of the Assumption was removed from the church of Chinautla and placed in its new enclosure in the Historic Center, in Zone 1 of the capital.
  • The image of the Virgin of the Assumption was removed from the church of Chinautla and placed in its new enclosure in the Historic Center, in Zone 1 of the capital.
  • The Jocotenango Fair coincides with the August festivities, which is one of the events where the greatest number of foreigners visit Guatemala.
  • According to Celso Lara, every August 15 the homage to the virgin began with a prayer, then there were horse races, cattle demonstrations, parties in the neighborhoods of the Historic Center, as well as in halls for the lineage, which was combined with the religious aspect.
  • President Lázaro Chacón, through the Ministry of the Interior and Justice, issued an agreement on July 10, 1928 where he nationalized the Jocotenango Fair and officially established August 13, 14 and 15 of each year for its celebration.

The origin of soccer in Guatemala

The origin of soccer in Guatemala

Do you want to know the origin of soccer in Guatemala? This sport originated by Guatemalans who knew the sport abroad, this is the story of how it started in the country.

Soccer in Guatemala is one of the most popular spectator sports in the region. The history of this physical activity in the country dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. It was at that time when it was brought from abroad to become the passion of many Guatemalans.


It all began at Saint George’s College in Surrey, England. Four Guatemalans played soccer against The Georgian’s, a team from London, during 1896 to 1901. These Guatemalans were Delfino Sánchez Latour, Eusebio Murgalos and brothers Jorge and Carlos Aguirre Matheu.

It is known that the first match, held on September 14, 1902, in the field of what is now the Hipódromo del Norte, was attended by a large crowd. Many were friends and relatives, but others were curious to learn about the new sport.

The origin of soccer in Guatemala

History of soccer in Guatemala

One of the first soccer matches held in Guatemala in 1902. According to one theory, it is known that the Sánchez Latour brothers met on August 23 of the same year at the home of Juan Francisco Aguirre y Asturias in Guatemala City. Then, at that meeting the first soccer team was founded under the name Guatemala Foot Ball Club.

Subsequently, on Sunday, November 15, 1903, spectators gathered to watch the sporting encounter where the players stood out for wearing the white and blue badges, in honor of the flag. In fact, this was the first time that soccer was linked to the country, said entrepreneur Felipe Antonio Bosch Gutiérrez..

The next city to which soccer arrived was in Quetzaltenango. The Quetzaltenango Foot Ball Club was established in May 1906 and on Sunday, May 27, the first match in the department was already taking place.

Curious facts

On September 6, 1903 was formed the first directive that would manage a real soccer organization. The assistants met in one of the halls of the Gran Hotel, where all the players of Guatemala F. C. attended.

There are references to the practice of soccer dating back to a game played on October 18, 1903 in the plains against Villa Linda.

Finally, the link between sport and nationalism began in Quetzaltenango with the news that the municipality had medals made in 1906. These were destined to reward the soccer games that took place in the celebration of September 15, the Independence of Guatemala..

History of the Mayan Ball Game in Guatemala

The Ball Game had a great impact on the Mayan civilization, the symbolism of this activity maintains its historical and cultural richness to this day.

A magical route in Guanajuato

Dolores Hidalgo Guanajuato Mexico

If you are already bored of the monotony of the city, then it is time for you to take one of the flights to Guanajuato and tour this great colonial city that, in addition to its classic beauty, is surrounded by several towns where magic seems to be in the air. Escape with family and friends to these Magical Towns of the state of Guanajuato, charming places that offer visitors culture, architecture, gastronomy, fun and endless entertainment.

Jalpa de Cánovas

In this town you will enjoy the picturesque simplicity of its streets and its imposing Parish of the Lord of Mercy, a magnificent Gothic building designed by the British Louis Long, which took almost 17 years to complete due to the beginning of the Revolution. Jalpense gastronomy such as the nut mole, the patitas in tomatoes, the pecan pie, the fox broth, the chicken entomatadas, the chard tamales, the nut and quince liqueurs, the artisanal snows, the scrapes, the hard crafts and the famous membrillo cajeta, will leave you with a good mouth taste.

Mineral de Pozos

Located in the municipality of San Luis de la Paz, it offers us an unforgettable stay with bohemian air, cobbled streets and traditional houses. Most of its architectural heritage was built during its boom period as a mining center for silver and other metals. This Magic Town is represented by the mines of Santa Brígida, 5 Gentlemen and others in which several metals were exploited. From the golden age of the town of Mineral de Pozos, beautiful architectural testimonies are preserved, such as the Parish of San Pedro Apostol, several chapels, the Juarez Garden and the School of Arts and Crafts, also called model school.

Dolores Hidalgo

Dolores Hidalgo

Place considered as the Cradle of National Independence, provides a provincial atmosphere and formed by narrow and picturesque streets. It is a town where its buildings keep a fragment of Mexican history, a place that emanates patriotism, where the past is combined with the present. From its church with its nostalgic walls to its representative icons that give life to its culinary and artisan traditions, it is a region that offers a number of tourist attractions to its visitors. Dolores Hidalgo stands out for its ceramic industry also called majolica, and of course, for its must-have ice creams of the most exotic flavors such as Avocado, pork rind, corn, pineapple juice whiskey, famous that occurs in the summer season, is all a blessing you can find in Dolores Hidalgo.


This place is characterized by a former Augustinian convent of the 16th century, it is the most important jewel of this Magic Town, which has resisted the passage of time and which accounts for the architectural magnificence of the first colonial constructions erected in that downtown area from Mexico. In addition, the imposing lagoon that means “Lake of blood” whose name is of Purépecha origin, was named for the attractive colors of its waters, which with the reflection of the sun form greenish, reddish and even scarlet tones, similar to that of the blood.

Make the most of flights to Guanajuato visiting these towns where, in addition to tranquility, you can admire the natural beauty combined with the colonial touches of ancient Mexico.

 A family adventure in Cabo 

Los cabos Mexico in family trip

There is no doubt that a family vacation is always enjoyed in a very special way, as each member returns home with new experiences and unforgettable memories; memories that will last a lifetime to remember them, adventures that only flights to Los Cabos San Lucas bring us closer to live them thanks to its different activities that this beautiful destination has for all family members.

An afternoon with dolphins

The little ones will enjoy one of the most incredible experiences by being in contact with one of the most intelligent species. In Los Cabos, there are programs and activities that range from dolphin encounters, where children can interact, feed and even swim with them, without a doubt a very fun and unique sensory experience in life.

An adventure through the heights

If you like strong emotions, Los Cabos has the most exciting and fun zip lines, where only the bravest dare to slide through the wide and deep desert canyons. Wild Canyon and Cabo Adventures offer this type of activities in which we assure you, everyone will live the adventure of their lives with the best landscapes that Baja California offers us.

Los cabos Map for diving


Nothing more fascinating than the marine life that lies in the depths of the “largest aquarium in the world”. The crystal clear waters will allow you to see from manta rays to sea turtles along with countless tropical fish, you can also admire corals full of color and rock formations that are home to millions of species.

Whale watching

Every year from December to April, the Sea of Cortez is the ideal place to witness one of the most wonderful shows, the sighting of humpback whales. Experience a fun photographic safari where you can capture the exact moment when whales and dolphins play, jump and enjoy their natural habitat.

Animal Sanctuary in Wild Canyon

Imagine having amazing species of iguanas, exotic birds, prairie dogs and other animals up close, all this in the Wild Canyon Animal Sanctuary, one of the most amazing adventure parks that Los Cabos has for you.

Gran cañon Baja California

Underwater trip

Enjoy a trip in the only semi-submersible equipped with air conditioning, on board the Nautilus II, you will discover the wonderful species that inhabit the depths of the Sea of Cortez without having to get wet, nor be an expert in diving. In addition, the best news is that the crew can be of any age, because regardless of whether it is small or large we assure you will be amazed.


This fun activity, which combines diving with snorkeling and offers you the opportunity to breathe underwater without the need for diving equipment, and the best thing, is that you don´t need to be a certified diver to enjoy the wonderful flora and fauna face to face that exists at the bottom of the Sea of Cortez.

Make the most of flights to Cabo San Lucas as a family and stay in constant motion with all these activities that await you to fill you with unforgettable memories in the company of those you love most, and what better than surrounded by the best landscapes of the Pacific.

The best landscapes await you in Mexico 

Beautiful landscapes

Mexico has hundreds of destinations with hidden landscapes waiting to be discovered, because, who would think that there would be so much beauty behind a swamp? that a forest remained hidden for years? In addition, that within an island there would be another island. You only have to check the destinations of the airlines of Mexico and decide on one to enjoy these and more Mexican dream landscapes.

Swamps de Centla in Tabasco

Fasten your life jacket and get on the boat, because you will travel the depths of the swamps of Centla, open your eyes well that this place is home to hundreds of animals ranging from amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and even fish camouflaged between nature vegetable. Pay attention to the colors and charm found in this place, which has nothing to do with the image that comes to mind when thinking of the word swamp, on the contrary it is a place full of life where you will see manatees, crocodiles that swim around poking their eyes, white turtles passing by the side of the boat, migratory birds like the hawk that rules the skies and real ducks prowling the area in search of food.

swamp of Tabasco Mexico

Waters of the Lake in Michoacán

Imagine that you are inside a forest surrounded by immense and leafy trees, so big that to embrace them you would need the help of three or four people. In your journey, the ground becomes transparent water and you need a boat to cross the waters of Lake Camécuaro, which is fed by more than 1,300 springs of fresh water. This lake is a natural protected area, but it has thermal water pools, tables to eat, camping areas and areas to walk, in the place you can go around the lake and take a boat ride to see a path that opens between the trees. Pay attention to the sounds that surround you and let yourself be carried away by the song of the birds.

Lake of Michoacan Mexico

Maple Forest in Jalisco

Located in the deepest part of the Sierra Madre Occidental, there is a place that at first glance seems unreal and outside of Mexico. It is not a picture of the Canadian or American forests that we see in photographs; it is an authentic vestige of the Jalisco nature, as well as a unique treasure in all Latin America, the Maple forest. According to diverse plant species found within the forest, it is known that this has existed for more than 10 thousand years; the current endemic vegetation has been accumulating through the eras, supporting glacial periods. Just take a couple of steps inside this place to notice the magnitude of biodiversity with cedars, pines, ferns and above all, maples, make up only some of the many species that seem taken from a fantasy story.

Maple Woods at

Check out the favorite airlines of Mexico and be surprised by these landscapes of unique beauty that seem to have come from a fantasy tale, that regardless of your decision, we can assure you that you will return home with memorable experiences.

Disconnect from the world in Real de Asientos

Real de Asientos is a Magical Town that you can visit in any of the following flights to Mexico especially Aguascalientes, since the place is a town of mining origin and although it is small, it has valuable preserved attractions of the viceregal period in its architecture and art. Its underground tunnels, gardens and greenhouses make it perfect to disconnect for a while from the big cities, and that is why here are some reasons why you should visit Real de Asientos.

A walk through its streets will let you enjoy its food and architecture

It is a great pleasure to enter the neighborhoods to discover its details through the “El Piojito” train route, which runs along the old mining route, where you will hear mythical stories of the place and its most emblematic legends. After the tour, the time has come to enjoy the traditional dishes of the place such as the roast bridal, the rabbit to the Chichimeca, the chicken to the 9 wines, enchiladas potosinas and gorditas of huitlacoche or pumpkin flower. Then cool down with the water of red tuna or give a drink to the atole of guava so you don´t feel the cold while you walk through its classic streets.

Aguascalientes Architecture

A lot to know about Real

In the parish of Our Lady of Bethlehem there is a Christ who apparently has skull, ribs and human teeth, until a few decades ago he also had natural hair, was brought from Spain almost five hundred years ago and they say that his look can´t be taken away from over. The hidden aqueduct of Real de Asientos is an underground passage of the parish with wet walls, it is said that it was built at the end of the 18th century to filter the water, take it to the river and avoid floods, the curious thing is that it wasn´t known about existence until 2001, when it was discovered while repairs were being made in the church. In its corridors, there are niches with religious images and a water hole, just as another mythical place in the town is the cemetery of Guadalupe, one of the few that are still next to a temple, it is the oldest in the region and this was the place where Spaniards were buried, here some mummified remains have been found.

Real de Asientos Aguascalientes Mexico

A vintage festival

The Ogarrio Festival is presented from March 27 to April 2, in this festival the inhabitants wear 19th century clothes to celebrate the tunnel that was inaugurated in 1901, this festival is the perfect pretext to know the beauties of the place as its great pottery culture that is the artisanal process of the region with the production of pieces such as vases, pots, pan, casserole, stewpot, in short many things made with mud of unique design in its kind. This festival also offers tours to explore the beautiful Wirikuta, one of the most sacred grounds for the founding cultures of the place, where you can feel the mysticism of the area.

Disconnect from the whole world when you take one of the flights to Aguascalientes and meet Real de Asientos, a perfect place to set new goals and learn to enjoy the simple days.


Los Cabos San Lucas, a paradise between seas

Los Cabos

When you take one of the flights to Cabos San Lucas the first dilemma you will have to deal with will be to choose how to spend your days in this wonderful place, because literally there are thousands of activities to do, and when you just start to develop some, you are already thinking about the next. That is why we bring you a very useful guide so you don´t miss anything on your trip.

Visit the Santa María Beach

When traveling to Cabos San Lucas, without a doubt one of the things you are looking for is to have a nice experience on the beach, it is true that the beaches are very different from many of the tourist spots in Mexico, and however, there are impressive places to visit. Enjoy the sea breeze and at the same time relax in its waters. The beach of Santa María is 17 minutes from Cabos San Lucas and about 30 minutes from San Jose, and is one of the best in the area. It is a public beach, however, you will never find it stuck or crowded. An interesting fact is that this beach has the “Blue Flag” certification, which means quality, education, diverse services and a lot of security.

Santa Maria Beach Los Cabos San Lucas

Travel in a sailboat to the Arco in Los Cabos

Probably the most famous activity in this place, and we can´t blame anyone for that, since it is definitely worth a lot to ride one of these sailboats, whether you do it in the morning and snorkel at the end of the Arco, or just wait to the perfect sunset of Los Cabos. El Arco is located in a very special place of Mexican waters called “finisterra”, which means the end of the Earth, and is a magical place to snorkel and observe the corals along the mountains hidden under the sea.

Meet the whales

If you will be visiting Los Cabos in December and until April, you are probably a very lucky person, since it is when the most impressive and beautiful visitors come to visit their beaches. During this season, the whales arrive from the Arctic and they stay for 6 months to procreate and care for their young, they love the climate and also, they feel safe from their predators.

Los Cabos

Enjoy the best views of Mexico and the world in Los Cabos

The landscapes of this rocky population are indescribable, just land to convince you that your days will be full of natural beauty. We know that, when 0choosing a tourist destination with beaches, the first thing you think about is going to swim and the sound of the waves with the sea breeze, and this place won´t disappoint you, on the contrary, it is the perfect place to admire the greatness of nature.

Let yourself be captivated by a land full of entertainment and beauty, take some of the flights to Los Cabos San Lucas and discover why the visitor is considering staying a long time to enjoy this paradise between the Cortes Sea and the Pacific.