A pink destination: The Coloradas of Mexico

Las coloradas, a pink lake

Surely you are already saw in the social networks some pictures and comments of a beautiful place of pink water in the state of Yucatan, and that is because everyone is talking about them. They are the famous “Coloradas”, it is a small town that is characterized by its high production and distribution of salt, although the locals are also engaged in fishing, here there is no hotel infrastructure, no telephone signal, so you should consider that you will be without communication for a while, but that is sometimes what we need most to appreciate things. Take advantage of cheap flights to Mexico with destinations like this and enjoy the unique landscape in the world of “The Pink Destination of Mexico”.

The salt of the Coloradas

Thanks to the high concentration of salt and the microorganisms that exist in the place called halo bacteria, the water is dyed in a peculiar pink, which has become the fascination of many national and foreign travelers. You should know that this ecosystem is very particular and it is not advisable to get into the water of the lagoon, not only because of the pollution that can be generated, but because of the large amount of salt that irritates the skin directly, although what is allowed is to take many photos and try your artistic skills, as the place lends a lot to creativity.

Salt of coloradas

The intensity of the pink tone of Las Coloradas varies according to the time of day, since the sunlight and its position can make the tone very dim or very noticeable, especially at noon, which is why the Rose tone will always look different, with pastel, Mexican, rosewood and other tones. So don´t be disappointed if sometimes you can´t appreciate the water like in the pictures you’ve seen, because you’ll see many other natural beauties on the site that will fascinate you, especially when the clouds gather or when the sunset falls, that the mirror of water reflects the same scenario. Some people travel to Australia to see the Rosa Lagoon or choose the Desert of Salt in Bolivia to see the reflection of the sky, in Las Coloradas you will have the two ideal frames for your photos with a pink destination.

Flamingos at Coloradas Yucatan

How to get to Las Coloradas

To get to Las Coloradas, the nearest tourist spot where you can stay is called Lagartos River, a picturesque little town that among its attractions is the Ría Lagartos, a nature reserve. While there, you can take a tour to see the pink flamingos and other species of local and migratory birds that inhabit the reserve, here in the walk through the mangrove you will learn everything related to the ecosystem. After seeing the mangrove you will arrive at Las Coloradas, where besides appreciating the pink color of the water, in a certain area you can cover your body with mud to exfoliate, it is advisable to leave it for 15 minutes and then rinse.

Don´t miss the opportunity to take one of the cheap flights to Mexico and get to know this type of unique landscapes in the world that will leave a mark on you.