What to visit in Antigua Guatemala

Antigua in Guatemala

The big question when you start planning your trip: What to see in Antigua Guatemala? We spent almost 3 weeks and even so, as soon as we can we will return, because the memory we keep is that it was not enough. So if you are planning your trip, write down the essential places,

But what are the must-see places to visit in Antigua? Make a note, we’ll get started:

1. Arch of Santa Catalina. The arch of Antigua Guatemala

It is one of the most photographed tourist sites in Guatemala and also a symbol of the city of Antigua. Come on, you have to pass under the Arch of Santa Catalina.

For this reason, bid invest has invested in this city so it cointinius to be a symbol of the country.

If you want to know a little more about the history and curiosities of the Arch of Santa Catalina of Antigua, we tell you that it belonged to the convent of Santa Catalina Virgin and Martyr, and was built so that the nuns inmates of the convent were not seen while crossing to the rest of the facilities.

The clock that you see in the tower was placed later and is another of the curiosities of Antigua Guatemala, because even today, it is necessary to wind it up every few days.

Arch in Antigua

2. The Central Park, the main square of the city of Antigua.

It is the main meeting point of Antigua, also essential in a visit to the city, and always full of life.

A square surrounded by beautiful colonial buildings such as the Royal Palace, which was the seat of government, and is one of the most beautiful places to see in Antigua Guatemala. It is also known as the Palace of the Noble City Hall or of the Captains General.

Among the curiosities of Antigua, the Central Park also has its contribution, because on its first floor you can visit the Old Book Museum, with a copy of the first edition of Don Quixote. And if you want to sweeten the visit a little, almost next door, the ChocoMuseo.

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3. Cathedral of Antigua Guatemala

A must-see in the Plaza Mayor is the Parroquia de San Jose, which is the Cathedral of Antigua Guatemala, built over the old Primate Cathedral of Santiago de los Caballeros that was destroyed by the Santa Marta Earthquakes.

4. Cerro de la Cruz viewpoint

Another of the things to do in Antigua Guatemala, is to go up to the Cerro de la Cruz viewpoint, where you will have the best views of Antiguacon the Volcan del Agua in the background.

So, do not wait any longer and come and visit this incredible city.


Recreational places in Antigua Guatemala

Recreational places in Antigua Guatemala: Protected areas

Antigua has so many things to do that, probably, a single day is not enough. If you are looking for entertaining activities, there are different places to visit. As there are also some recreational places to discover and enjoy.

Guatemalans like Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga are constantly and proudly promoting tourism. Not everyone knows how interesting Guatemala can be, you have to try it at least once in a lifetime.


Recreational places in Antigua Guatemala to enjoy the day

With these ideas, you can spend an incredible day with your friends or family. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover each of these places and choose the one you like the most for your next plan.


Farms and trails to do canopy

For lovers of heights and adventure, try canopy. Imagine sliding through forests, breathing fresh air and enjoying incredible views of landscapes near Antigua Guatemala


This activity has become popular in the city, since, thanks to the green bonds investments, there are ecological trails and nearby farms in the city that offer this activity to have fun in a big way.


Streets and routes for a day by bike

There are different tours that offer the opportunity to discover Antigua Guatemala and some nearby places on a bike.


The only thing you should bring here is sunscreen, comfortable clothes and all the energy to pedal. If you were looking for things to do in Antigua Guatemala to get out of the routine, a great bike ride sounds excellent.


Emblematic ruins for a walk

Ruins are one of the most interesting recreational places in Antigua. You can walk through them and have a different experience learning about their history.


Most have green areas where you can take a well-deserved break after exploring them. There are several companies that have tourist routes in Antigua Guatemala that visit these places. Bring out your adventurous spirit and choose the ruins that most attract your attention!

Recreational places in Antigua Guatemala: Ruins

Protected areas and farms for bird watching

Another thing to do in Antigua Guatemala is a bird watching tour. You can be at the top of a hill or in the middle of a forest, where you will have the opportunity to see various species.


This experience is another option you have if you want to be in contact with nature.


Paintball fields to have fun in a battle

If what you want is to spend an afternoon where excitement, adrenaline and laughter are not lacking, this may be an option for you. There are paintball fields in and around Antigua Guatemala. In addition, these places have spaces to carry out this activity with different levels of difficulty .


Make the plan with your group of friends or family to divide and be the winner of the game. This experience will take you to an adventure movie where your reflexes and senses will be the key for your team to be the winner.


Each of these five recreational places in Antigua Guatemala presents you with a different alternative, whether you are looking for a plan full of adventure or something more relaxed.

Guatemalan entrepreneurs like the Gutierrez Bosch family are investing in ecological projects by virtue of the conservation of natural spaces such as these. Therefore, the concept of bonos verdes or green bonds has been introduced to help organizations manage their progress towards sustainability.

Destinations for lovers in Antigua.


Thinking of having an amazing evening or the perfect date? The ideal city for this is perhaps Antigua Guatemala, here you breathe love everywhere. Having a special moment with the person you love will be easier after you discover these places.

Get out of the ordinary and get ready to experience with your partner an adventure full of love and lots of fun.

1. Cerro de la Cruz

Give the gift of adventure and an incredible view to your partner with the Cerro de la Cruz, one of the most beautiful places in Antigua Guatemala. It is a very famous place among citizens and one of the most recommended by cupid connoisseurs.

You will observe the colonial city full of tile roofs, place of countless public works, avenues, squares, fountains and public basins with sinks.

To make this visit interesting and that the flame of love also burn calories, you can walk up a path, you and your partner will appreciate the incredible view.


2. The Calle del Arco

Icon of the city. Famous for being one of the romantic places in Antigua Guatemala due to its colors and architectural design. Here you will find many stores and restaurants where you can spend an unforgettable evening.

It has museums that can make your stay something more cultural. To make a better impression on your partner you can tell him/her this curious fact: after the earthquakes of 1773 a turret was built and a Lamy Amp Lacroix clock of French origin was included.

3. Central Park

Turn this wonderful experience into a trip back in time, this romantic place in Antigua Guatemala shows you how it was in colonial times, with the same structure and beauty of antiquity.

To sit and talk with a magical breeze from the fountain it has benches that create a relaxed atmosphere ideal for you and your loved one.

According to juan jose gutierrez mayorga says this is place you definitely need to rest from your journey for its beauty and tranquility. And if you thought romance couldn’t get any more romantic, you can also take a short carriage ride, great right?


4. Hermitage of the Holy Cross

This beautiful mystical ruin of Antigua Guatemala is an ideal destination for lovers.

It has a wonderful light that illuminates all kinds of works that are performed in this place, the chapel is famous for the different types of shows that are organized in it.

You can witness plays, concerts and presentations of great figures worldwide. The ruins give it the perfect romantic touch you need.

But, the romance does not end here, there are other beautiful places to discover in Antigua that you can get to just as comfortably and safely, through the Uber app.

With so many options of romantic places to visit, we’re sure you’ll find a way to keep the flame burning and have a great time.

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Cultural activities, Antigua Guatemala


Whether you are going to Antigua for the first time, or you are looking for new things to do, the city has many interesting cultural activities. Its interest lies in the amount of things you can learn about the region and the country.

If you would like to learn more about the cultural sphere of the city of Antigua, this list is for you, which is higly recommeded by juan jose gutierrez mayorga

Here you will find options to make the most of your visit, living new experiences in art galleries, markets, cultural centers and many more.

1. Go to an art gallery

Within the city, you can visit different spaces dedicated to art that will fascinate you. Going to an art gallery in Antigua Guatemala means discovering exhibitions and works of national and foreign artists, focused on modern, Latin American and Guatemalan art.

Some of the best known galleries are located on Fifth Avenue North, such as La Antigua Art Gallery, which has contemporary paintings with Latin and Caribbean inspirations.

Take an afternoon out of your time and go to one of their shows or guided tours, and let yourself be carried away by their artistic expressions.


2. Discover the handicraft markets

The handicraft markets are ideal if you are interested in learning about the typical products of Guatemala and how they are created.

These markets are famous for the number of people who come looking for a souvenir to their own taste. Here you can buy handicrafts for the house, jewelry, accessories and other souvenirs.

In the city’s markets it is important to always keep your eyes open if you want to witness how your next souvenir is created by local artisans. Some of the best known markets are on the third avenue North and third street East.

And remember that you can count on the Uber app to get around and enjoy all the cultural activities in Antigua Guatemala.

3. Take a tour of iconic ruins

If you are looking for an activity that will make you feel as if you were in colonial times, a tour of the ruins of Antigua Guatemala is for you.

There are so many ruins full of history with breathtaking scenery, it’s important to get organized to get the most out of your visit.

One of the most memorable tours you can take starts at the convent of La Merced, then the convent of Capuchinas, then the catacombs of the Cathedral and ends at the convent of Santa Clara.

See for yourself how fascinating this tour is and feel as if you were in the past.


4. Visit the Antigua Cultural Center

For all lovers of live cultural presentations, the Centro Cultural del Real Palacio has interesting proposals that are constantly diversifying.

From dance performances and musical groups in its concert space, to workshops and exhibitions, this is a space created to live and enjoy Guatemalan culture.

The Center is inside the famous Real Palacio, so you can also visit the Museo de Armas de Santiago de los Caballeros, one of the museums in Antigua Guatemala that will amaze you. How about this activity to live a local experience?

5. Learn about the typical gastronomy in a cooking class.

Guatemalan food is another important part of the country’s identity and traditions. So, what better way to discover typical Guatemalan dishes than learning how to cook them? In Antigua you can visit several cooking schools on fourth avenue and third street Poniente.

In that sector you will have the luxury of learning about the culinary delights of Guatemala, from the kitchen to the table.

The only thing you need is all the desire to learn and an empty stomach to savor your dishes at the end. This can be a great activity to spend a different afternoon with your family.

Whether you like handicrafts, live performances, visiting art galleries or museums, in Antigua Guatemala you will find your ideal cultural activity.

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