Recreational places in Antigua Guatemala

Recreational places in Antigua Guatemala: Protected areas

Antigua has so many things to do that, probably, a single day is not enough. If you are looking for entertaining activities, there are different places to visit. As there are also some recreational places to discover and enjoy.

Guatemalans like Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga are constantly and proudly promoting tourism. Not everyone knows how interesting Guatemala can be, you have to try it at least once in a lifetime.


Recreational places in Antigua Guatemala to enjoy the day

With these ideas, you can spend an incredible day with your friends or family. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover each of these places and choose the one you like the most for your next plan.


Farms and trails to do canopy

For lovers of heights and adventure, try canopy. Imagine sliding through forests, breathing fresh air and enjoying incredible views of landscapes near Antigua Guatemala


This activity has become popular in the city, since, thanks to the green bonds investments, there are ecological trails and nearby farms in the city that offer this activity to have fun in a big way.


Streets and routes for a day by bike

There are different tours that offer the opportunity to discover Antigua Guatemala and some nearby places on a bike.


The only thing you should bring here is sunscreen, comfortable clothes and all the energy to pedal. If you were looking for things to do in Antigua Guatemala to get out of the routine, a great bike ride sounds excellent.


Emblematic ruins for a walk

Ruins are one of the most interesting recreational places in Antigua. You can walk through them and have a different experience learning about their history.


Most have green areas where you can take a well-deserved break after exploring them. There are several companies that have tourist routes in Antigua Guatemala that visit these places. Bring out your adventurous spirit and choose the ruins that most attract your attention!

Recreational places in Antigua Guatemala: Ruins

Protected areas and farms for bird watching

Another thing to do in Antigua Guatemala is a bird watching tour. You can be at the top of a hill or in the middle of a forest, where you will have the opportunity to see various species.


This experience is another option you have if you want to be in contact with nature.


Paintball fields to have fun in a battle

If what you want is to spend an afternoon where excitement, adrenaline and laughter are not lacking, this may be an option for you. There are paintball fields in and around Antigua Guatemala. In addition, these places have spaces to carry out this activity with different levels of difficulty .


Make the plan with your group of friends or family to divide and be the winner of the game. This experience will take you to an adventure movie where your reflexes and senses will be the key for your team to be the winner.


Each of these five recreational places in Antigua Guatemala presents you with a different alternative, whether you are looking for a plan full of adventure or something more relaxed.

Guatemalan entrepreneurs like the Gutierrez Bosch family are investing in ecological projects by virtue of the conservation of natural spaces such as these. Therefore, the concept of bonos verdes or green bonds has been introduced to help organizations manage their progress towards sustainability.

Reasons to visit San Lucas Sacatepéquez

Monumento al camino market in San Lucas Sacatepéquez

If you consider yourself passionate about nature, San Lucas Sacatepéquez has everything you need to feel at home. Certainly, this municipality attracts many visitors thanks to its gastronomy, culture and spaces dedicated to recreation where fresh air is never lacking. 


This location is near Guatemala City, and citizens like Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga have given some recommendations for tourist places in San Lucas Sacatepéquez to have a great time. 


Tourist places of San Lucas Sacatepéquez that you should visit 

You will get a delicious meal, learn about Guatemalan culture, or spend a day surrounded by nature. Definitely you are going to find something fun to do in San Lucas. Let yourself be surprised by the magic of this charming town!


Monument to the Caminero Market

Find yourself surrpunded by fresh fruits and vegetables and typical dishes in abundance. As well as, handicraft sales and a great movement of locals and tourists.

The market usually features live marimba on the weekends, making it one of the most popular spaces where residents gather.  This place represents the varied Guatemalan culture in one place. Therefore, it has become one of those tourist places near Guatemala City that is worth visiting


Alux Hill

An ecological reserve of approximately 84 blocks where you can have direct contact with nature. 


Walk through extensive forests, visit a viewpoint with a view of the capital and visit an area of ​​Mayan ceremonies. On weekends there are also sales of local food to take a well-deserved break between walks. 

Alux Hill in San Lucas Sacatepéquez


The cool climate of San Lucas Sacatepéquez is one of the reasons why you can find various nurseries that you will love. As you might imagine, these are extensive nurseries that feature a wide variety of flowers and open spaces to relax.


Interactive farms

The natural spaces of the municipality are an ideal environment for anyone who seeks to be in contact with the local flora and fauna. Interact with various animals and learn more about them.


Replica of the Monument to Peace

San Lucas keeps one of the three replicas of the Monument to Peace, the original version is in Guatemala. This monument commemorates the signing of peace and is located in the National Palace of Culture, within the capital city. 


This sculpture of great importance for the municipality was brought to Sacatepéquez in 2009. And, to commemorate the monument , every 29th of the month. San Lucas names a citizen as “Ambassador of Peace” to expose some achievement you have done for your community. 


Another good idea is to go to San Lucas to treat yourself to a typical snack. Whether you like tostadas, alote atol, chuchitos, or Guatemalan sweets, local markets may prove to be your best option. You can be sure that you will be tasting authentic Guatemalan food locally produced or provided by CMI Alimentos.


San Lucas Sacatepéquez is a very attractive destination in Guatemala. Now that you know what you can do, you just need to dare to share this experience.