The best landscapes await you in Mexico 

Beautiful landscapes

Mexico has hundreds of destinations with hidden landscapes waiting to be discovered, because, who would think that there would be so much beauty behind a swamp? that a forest remained hidden for years? In addition, that within an island there would be another island. You only have to check the destinations of the airlines of Mexico and decide on one to enjoy these and more Mexican dream landscapes.

Swamps de Centla in Tabasco

Fasten your life jacket and get on the boat, because you will travel the depths of the swamps of Centla, open your eyes well that this place is home to hundreds of animals ranging from amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and even fish camouflaged between nature vegetable. Pay attention to the colors and charm found in this place, which has nothing to do with the image that comes to mind when thinking of the word swamp, on the contrary it is a place full of life where you will see manatees, crocodiles that swim around poking their eyes, white turtles passing by the side of the boat, migratory birds like the hawk that rules the skies and real ducks prowling the area in search of food.

swamp of Tabasco Mexico

Waters of the Lake in Michoacán

Imagine that you are inside a forest surrounded by immense and leafy trees, so big that to embrace them you would need the help of three or four people. In your journey, the ground becomes transparent water and you need a boat to cross the waters of Lake Camécuaro, which is fed by more than 1,300 springs of fresh water. This lake is a natural protected area, but it has thermal water pools, tables to eat, camping areas and areas to walk, in the place you can go around the lake and take a boat ride to see a path that opens between the trees. Pay attention to the sounds that surround you and let yourself be carried away by the song of the birds.

Lake of Michoacan Mexico

Maple Forest in Jalisco

Located in the deepest part of the Sierra Madre Occidental, there is a place that at first glance seems unreal and outside of Mexico. It is not a picture of the Canadian or American forests that we see in photographs; it is an authentic vestige of the Jalisco nature, as well as a unique treasure in all Latin America, the Maple forest. According to diverse plant species found within the forest, it is known that this has existed for more than 10 thousand years; the current endemic vegetation has been accumulating through the eras, supporting glacial periods. Just take a couple of steps inside this place to notice the magnitude of biodiversity with cedars, pines, ferns and above all, maples, make up only some of the many species that seem taken from a fantasy story.

Maple Woods at

Check out the favorite airlines of Mexico and be surprised by these landscapes of unique beauty that seem to have come from a fantasy tale, that regardless of your decision, we can assure you that you will return home with memorable experiences.

Villages near Mexico City

mexico city

Quite a few are the travelers who have taken one of the flights to Mexico City and end up amazed by the diversity of places that the city has, but also, there is another large number of travelers that makes the city its intermediate point to go and to come between places with amazing landscapes, where all that matters is to relax with the views and let yourself fall in love with their culture.

Zacatlán de las Manzanas

Probably this town is one of the most surprising to its visitors, because it is located in the heart of the Sierra Poblana, making its views simply beautiful. It is said to be almost like being in the clouds since you will literally be, because it is in the upper part of the mountain range, which gives it a unique charm of winter magic.


Real Del Monte

fligths to mexico city

This place, on the one hand, looks like a classic English village since it is cold, it rains and sometimes dawns with fog, especially in winter. While on the other hand, it has all the charm of the Magical Towns of Mexico with cobbled streets with colonial architecture, colorful houses and warm sunsets. Real Del Monte is one of the most beautiful options for walking, and at the same time, don´t forget to visit the English Pantheon, where they buried all the British people who inhabited this place.



This is another charming Magical Town and is located to the north of the Puebla mountain range, perfect to admire great natural scenarios, and because it is located at the highest point of the mountain, the town is cold, misty and it rains a lot, but the best is that it is a coffee town, so good cups of coffee won´t lack to accompany that climate. Although the town is small, there is no lack of attractions because you can visit the archaeological site of Yohualichan and the beautiful waterfalls of El Salto, Las Golondrinas, Cola De Caballo and Corazón de Bosque, in some you can even swim, rappel, hiking or climbing.


This place is a bit more crowded and is located in Morelos, but, although more people visit it, it is still a truly special place, very characteristic for its warm climate. Here you can climb the Tepozteco hill to admire one of the best postcards of the state and be surprised by the beauty of the place, give yourself a temazcal ritual or a dip in the pool. As you can see, the options to spend an entertaining day are many, you just need an excellent attitude and a lot of energy.


fligths to mexico city,malinalco

This beautiful place has become one of the favorite towns for many inhabitants of Mexico City as walking through its cobbled streets is a quite pleasant walk. The village is surrounded by vegetation that enhances its beauty and the mountains that surround Malinalco give the extra that makes you want to return to this place and taste the delicacies prepared here.

Take a break and know any of these places, take advantage of the flights to Mexico City and let the culture that surrounds it fall in love with you, and leave wanting to know more about this great country.