Unpopular beaches of Oaxaca

oaxaca spots

Who has taken any of the flights to Oaxaca, knows that the state has everything for a dream vacation; however, some travelers prefer to enjoy more of its coasts since some of them still remain free spaces of the tourist masses, with just the essential services to spend a few days and eat delicious. Today we will talk about two beaches in Oaxaca characterized by their simplicity, but enormous beauty.

Zicatela Beach, a place of surfing

This is located east of Puerto Escondido; this spectacular beach to the open sea is very popular worldwide for being the annual headquarters of the International Surfing Tournament. This event takes place in November and lasts three days; here national and foreign surfers participate, thanks to its waves that reach up to 6 m in height, its fine sand and its crystal clear water with a warm temperature. It is considered the third beach in the world and the number one in Mexico to perform this sport.

Zicatela has truly beautiful sunsets; these are complemented by the huge waves achieving a truly wonderful natural spectacle. You can find the basic tourist services to rest in this place with hotels and hostels very cozy that don´t break with the style of this unique beach and with a very friendly cost. Also on the shore of the beach there are many restaurants of national and international food, bars for all tastes and palapas with lounge chairs where you can enjoy the view, all accompanied by delicious seafood or a delicious dish of the region.

Zipolite beach

Forget everything at Cangrejo Beach

If you are tired of the noise of the city, stress and all you want is to get away from the world, Cangrejo Beach is a treasure in the municipality of Santo Domingo Tehuantepec, the beach is quite extensive and lonely which makes it perfect to forget all your worries in its immense blue sky waters, very far from the urbanization. The beach is semi virgin, so it has very few inhabitants and it is quite clean, in addition, you will enjoy a quiet and family atmosphere with an exquisite climate to relax, rest and have fun.

Breathe fresh air and renew your energies with outdoor activities such as walking on the beach on foot or riding a horse, leaving you marvel at its contrasting sunset tones. Food is widely recommended by those who have visited it, there are many seafood restaurants where you will taste excellent dishes, with an efficient service and in the comfortable palapas facing the sea.

Enjoy the beautiful views towards the horizon at sunrise or sunset, listen to the movement of the waves, watch the birds fly from one side to the other and feel the sweet wind on your face. You can stay in one of the cabins of the place, they are surrounded by extensive green areas, they have playgrounds and at very accessible prices.

Something that can characterize flights to Oaxaca is the desire to stay in this wonderful state when it’s time to go home, so take your precautions and visit it at your own risk.

Unique Destinations of Mexico

Uniques Destinations of Mexico

Mexico is one of the countries that has many cities and natural sites ideal to visit at almost any time of year; the highlight of these places is that they can be so diverse that a single trip is often not enough to travel them properly. That is why today we bring you some destinations that you can easily reach by plane tickets to Mexico and discover their great tourist attractions and unique Destinations.

Bellas Artes Palace

Mexico City, the city of palaces

The capital of Mexico is known as the city of the palaces due to its constructions, among them the Palacio de Bellas Artes, which was inaugurated in 1934, part of the works that make this structure something unique is the work of bronze crown the dome, the leaded stained glass windows of the god Apollo and the nine muses, as well as the great glass curtain.  CDMX has a lot of activities to do, visit the trajineras in Xochimilco, take a cultural tour of the museums, such as the National Museum of Anthropology or the Museum of Popular Art, make a bicycle tour of Reforma Avenue or the Chapultepec Forest, visit the Torre Latino, visit the Chapultepec Castle and watch the sunset from the viewpoint with a great view.

Guadalajara Mexico

Guadalajara, the Tapatía Pearl

The Tapatía Pearl has many activities to do, as well as places to visit, as the state of this great capital has seven of the 111 Magical Towns, so when visiting the city you can also take a tour of some of these. As for example in the route of Tequila, where you will know the process of making this drink and taste some of it, or if your thing is to eat then take the gastronomic tour through the city, where you taste some delicious tortas ahogadas, or a meat in its juice in the fastest restaurant in the world, Karne Garibaldi. Enjoy the mariachi, take a tour of the stadium of the local soccer teams, know your surroundings and spend an afternoon in the Chapala Lake or walking the streets of Ajijic.

Guanajuato Mexico

Guanajuato, the cultural destiny of Mexico

The magic of Guanajuato lies in the combination of natural, historical, gastronomic, architectural and cultural resources, all in one place. So, if you want to live a completely cultural experience, consider marking your visit in October to experience the Cervantino International Festival, and at the same time, get to know the history of the Juárez Theater, the legend of the Cheese Garden, eat some enchiladas mining or go the cobbled streets of the city along with the Cervantina and the callejoneadas. Definitely, something that you have to cross out of the things to do in this Country, you can also take advantage of and know the surroundings of the city to visit San Miguel de Allende, declared as heritage city.

There are still many destinations to which you can get from the different Mexican airlines, but for now, with these it will be enough for you to start planning your tour through this wonderful country that holds great beauties for each of its states.

Monterrey Mexico is surrounded by memorable places 

Best places Monterrey Mexico

Undoubtedly, one of the best destinations to vacation is Nuevo Leon, it is the state that has one of the most important cities in Mexico, so take one of the flights to Monterrey Mexico allow you to be practically close to the best places to have a few memorable days. So get ready and decide which of the following places are the ones you are going to choose to visit on your trip.

Pletórico Park

If you like to share with your pet unforgettable moments away from home, the Pletórico Park is the option, it is on the National Highway at Km 972, there you will find games and pet friendly rest areas, as well as a good variety of food trucks and interesting workshops to spend a whole day of joy and fun in a different way to the traditional one. Don´t leave your friend at home and visit this magnificent place where both will ended happier than tired.

Pletorico Park Monterrey

Garcia Grottos 

Just an hour away by car from Abraham Lincoln Avenue, the Metropolitan Axis or Nuevo León 100, you will find one of the caves whose rock formations will leave you breathless, both for the natural development of its stalactites and stalagmites, as well as for a height viewpoint and different natural spaces where the light makes works of art on the walls and ceiling of the caverns. Don´t miss the adventure of touring the bowels of the earth and photographing these spectacular ancient formations.

Parras de la Fuente

A little further and leaving Nuevo León, three hours away, is another of the best holiday destinations, Parras de la Fuente. It is a picturesque and quiet little town that besides delighting for its unique architectural designs will surprise you with its beautiful springs and its location in the middle of the desert. When you arrive at the place you will realize that the time of the journey will have been totally worth it, let yourself be enchanted by Parras and enjoy its tourist wealth.

Parras de la Fuente Monterrey

Cuatro Ciénegas

Newly named “Magic Town” and four hours from Monterrey, is one of the most beautiful ecosystems in the area, Cuatro Ciénegas generously opens its beautiful pools of crystal clear water and invites a tour of its rivers and springs. We recommend that when you are there ask for local wines, you will get a very pleasant surprise with its peculiarity and delicious tones that will make you want to return home with one or two bottles to remember this wonderful trip.

Montemorelos Monterrey Mexico


Montemorelos is just over an hour’s drive away, famous for hosting some theme parks such as The Serengeti of Biopark Star and Land of Dinosaurs. Explore Montemorelos and ask also about the hot air balloon rides, which beyond being a spectacular ride, will let you admire the territory from an enviable and unique angle to photograph.

We hope you have enjoyed these recommendations for you to visit when you take one of the flights to Monterrey, don´t forget to plan your trip with time, and if you are interested in knowing more places, find out about the tours that can be offered in the city.

Extraordinary landscapes of Cancun

Cancun Landscapes

If we had to give a reason why so many people take flights to Cancun Mexico, it would be for its turquoise and fine sand paradisiacal beaches. However, in Cancun there is much more than this as the city has everything you need to have fun as in a cosmopolitan city, and within the city there are also places that you can visit in a day to discover incredible landscapes.

Puerto Morelos

If what you want is to leave the city without going far, this is a very good option since it is only 20 minutes from Cancun, a day in Puerto Morelos is all you need to de-stress and enjoy the tranquility that it offers on its clean, beautiful beaches and without so many tourists with its landscapes. In the place, you have the option to do a tour on bicycles or to know the reefs, which is worth mentioning, they belong to the second largest barrier reef in the world. It also has the Botanical Garden, where there is a viewpoint that gives you a beautiful view, here there is always something to do and a nightly atmosphere of excellence.

Puerto Morelos

Route of the Cenotes.

Nothing like a natural pool with clear, cool water for a dive during the hot season, that is why the cenote route is the best option. It is located in a deviation almost to the exit of Puerto Morelos, and in the place you will find about eight of these natural treasures of different sizes and depths called cenotes, some are outdoors and others are not. If you don´t have a car, can take the option of renting an ATV and do the journey your way, in some even have activities for you to have fun to the fullest.

Mexican Cenotes

Akumal´s landscapes

It is one of the most wonderful places you can visit, with very clean and magical beaches, characterized by having the most beautiful colors of the Caribbean Sea. The best thing about visiting Akumal is that you have the opportunity to swim with the turtles that live there, whether you hire a tour or do it on your own, but with the right equipment for your safety. You don´t have to go far to be near them and the experience is unforgettable; don´t miss this opportunity as it is ideal for making unique photos.

Isla Contoy

It is located north of Isla Mujeres, and to get there you must take a boat that leaves from Isla Mujeres, Puerto Juarez or Cancun. Because it is a protected natural area, only 200 people are allowed to enter daily, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The main tourist attraction of the place are the birds, its diverse flora and fauna that makes it a perfect place to escape from the city and where you can also snorkel, swim and relax by the sea shore enjoying its incomparable blue tone.

As you can see, Cancun is an excellent point to get around the Caribbean, so don´t miss the opportunity that flights to Cancun offer you and explore its surroundings to get to rest at your hotel and enjoy your stay to the fullest.

Become addicted to adrenaline in Puerto Vallarta

Parasailing adrenaline

Puerto Vallarta is a destination full of things to do between the sea and the mountains, so it becomes the perfect place for extreme sports, however, we recommend you not to do since you could become addicted to the adrenaline and the feeling that it will cause in your body, when you take any of the flights to Puerto Vallarta.

Parachute jumping


Few are the experiences that can overcome the sensation of being over the whole world and see from that point all things as small as an ant. In addition to having the feeling that you can fly, all this and more offers you the parachuting, an extreme sport that consists of being transported to more than 3 km of height by a small plane and jumping. In the descent, you can take a speed of up to 200 km / h and at a certain height open the parachute to enjoy 5 or 7 minutes flying through the landscape that the area offers.

Parachute jumping at Puerto vallarta

Bunge jump


This experience lasts only a few seconds, but makes your adrenaline rise to the maximum. The favorite place to do this activity in Puerto Vallarta is 15 minutes from the hotel zone, on a platform of 40m high, ready for you to dare to jump into the sea and take home what can be an unforgettable experience that you will want to repeat.

Throw yourself down the zip line

Imagine flying through trees, feeling the wind in your face while enjoying the best view you can have on the longest and fastest zip line in Mexico with more than 1200m long, with which you can reach a speed of 100km/h. In addition, added to this, you can observe the habitat of predators, since Eden, that is the home of this zip line and also one of the locations of the movie “Predator.”

Diving and snorkeling

Take the time to explore the wonders of the depths of Puerto Vallarta breathing underwater and living closely with the flora and fauna in the open sea. In Las Caletas, a private beach that has the clearest waters is where you can find the equipment and the excellent conditions to carry out these activities.



Another way to be able to fly on the beach is parasailing, which is an activity where you are elevated by a small boat while your back hangs a parachute. Here you are not elevated as high as skydiving, but enough to enjoy a beautiful view of all of Puerto Vallarta.
Give the maximum dose of adrenaline to your trip when you take one of the flights to Puerto Vallarta, either through a forest at full speed, flying on the beach, falling from the sky or exploring the depths of the sea, let each of these activities becomes a complete addiction for you and for those who decide to accompany you in your adventure. After all, each new experience is better when you can share it with a loved one and have a truly exciting memory together.

Celebrate with your partner in some romantic places in Mexico

Bacalar lagoon and house romantic places

Valentine’s Day has become an important date for couples around the world who celebrate their love in different ways, although it has become customary to give flowers or chocolates, invite our partner to dinner or simply relax at home. However, beyond the material, love can be demonstrated through experiences that remain forever in the memory of both, experiences like a trip to a place that none of you have ever visited. If you have in mind to make a trip with your partner, then we recommend some beautiful romantic places that you can reach by Mexican airlines.

Los Cabos

Close to El Arco, you will find one of the most beautiful and romantic beaches in Mexico, the beach of love is a natural sanctuary of marine species; crystal clear waters and white sand, undoubtedly a perfect destination for lovers who want to celebrate Valentine contemplating the sea, in a very intimate and perfect environment for love.


San Miguel de Allende


Beautiful colonial constructions of the XVII century that have been conserved until today, its cobbled streets, an ideal climate all year round and its calm atmosphere that is breathed in each of the places that this beautiful city hides, make San Miguel de Allende, one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in Mexico.


The Bacalar lagoon in Quintana Roo

Also known as the lagoon of seven colors, this magical place is located only 35 km from Chetumal and offers a spectacular break for couples. Nothing like relaxing in the hammocks on the beach, taking a boat ride, walking through the streets of Bacalar and of course, enjoy the exquisite cuisine where seafood is the specialty, these are some of the plans we recommend.

Bacalar lagoon at day


There are no better and romantic places to live a new love story, than the spectacular former haciendas of Hidalgo, these imposing and luxurious places surrounded by nature, mountains and beautiful forests have become hotels that provide an unforgettable romantic experience to couples who want get away on Valentine’s Day.


This mining city, like San Miguel de Allende, has amazing historical places such as the Cathedral of Zacatecas, the De la Bufa hill or the El Eden mine. Although if you want to take a walk contemplating the view over the city and its beautiful architecture, you have to get on the Zacatecas cable car, a short, but well deserved walk in the heights to enjoy together.

Don´t miss the opportunity to celebrate with your mate the love you have in one of these wonderful places, where we can assure you that you will live experiences that are hard to forget and that will also make your love stronger. Check the Mexican airlines for these destinations and go and enjoy them as they should, because what better date than Valentine’s Day to spend it in a place just for both, where the most important thing is to have a good time and let yourself be carried away by love.


Zacatecas Cathedral at night wiht lights on the building

Chihuahua a state full of important places

Paquime archeological Zone Chihuahua

Chihuahua is the largest state in Mexico, so it is not surprising that it has a wide variety of places with beautiful landscapes and natural reserves of great diversity. That is why we took on the task of showing you the main points of tourism so you can take one of the flights to Chihuahua.

Barrancas del cobre

Barrancas Del Cobre

Definitely one of the favorite destinations of both local and foreign tourists, are the majestic “Barrancas del Cobre”, in the Sierra Tarahumara, since it is one of the longest and deepest canyon systems in the world with 60 thousand kilometers of mountains. The dimensions of its spaces are out of the ordinary with vertical walls of rock hundreds of meters high, a cascade of half, a kilometer of fall, viewpoints on cliffs that rise 1,500 meters on the bottom of the canyons, canyons with more wide and deep that the Grand Canyon of the Colorado. A trip through the Barrancas del Cobre is one of the best adventures that there is in Mexico, the ride in the train is incredible, the views are extraordinary and the experience a memory to enjoy all life.


Archaeological site of Paquimé


Here is the most important archaeological site in northern Mexico and it is an excellent travel alternative, since culture and entertainment combine in a unique way, we are talking about Paquimé, a place of enormous historical and tourist value. The numerous ruins of this site, barely excavated in part, are witnesses to the vitality of a culture perfectly adapted to the environment, which abruptly disappeared at the time of the Spanish conquest of Mexico. The most representative buildings are the large houses, which in some cases according to the historical, reached seven stories high.

Paquime archeological Zone Chihuahua


The basaseachi Cascade


This is one of the destinations that doesn´t require presentation, Basaseachi, which in the Rarámuri dialect means place of coyotes; the majestic waterfall is at the top of the Sierra Madre Occidental, three kilometers from Basaseachi and only a few hours from the city of Chihuahua. The height of the waterfall reaches 246 meters of free fall, is the highest permanent waterfall in the whole country and is formed by a current of two streams, the Durazno and the Basaseachi, which are joined at the top of the mountain.

Dunes of Samalayuca

A small part of the stunning Chihuahua Desert and with an extension of 17 thousand hectares is an ideal place to practice adventure tourism in the white sand that moves constantly due to the wind, allowing you to make endless activities. In addition, when the sun shines, you can appreciate a spectacle without equal with the skies illuminated by millions of stars, something worthy of the most beautiful paintings that can be appreciated.

Forested vegetation, temperate meadows, the imposing Sierra Madre Occidental that blends with the horizon, in short, the state is a delight for all travelers since it has everything to spend some incredible days, get some of the flights to Chihuahua and become one more fan of the state.

Have a great time in the Sultana del Norte

Monterrey la Sultana del Norte View

Known as the Sultana del Norte, the capital of Nuevo Leon is the largest metropolis in northern Mexico, it is a modern city, which has a number of tourist attractions within its vast territory that you simply shouldn´t miss when you take any of the flights to Monterrey Mexico. That is why then we leave you with this list with some recommendations of things you can do in the city, so let’s get started.

Cabrito al pastor, dish

Taste the cabrito to the shepherd

Something that is very well known is that the north of Mexico has become famous for the preparation of its peculiar cuts of meat. However, there is a food that is prepared to perfection and only find it in this city, we refer to the cabrito, a meat prepared from sheep that have a unique and spectacular taste that you can´t miss when you visit this great city.

Walk the Santa Lucia Ride

This place, which is part of the Fundidora Park, is one of the jewels of the city, which makes it one of the must see in the list of things to do in Monterrey aka Sultana del Norte. Throughout this artificial canal, there are fountains, bridges, murals, museums and restaurants, so it is ideal to walk in the afternoon and relax while the current of the walk takes us to our next stop.

Explore the MARCO (By its initials in Spanish)

Of the things that we must do in Monterrey, exploring its artistic scene is something of great importance, and The Contemporary Art Museum of Monterrey exposes the latest trends of current artists, both national and international. Its biggest emblem is “La Paloma”, a statue built by Juan Soriano, which is the icon of this museum.


Characters of Plaza Sesamo Mexico

Have fun at Sesame Street Park

If you thought that the city was suitable only for adults, let us tell you to consider it again, because in this amusement park you can find the characters that marked the childhood of many. With its mechanical games and its slides, this site is guaranteed entertainment for children and adults, don´t be afraid to spend a moment of fun with your family, friends or your partner in this place.


Walk around the Macroplaza


One of the emblems of the Monterrey capital is the seventh largest square in the world, with an area of 400 thousand square meters; here you can easily reach the Trade Lighthouse, which is another icon of Monterrey. On the other hand, take a walk through its shops and find something to remember the city.

Discover the Metropolitan Cathedral of Monterrey


You can´t leave the city without first entering the Metropolitan Cathedral of Monterrey, its facade blends two architectural styles, giving it a very peculiar appearance. The headquarters of the Archdiocese of Monterrey is perfect to admire an example of its incredible architecture and learn more about the faith.

Admire the Old Quarter

Finally, nothing like going through the oldest painting in the city, which is located next to the Government Palace, this was once the nightclub of the place, although it is now a place of cultural entertainment.
Just go to the city to realize that flights to Monterrey mean traveling to a growing city with many iconic and simple places to enjoy.


Magical Places that surround Cancun

Cancun places

It is no secret to anyone that flights to Cancun Mexico have become the favorites of many travelers, thanks to many reasons that are quite clear, since it is not only because of the beauty of its beaches, but also because of the historical attractions and archaeological that characterize this area. However, Cancun is also surrounded by truly magical places, which must be visited at least once during a walk, and here we will mention some of them.

Puerto Morelos Reef

This National Park is part of the second largest barrier reef in the world, so it is ideal for those who practice sports such as diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, among others, and is located in front of Puerto Morelos, the most important port city of the state from Quintana Roo, at a short distance from Cancun. The community of the area is very aware of the efforts that must be made to preserve the ecosystem and enjoy it responsibly, so that visitors will enjoy activities promoted by the local population, which combine entertainment with environmental awareness.



Thanks to the fact that for many years the only access to this Caribbean beach was by sea, Akumal is a small, quiet and authentic destination where you can observe closely one of the most beautiful processes of nature. In the Mayan language its name means “Land of turtles” and it is here that you can see from large and old specimens, that swim slowly between the corals of the depths, until small turtles that spawn in the sand between May and September, and immediately run to the sea.

caves at akumal tour


This pre-Hispanic city that seems to have been inhabited for almost two millennia, was one of the largest Mayan populations of the Yucatan Peninsula and its vestiges show its importance and power that it had. The ruins of Coba, among which are housing complexes, pyramids, ceremonial sites and even an astronomical observatory, are one of the most important tourist attractions in this area and an archaeological research site, which continues to give surprises to this day. You can´t miss the climb to the Nohoch Mul pyramid, the highest in the area from where you have a privileged view of the jungle and the lagoons that surround this ancient city.

Women Island

It is located a few kilometers from the city of Cancun and its name is because in this place the goddess Ixchel was worshiped, which for the Mayans was linked to the moon, love, fertility and in general to femininity. Currently on the island, there is a wide range of activities, and due to its proximity to the continent it can be visited only for the day. But do not worry, because with a few hours in this privileged place are enough to swim freely with dolphins, and visit the east area, where is the archaeological site El Meco or the temple of worship to Ixchel.

To visit all these destinations, it will be enough for you to take one of the flights to Cancun Mexico, and whether you take a tour or visit them your way, you will realize that it is worth visiting these places that are quite special.

View from Women Island

Tour through Zihuatanejo

No matter how many times you have taken one of the flights to Zihuatanejo, we are completely sure that every time you discover something new, since, in addition to offering an extensive repertoire of beautiful coastal landscapes, restaurants with delights of all kinds and a nightlife full of fun, the place has tours that will give your trip more than just rest.

Ixtapa Xihuatanejo City tour

Joining the majority of hotels in the Ixtapa Tourist Zone, this incredible tour has a transportation service, which will search you directly at the hotel where you have preferred to stay. For 2 hours and a half, you will travel through the beautiful coastal city, while a professional guide explains the route. The tour will offer its visitors a series of special stops where they can taste delicious Mexican wines, as well as the best shops and craft markets that Ixtapa has to offer, to finish with a panoramic view of the city.

Magical Sunset Cruise Ixtapa

Climb aboard this sailboat named after a famous ingredient that gave Mexican food its famous reputation, and that “The Spicy” not only includes a delicious traditional lunch for the crew, it is the boat that will take us out to sea, towards a unique tour in Ixtapa. Cruise to the Magic Sunset Ixtapa gives us 3 hours of navigation through the beautiful Pacific Ocean; its main attraction is to take us to contemplate in a unique way the incredible sunsets that colors the sky with the characteristic red and orange of this paradisiacal region.

Ixtapa Sunset

Mexican Fiesta Tour Zihuatlán

If you want to know the beautiful history of Mexico, the Melia Azul Ixtapa hotel offers an interesting proposal to do it, two nights a week for 2 and a half hours you will be able to witness a folkloric show that will show us the music and the representative dances of each corner of this magnificent country, played by artists of international stature. In addition, while you enjoy the show, you can taste the typical Mexican food presented as a buffet or enjoy any national drink, because in each presentation is accompanied by a free bar service.

Sail and swim

Hoping that you don´t fear the sea, we come to this tour where it is time to get wet, the first will be to board a small boat that will give us a dream trip through the bay of Zihuatanejo, while enjoying refreshing drinks and snacks of all kinds. Our second destination will be Manzanillo beach, where we will stop our trip to swim in its calm waters or practice a little snorkeling. However, this 5-hour adventure still has one last surprise, its course is fixed on the beautiful La Ropa beach and it is here that you have the opportunity to travel in spinnaker, a great sail that reaches incredible speeds.

Take advantage of the flights to Zihuatanejo to take one of these tours where the adventure won´t stop and the biggest beneficiary of beauty and the best experiences will always be you, so dare to live the experience that you like and let yourself be carried away by the adrenaline rush.

Zihuatanejo beach