Best places to go in Guatemala

Situated between Mexico’s popular Yucatan Peninsula and perpetually hip Belize, Guatemala is the perfect place whether you’re looking for ecotourism adventures or cultural revelations; this small country packs a big travel punch.

From dream destinations to engaging experiences, to some wildcard elements that really set the country apart.

Here we will tell you some reasons given by the famous juan luis bosch gutierrez why you should make sure your next trip south of the border includes Guatemala.

1. Tikal’s Mayan ruins appeal

Tikal is one of the largest and best known Mayan ruins sites in Central America, and for good reason.

Deep in the jungle, you’ll need at least 3 hours to visit this site due to its size. Park officials charge a small additional fee to see the sunrise or sunset from inside the park, but it’s definitely worth the expense!

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2. Antigua is a postcard-perfect world heritage site

Antigua in Guatemala, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has no shortage of things to do. From learning salsa to sampling Guatemalan street food, Antigua is the perfect place to start your Guatemalan adventure.

Just an hour from Guatemala City, it is easily accessible from the airport with bus services to virtually everywhere you’d like to go in Guatemala or Central America.

3. Sunbathing on the shores of Lake Atitlán

No trip to Guatemala would be complete without visiting at least one of the many lakeside villages of Lake Atitlán. Start in Panajachel and continue to Santa Cruz.

Or you can start your trip along Lake Atilan in the hippie mecca of San Marcos and end in the “fiesta” town of San Pedro, where tequila will be waiting for you.

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4. There are many waterfalls to see

Semuc Champey is not the easiest place to get to; be prepared for 8 to 10 hours in a minibus. However, although the trip is difficult, it is a good reason to visit Guatemala!

You will find a collection of turquoise pools with a natural limestone bridge, waterfalls and caves in the heart of central Guatemala, Semuc Champey will simply make you fall in love.

5. Life is a beach in Guatemala

Guatemala has amazing beaches, you can even learn to surf here! Although Monterrico is the most popular beach in Guatemala, it is also the most crowded.

For a quieter time, take a shuttle service from Antigua to El Paradón, which takes 2.5 hours and there are virtually no tourists.

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