Mazatlan, a city of beach and party

Beach Mazatlan Mexico

The city of Mazatlan is the resort par excellence of many travelers who love places with sun, beautiful beaches and perfect waters to swim for hours, not for nothing to this city is also known as “The Pearl of the Pacific”. However, if you are not totally convinced to take one of the flights to Mazatlan, then we will tell you why you should know it.

The perfect climate, for the perfect tan

At the national level, the Sinaloa heat is famous, the one that causes thousands of Sinaloans and visitors to drink beer after beer on sunny afternoons as if there were no tomorrow, to avoid getting hot. So you must be prepared to pack your best shorts and the lightest clothes you have so you don´t have a bad time. However, this warm climate only occurs in the months of June to September, where it is maintained at an average temperature of 29 ° C and from October to May around 22 ° C that are not negligible to spend a good afternoon of beach.

Attractions for all travelers

Mazatlan not only stands out because its beaches are beautiful, nor for the kindness with which its locals treat their visitors, and that by combining those two factors it ends up in one of the best experiences. This city stands out for having tourist attractions for everyone, finding the perfect balance between the tranquility of the coast and the euphoria of a happy city.

One of the best walks you will ever go

Put your feet on the boardwalk and start walking to the south, you will be walking on the second longest boardwalk in the world while you admire its blue beaches, sculptures and feeling the embrace of the air. Keep walking and don´t stop because this trip will take you to the second tallest lighthouse in the world, with more than 150 meters high, located on a very natural base, which is where our walk ends. However, if you don´t want to walk, you can also take the tour in a pulmonia, some golf carts that run along the main avenue or the boardwalk, although you can also ride a bicycle that can be rented in different places from the city.


Beach Sunset at Mazatlan


A Historical Center worth knowing

Like many Mexican cities, the historic center is a place you can´t simply stop visiting, with beautiful buildings such as the Cathedral dedicated to the Immaculate Conception, the Angela Peralta Theater and one of the most representative signs of the community, The Fisherman’s Monument.


The party is a symbol of this city

Sinaloa is the cradle and capital of the popular band music, so as you can imagine, there are many bands ready to brighten the afternoon with some of the most iconic songs of this culture that dances to the sound of trumpets and the beat of the drums. Don´t hesitate to put together the party with them, as enjoy it in the place where this genre was born, it will be a unique experience.

If you are already ready for flights to Mazatlan, just make sure you take what you need to enjoy the place and discover why every day more and more people make it their favorite place to vacation.

One night was not enough to celebrate in Mazatlan

mazatlan clubs

If for some reason the city of Mazatlan is well known, it is because of the great variety of places that the city offers us to spend the best moments of the night. So, if you are planning to take one of the flights to Mazatlan, you should have well in mind that during the day you should rest and save some energy, so that at night you get the maximum in any of the places where you will have unforgettable nights of party and fun.

At the end of the Golden Zone is the best place to spend the night and is known as “Fiesta Land”, there you will find the vast majority of nightclubs that give that special touch to this destination. In its nightclubs, you will find different options, regardless of whether you like the band, salsa, pop, rock or even if you want to spend a quiet night in a piano bar, Mazatlan has the perfect place for you.

Zymbao Live Music

Because of its totally relaxed and tag-free environment, Zymbao is the perfect place to forget the daily tensions and give free rein to your imagination, inventing or practicing cumbia, merengue or salsa steps. In addition, if you don´t have a partner, you have nothing to worry about, here you will find candidates willing to enjoy the best of these genres, and if you already have it, you will be more in love than ever.


A place with great atmosphere and where the party is breathed in the purest style of Mazatlan. This place has a beautiful ocean view, beds around the pool, an excellent selection of drinks and fun performances that are complemented with its play of lights and extraordinary mixes of the best DJ’s in the place.

Bora Bora

With a capacity to accommodate up to 1,000 people, Bora Bora is one of the largest nightclubs in Mazatlan, with a variety of music ranging from electronic and hits of the eighties, to electropop, which makes it a place where you can spend all night dancing.

valentinos club mazatlan


As its name says, this place is ideal for people who enjoy dancing to the music of yesteryear, being their specialty the music of the eighties. This sing bar is the perfect place to remember the old times, leave aside the shame and go up on stage to let out the artist that we all have inside.


Its private lounge areas with a view of the Pacific are perfect for organizing your meeting. This spectacular three-level place has all the amenities to spend a night full of fun and sensuality with the best atmosphere of lights that give an extra touch to the environment.


Located in “Fiesta Land”, it has a tradition of yesteryear that continues to captivate locals and tourists for its show of lights and lasers that never go out of style. In addition, here you can dance from hip-hop, to techno and pop music, while the best videos are projected on giant screens.

Don´t let the flights to Mazatlan be limited to just enjoy the city during the day, escape at night to any of these places and live one of the best nights of your life with the best nightlife.