The perfect plan to travel Los Cabos

Cabo San lucas

Every adventure requires a good planning so you can enjoy the best way that is why we want to give you the following recommendations so that any of the flights to Los Cabos is simply perfect.

The obligatory photo in the most recognized place in Los Cabos

The obligatory photo for all those who visit Los Cabos for the first time, is with the emblematic Arco, the right place where the Pacific Ocean meets the Gulf of California. To get there you can hire a boat ride, yacht or boat in the Marina of Cabo San Lucas, and there are many types of tours for all tastes and budgets. Approximately every three or four years a “beach” is formed under the Arc, it is a beautiful natural phenomenon that occurs due to the marine currents and the temporary accumulation of sand, it lasts up to three weeks, although due to the high swell it can be dangerous to walk in the area.

Los Cabos View

The perfect season to travel to Los Cabos

The high season in Los Cabos is between October and May, which is when a greater number of Americans and Canadians visit the destination to leave behind the low temperatures of the north, but the busiest days are especially the end of March during the springbreak. Don´t forget in your luggage a sweater or light jacket because, although in Los Cabos 365 days of sunshine are enjoyed, some nights you can get to feel something cold by the winds that come from the sea. If you visit Los Cabos from December to March, you will live a great show, the whale watching, because during these months, several species of cetaceans migrate to their coasts to mate or to have their young, and without a doubt, it is an incredible experience.

Let yourself get caught up for the nights of parties

The night in Cabo San Lucas is full of entertainment and fun, so you will never be short of options for fun, thanks to the great variety of restaurants, bars of all sizes and colors, as well as a large number of nightclubs for all tastes. Therefore, in summary, the night in Cabo is guaranteed fun.

Relax, discover and have fun in Los Cabos

Los Cabos are world famous for the quality of their spas, try their relaxing massages, hydrotherapy, reflexology and other options offered to give you that moment of peace that we all need. However, remember to make a place in your agenda to also go shopping, because here you will find everything with small boutiques, major brands, luxury brands, jewelry stores, art galleries, handicrafts, textiles, organic markets and much more. On the other hand, if yours are first level sports then you can´t miss knowing the golf courses that are among the best in the world for their breathtaking views, which don´t exist in other parts of the planet, thanks to their ecosystem of deserts and cliffs with the spectacular sea in the background.

We warn you that when you take one of the flights to Los Cabos you may end up in love with the city and want to stay and live there, so take your precautions and enjoy the trip.