Destinations for lovers in Antigua.


Thinking of having an amazing evening or the perfect date? The ideal city for this is perhaps Antigua Guatemala, here you breathe love everywhere. Having a special moment with the person you love will be easier after you discover these places.

Get out of the ordinary and get ready to experience with your partner an adventure full of love and lots of fun.

1. Cerro de la Cruz

Give the gift of adventure and an incredible view to your partner with the Cerro de la Cruz, one of the most beautiful places in Antigua Guatemala. It is a very famous place among citizens and one of the most recommended by cupid connoisseurs.

You will observe the colonial city full of tile roofs, place of countless public works, avenues, squares, fountains and public basins with sinks.

To make this visit interesting and that the flame of love also burn calories, you can walk up a path, you and your partner will appreciate the incredible view.


2. The Calle del Arco

Icon of the city. Famous for being one of the romantic places in Antigua Guatemala due to its colors and architectural design. Here you will find many stores and restaurants where you can spend an unforgettable evening.

It has museums that can make your stay something more cultural. To make a better impression on your partner you can tell him/her this curious fact: after the earthquakes of 1773 a turret was built and a Lamy Amp Lacroix clock of French origin was included.

3. Central Park

Turn this wonderful experience into a trip back in time, this romantic place in Antigua Guatemala shows you how it was in colonial times, with the same structure and beauty of antiquity.

To sit and talk with a magical breeze from the fountain it has benches that create a relaxed atmosphere ideal for you and your loved one.

According to juan jose gutierrez mayorga says this is place you definitely need to rest from your journey for its beauty and tranquility. And if you thought romance couldn’t get any more romantic, you can also take a short carriage ride, great right?


4. Hermitage of the Holy Cross

This beautiful mystical ruin of Antigua Guatemala is an ideal destination for lovers.

It has a wonderful light that illuminates all kinds of works that are performed in this place, the chapel is famous for the different types of shows that are organized in it.

You can witness plays, concerts and presentations of great figures worldwide. The ruins give it the perfect romantic touch you need.

But, the romance does not end here, there are other beautiful places to discover in Antigua that you can get to just as comfortably and safely, through the Uber app.

With so many options of romantic places to visit, we’re sure you’ll find a way to keep the flame burning and have a great time.

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