San José de Gracia a town of faith

Aguascalientes downtown

Surrounded by a large vegetation and large natural spaces, we present you to San José de Gracia, a Magic Town that has become one of the great favorites of those who take one of the flights to Aguascalientes looking for a true place of peace, but let us tell you the reasons more in detail.

The climate of a peaceful town

With an altitude that exceeds 2000 meters above sea level and as in the Sierra Madre Occidental, San José de Gracia enjoys a temperate climate and an average annual temperature of 16 °C. The months of June and July are the hottest and the December-January period is the coldest, the pleasant climate of the mountains invites you to enjoy it with warm clothes.

The attractions of the place

Let’s start the tour in San José de Gracia through the town center, where you will find a simple but elegant main square, and near this is the emblematic municipal palace. Although undoubtedly, the attraction that attracts the most tourists, and especially to believers from all over the world, is the imposing statue of the Broken Christ located in the Plutarco Dam, a masterpiece of engineering in its time. Another important attraction if you want to get in touch with nature is theBoca Del Túnel Park, an immense space to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities.

Christ broken

The Broken Christ a symbol of world faith

Among the 5 largest monuments in all of Mexico, is this immense statue of 28 meters high, divided between 25 meters of the sculpture and 3 meters of the concrete base that supports it. The spectacular image is located on the island of Presa Calles so its access is only by water, and after reaching the island, you have to climb some stairs to the sanctuary. The great sculpture of the Christ, which lacks the right arm and right leg, was inspired by the tragedy that hit the town by the construction of the dam, which forced a massive exodus of the population to raise the level of the water, today is one of the most visited monuments in Mexico, also receiving parishioners from around the world.

Girl at mountain in San Jose de Gracia


Boca de Túnel, a place for adventure

Adrenaline lovers also have a perfect option to have fun in San José de Gracia in the Boca del Túnel Adventure Park, with a beautiful lagoon and rock formations around it is an ideal environment for horseback riding or cycling, you can also throw yourself by the two available zip lines and crossing the 13 suspension bridges that the park has, including one of 105 meters long and 15 meters high that crosses the lagoon. The entertainment of the park will provide you with much excitement on your trip, with several experiences only suitable for the more adventurous.

There are different options for staying in the town if you want to travel from very early to very late, we are sure that after arriving on any of the flights to Aguascalientes, in this place you will find all the peace you need to replenish energy and spend some days full of tranquility.