Move around Guatemala: The chicken bus

Chicken buses are one kind of vehicle of transportation and also one of the easiest, unique and fun ways to save money on your trip to Guatemala. There is a reason why locals use these iconic buses every day.

They are called “chicken bus” because they are sometimes used for transportation for livestock between cities and because passengers get so cramped, these buses are cheap and generally quick. They are manned by a driver and an assistant who collects money, calls out stops, and helps load luggage making the ride as efficient as possible.

Colorful and cheap way to move around Guatemala: The chicken bus

How are chicken buses they made? 

The buses were taken to their country from the United States, where they served their useful lives as school buses. In Guatemala are fixed, given new lights, horns, mirrors, rear-view mirrors on them and use a variety of colors to make them attractive and according to their culture.


About 24,000 quetzals are invested in each bus, the equivalent to USD is 3,200. It all depends on the complexity of the design. Besides, many buses must have their engines repaired.


These buses, also called vans, are one of the country’s tourist attractions, because although there are more modern buses, these ‘classics’ are the ones that attract the most attention . The more ornaments and colors they have, the better.

How much does a ride on chicken buses cost?

A ride on a chicken bus from Antigua to Guatemala City can be less than $2 USD and regular transportation can be more than $40 USD. Definitely using chicken buses will lower your cost of travel through Guatemala. 


With no doubt, Chicken buses are an example that Guatemala is a joyful country filled of colors and it’s citizens find different ways to reflect their happy personality along the country and as Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga, important Guatemalan businessman says “our joy and actions constantly create and renew the foundations of the Guatemala of tomorrow”.

The best places to have fun with the family in Monterrey

Monterrey atractions

It is very true that when we take one of the flights to Monterrey Mexico , we want to visit the city and its famous places full of luxury and technology, however, there are other places that can show us a more familiar side with fun at all times, and today we will talk to you of those unique places in Monterrey.

Sesame Street Monterrey Park

This beautiful park is set in the Sesame Street animated series, with attractions for children and adults, and it is divided into three areas, each with specific attractions. The Sesame Villa is built as a small village with colorful streets and benches to sit outdoors, its most popular attractions are the tornado, the little train, the tsunami, the bubbles, the Conde Contar castle and boats in the Lake Count. Another area is the Aquamundo, which is an area full of pools with different slides in each one, and finally, we find the area of Adventure Island, where there is a pool with waves to enjoy with family and sea buccaneers, another pool but with much bigger waves for young people and adults.2

Sesame Street Monterrey


This park is designed to enjoy nature and the creatures that abound in it, added to this, the park located in the heart of Monterrey, also offers extreme activities that you won´t want to miss. Its attractions are classified as extreme, natural, mechanical and fun show. In Extreme activities, your adrenaline will rise with the zip line on a flight with more than 240 meters away, while on the Xbike you will pedal a bicycle 40 meters high, or on the orbotron where you will turn in unimaginable ways and on the extreme road you will have to overcome obstacles. While in the natural activities, you can see up close and touch the animals in attractions such as the aviary, jungle lemur, interactive farm and the bird show. Moreover, to finish, in the mechanics, that are the most popular in the park, you will see 20 dinosaurs of real size and movement with which you can interact.

Lorventura Park

Magic Forest

This is the park with the highest attendance in the capital of Nuevo Leon, it has many individual attractions and to go up as a family, age is not a problem because they are built for children and adults. The park is divided into 3 types of attractions that are children, family and extreme. Inside the children’s you can find fun and safe attractions for the little ones of the house, which can climb the magical cups, jumping frog, low bugy, jumping alien and the Viking boats, most of them carousel type mechanical attractions, while In the family you can spend moments of fun with each member of the family at the same time. And finally, in the extreme, you will find games that are not suitable for everyone, but if you are brave enough you will go to all the roller coasters.

Visit these places with your family and let yourself be surprised by their attractions, find that moment of fun that is so hard to have by day-to-day routines, take any of the flights to Monterrey with the enthusiasm necessary to spend perfect days in the most important city of northern Mexico.