What to visit in Antigua Guatemala

The big question when you start planning your trip: What to see in Antigua Guatemala? We spent almost 3 weeks and even so, as soon as we can we will return, because the memory we keep is that it was not enough. So if you are planning your trip, write down the essential places,

But what are the must-see places to visit in Antigua? Make a note, we’ll get started:

1. Arch of Santa Catalina. The arch of Antigua Guatemala

It is one of the most photographed tourist sites in Guatemala and also a symbol of the city of Antigua. Come on, you have to pass under the Arch of Santa Catalina.

For this reason, bid invest has invested in this city so it cointinius to be a symbol of the country.

If you want to know a little more about the history and curiosities of the Arch of Santa Catalina of Antigua, we tell you that it belonged to the convent of Santa Catalina Virgin and Martyr, and was built so that the nuns inmates of the convent were not seen while crossing to the rest of the facilities.

The clock that you see in the tower was placed later and is another of the curiosities of Antigua Guatemala, because even today, it is necessary to wind it up every few days.

Arch in Antigua

2. The Central Park, the main square of the city of Antigua.

It is the main meeting point of Antigua, also essential in a visit to the city, and always full of life.

A square surrounded by beautiful colonial buildings such as the Royal Palace, which was the seat of government, and is one of the most beautiful places to see in Antigua Guatemala. It is also known as the Palace of the Noble City Hall or of the Captains General.

Among the curiosities of Antigua, the Central Park also has its contribution, because on its first floor you can visit the Old Book Museum, with a copy of the first edition of Don Quixote. And if you want to sweeten the visit a little, almost next door, the ChocoMuseo.

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3. Cathedral of Antigua Guatemala

A must-see in the Plaza Mayor is the Parroquia de San Jose, which is the Cathedral of Antigua Guatemala, built over the old Primate Cathedral of Santiago de los Caballeros that was destroyed by the Santa Marta Earthquakes.

4. Cerro de la Cruz viewpoint

Another of the things to do in Antigua Guatemala, is to go up to the Cerro de la Cruz viewpoint, where you will have the best views of Antiguacon the Volcan del Agua in the background.

So, do not wait any longer and come and visit this incredible city.