A family trip through Mazatlan

family trip at mazatlan

Suppose you are planning the perfect family vacation and want to take one of the flights to Mazatlan, this because you have heard that it is an excellent place to rest and have fun. However, when a family trip is made there is always the concern to know if our destination has entertainment for the little ones. And precisely, that is why we bring to you these places where not only the little ones of the house will have fun, in these places they will find fun for all the members of the family, and thus everybody will have a great time in Mazatlan.

family vacations

Forest of the city

This is a place that usually only those who live in Mazatlan know, so you will be like an expert when you get there on your vacations. The City Forest is located next to the Aquarium and here you can enjoy walking in a colorful train, observe the diversity of trees such as coconut palms, play around the lagoon with ducks and admire a reserved area as a small zoo. In addition, it has several other attractions such as grills, rides, wading pool, outdoor theater and skating rink, all this for the family to spend a nice day.


This is the right place if your little ones like to live with the marine species, in this space you will enjoy shows like the one of the divers swimming next to cat sharks, snappers and surgeon fishes, besides being able to enjoy the show of the sea lions and the singing of tropical birds such as Scarlet Macaws and Moluccan Cockatoos. However, if you want to surprise even more to your family, they also have special activities such as swimming with sharks or sea lions that will undoubtedly be one of the best experiences that you can have.

Water Park Mazagua

In Sábalo Country Avenue is the most fun water park in Mazatlan, where your whole family can spend hours of fun in this place, with its variety of entertainment areas designed for all ages. From its swimming pools with waves for the bigger ones, like the wading pools for the little ones, it also has more than five fun slides and a restaurant with a delicious menu, although if you want to bring your own lunch, you can do it without problem.


Cerritos Beach and La Piedra Island

This is a beach where you can relax comfortably and have fun, as it is quiet and is removed from the most visited area, try to avoid the places where the restaurants are located and get yourself a more private one because you can accommodate your things where you want. Take your umbrella or wrap it right there to protect yourself from the sun while the children enjoy this beach with the greatest security, as there are some parts that the waves can´t reach.

La Piedra Island is ideal for the whole family with hundreds of fun things to do, for both children and adults, including its water activities and horseback riding, you can get there on your own, although in the city there are people offering packages in which besides the transport, they will give you a small gastronomic tour.

Forget the stress and travel with the whole family to have a few days of real rest, take one of the flights to Mazatlan and forget about everything else.

Huasteca Potosina a place nice to walk through

Huasteca Potosina Mexico

If you are looking for a place where you can spend days immersed in nature and with truly special landscapes, it is time for you to visit the Huasteca Potosina, a region that will leave you speechless with each of its natural beauties and which you can easily reach from different points of Mexico. Although the most recommended and quick is to take one of the flights to San Luis Potosí to hire a tour, take the bus or rent a car to know each part of this territory at your own pace, because the Huasteca Potosina has many points to know.

Bridge of God and the Cascades of Tamasopo

In Tamasopo, you can visit the Bridge of God, a hidden paradise that you will love, where you can practice your diving, swim in the river and visit a natural cave that will leave you fascinated. There are also the Tamasopo Waterfalls, another place of easy access where you can spend hours of fun in the water.

Waterfalls of Micos

Waterfall Micos, Huasteca Potosina.

Another point that we recommend you are the Micos Waterfalls, which are a set of waterfalls where you can jump from each one at a different height. Here you can go with your group of friends to do this activity, or if you are not so adventurous, you can only swim or take a little walk in a canoe and take some incredible photos.

Tamul Waterfall

The water color of these waterfalls is beautiful, in addition to the fact that the site is well maintained and clean thanks to all the inhabitants of the area. To get to see this great waterfall, we suggest you take the La Morena jetty route, since from there the path to the waterfall is shorter. The attractions that you can find in the Huasteca Potosina, in this place are, paddling to get to the waterfall, let yourself be carried away by the river rapids and visit the Agua cave.

Swallows basement

In this natural sanctuary, you can enjoy a show in the morning, just when the sun rises, as all the birds leave their nest forming a spiral towards the sky. You can also see them in the evening when they return to their home, which is undoubtedly a spectacle that you shouldn´t miss.


Xilitla, Huasteca Potosina

This is a magical town of San Luis Potosí that you have to know, here is the Surrealist Garden of Edward James that will leave you amazed with each one of his pieces. If you visit it, go to the pools, although the water is cold it feels delicious to swim there.

Media Luna Spring

In Río Verde, there is the wonderful Media Luna Spring, which will make you fall in love with the clarity of the water and which stays at a temperature of 20 ° C. Here you can learn or practice diving in the deepest zone, approximately 30 meters, and if you don´t know how to swim, you can rent a life jacket, but you can´t leave without having swum in this wonderful place.

To get good weather, look for the flights to San Luis Potosí in the months of January to March or October to December, although in this month, the water may be very cold, but you will have the best views of the Huasteca Potosina and every one of its places.

Los Cabos and its unforgettable nights

Mándala Los cabos

There are quite a few who take one of the flights to Los Cabos looking for perfect days on the beach and full nights of party or bohemian, because if anything is characterized by this place is so fun that can be its nights, as the city is full of options to have an incredible time in an unbeatable way. Either touring its streets to find a cafeteria, or a restaurant where you can stop to listen to the bohemian rhythms by local musicians who entertain your evening as well as taste its varied cuisine. On the other hand, if you prefer the party, Los Cabos offers a variety of places where music and dance become the protagonists among bars, canteens, nightclubs and discos of international fame that await you with the promise of passing you the best nights dancing until dawn.

Blue Marlin Beach Club Ibiza Los Cabos

This is one of the most exclusive places to live the party in Los Cabos, with good music by renowned Dj’s, with a warm atmosphere and a wide bar of drinks that will make you live one of the best nights of your life. In addition, as an additional touch, it offers the beautiful view of the sea of Cortes.

Los Cabos


Cabo Wabo

This place enters the classics of Los Cabos, established in 1990 by the famous rocker Sammy Hagar, this canteen-type place caters to a wide audience. With dance and live music with rock bands and eighties groups that share the track with celebrities from all over the world, the food and drink at a good price make this place a must in your trip.


Cabo Wabo

Mandala Food & Wine Club

The cosmopolitan place that is making noise in Los Cabos, offers exclusivity since you step on the entrance, with excellent facilities, illuminated dance floor, pleasant service and an outdoor environment where you will enjoy the varied music that won´t let the night and fun finish until the sun comes up.

Pink Kitty Night Club

Mixing the classic with the modern, the concept of Pink Kitty is born, let yourself be enveloped by the party beach atmosphere and enjoy the proposals of the national and international DJs that like to present themselves there. It has a perfect lighting to make your senses vibrate, good service and incredible drinks.

Mándala Los cabos

Baja Brewing Company

Located in the heart of art in San Jose del Cabo, is this artistic restaurant that shows pieces of art on its walls. Enjoy a nice dinner in the company of your partner, family and friends, don´t leave without tasting their famous pizzas made in brick oven, which have been awarded, and you can´t leave without knowing their famous craft beers.

It is only a question of knowing in which way you want to spend the night and of having the attitude to enjoy the party, because in Los Cabos you will find many options so that this fun is never over. So don´t wait any longer and prepare everything to take one of the flights to Los Cabos where the nights will be memorable.

The best of the beautiful Zihuatanejo

flights to Zihuatanejo

When taking any of the flights to Zihuatanejo, you are practically assuring a few days of absolute relaxation, because few places like this, will give you the satisfaction and rest that this beautiful city of the state of Guerrero can offer you, which has a great variety of places to meet all kinds of needs.

It is important to mention how accessible are all the tourist places that you can find in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, as an example we can find the very center of the city, where we will only have to travel a few minutes to find fun. Or, we can take a walk along its beaches, although some are further away than others, they are not really important distances, deciding how to spend the holidays is your decision, but what better way to visit the funniest places in the city.

Downtown of Zihuatanejo

Downtown of Zihuatanejo

One of the great charms of this tourist destination is that it is not a busy metropolis, but on the contrary, it gives the impression of being a town full of native culture that took advantage of the opportunities that nature gave it. When we talk about the Zihuatanejo Center we refer to a place full of restaurants and shops, a well-kept place where you can go out and buy the most beautiful handicrafts with native cultural roots, and at night you can go quietly to live a night of Drinks at any of the restaurants and night bars.

Gatas Beach

From the outskirts of the city center, we spend with the adventure in the sea, because only the fact of arriving at this destination already represents an adventure because you can only reach it by a boat or by taking a taxi. Although you will have to walk a few minutes, since to reach the Gatas beach there is no direct road, but the beauty of this is certainly worth the adventure.

La Madera Beach

This beach, despite being the smallest of all those that are in its surroundings with only about 300 meters in length, has elements that can easily captivate you. Similarly, in this place you can find some establishments to enjoy an unforgettable stay. To get to this beach it is enough to make a short walk from the main beach, so it is a comfortable place where you can relax because you can get in and out walking.

Island of Ixtapa

Island of Ixtapa

This is another of the great attractions that make this tourist destination a place that you will want to visit again as many times as you can, it is an island that makes it possible for you to have fun with multiple water sports. In addition, we must mention that it has four beautiful beaches that are very suitable to enjoy the sun, some of some beaches that make up the Island of Ixtapa have certain restaurants that will provide some palapas and umbrellas to rest as you deserve.

These are just some of the places that you could enjoy with just taking one of the flights to Zihuatanejo, cheer up already to know this great city and thus enjoy a few days completely relaxing.

Veracruz, a land to forget about the heat

flights to Veracruz

With the heat that makes lately, we all seem to be always fresh, of course the beach is always our first choice, because, although these places the heat becomes even more overwhelming than in others, there is no way to take a dip in the sea to remedy the situation. So take advantage of the good weather to take one of the flights to Veracruz and cool off on its beaches.

Emerald coast

It is one of the beaches in Veracruz with soft sand and a calm swell, located along the municipalities of Tecolutla and Nautla in the Totonac region of Veracruz. It is one of the most important tourist destinations of the state, and its own name is the reflection of the beautiful blue green color of its waters that make it a paradisiacal place for everyone who visits them. However, apart from offering a great view, the place allows water sports such as fishing, skiing and a boat ride.

Anton Lizardo

flights to Veracruz anton lizardo

It is located only 23 km from the port of Veracruz near Boca del Rio, it is one of the best beaches in the place and is ideal for diving, since it is part of the Arrecifal System. Among its beaches, the most famous are the Isla Del Amor and El Conchal, which is also one of the favorite places of the members of the Caguama Sport Fishing Club, since it is located in a fishing village, definitely, when you need a rest, Anton de Lizardo is the perfect choice.

Montepío Beach

It is the main beach of Los Tuxtlas and is located at the mouth of two small rivers called Col and Maquina in the Gulf of Mexico. This beach is the ideal place for adventurers and explorers, since you can rent a boat, visit the rocky South Coast, and explore some caves, since there are many activities that can be done in this place, because thanks to its quiet environment and nature, the place lends itself to vacation in an incredible way.

Chachalacas Beach

This place goes beyond being one of the beautiful beaches of Veracruz, as well as the others, because here you will find huge dunes that will leave you breathless as soon as you discover its size. It is a very beautiful place in which the dunes divide the sea and the river, here you can practice motocross, especially in the Dunes as the view from above will leave you speechless. It is also highly recommended to practice sandboarding and its beach is calm surf, and you can practice many water sports.

Escondida Beach

Because this beach has difficult access, it doesn´t have lodging services, so it is best to camp or move to Catemaco. As for food, there are small restaurants in the area that sell delicious dishes from Veracruz. In this site, you will find the perfect place to enjoy a day surrounded by the incredible jungle vegetation while you swim, or take a boat ride with total calm, because almost nobody arrives until this point.

Take one of the flights to Veracruz and start to visit some of its beaches where, besides refreshing yourself, you will end up falling in love with each one and wanting to return as soon as possible.

An all-inclusive trip through Mexico

All inclusive vacation

An all-inclusive trip is for many, the simplest, most practical and, in addition, the best way to get cheap flights to Mexico, because it is just about choosing the destination, paying and enjoying. However, for many other travelers this is not usually the best option that is why we have taken on the task of comparing the characteristics of an all-inclusive trip and the advantages or disadvantages of traveling without this plan.

A traveler of the all-inclusive type doesn´t have as a priority to walk from one place to another, likes to be pamper and prefers not to get too complicated, because his main objective is to leave home and have a good time, rest in a few words. On the other hand, an anti-all-inclusive traveler likes to walk from one place to another, plan an itinerary, know places that are not in the travel guides and enjoy the destination as a place.

The all-inclusive trip your best option if …

If you are someone who is really looking for a rest during your holidays, then definitely the all-inclusive trip is for you, also if you travel with small children it will be your best option. It is important to make sure that your all-inclusive trip also has entertainment and fun options for families.

All inclusive with kids


Whom shouldn´t take an all-inclusive trip


Travel or not as a backpacker, if you are looking for adventure, an all-inclusive trip is not for you, as an adventurous traveler just wants to experience strong emotions, those that you won´t find in the hotel bar, in addition to those who seek to know the must-see destination, the most delicious food and the most opportune places to make purchases this plan will leave them very limited. So if you are an active traveler, who likes to walk to get to your destination, visit museums or the Center, practice outdoor activities such as mountain biking, climbing, swimming in natural pools or parachuting, you won´t find much of that at the all-inclusive hotel.


Those who love typical or local gastronomy

This maybe is one of the main issues that make the difference with an all-inclusive trip, in which the buffet food can be the same every day. On the other hand, someone who plans his trip will generally seek to eat at the Municipal Market or where other travelers recommended him, as it will give them the opportunity to taste new flavors or local food restaurants.

Local Gastronomy

The hotel is the least

If for you the most important thing of the trip is finding a good place that puts the best amenities at your disposal, then you should look for the all-inclusive that has the best plan for you, but if on the other hand, the accommodation is what you least care about and you can even occupy a hostel without problems, traveling on your own will be the best option.

Having one of the cheap flights to Mexico, will depend on how many comforts you prefer during your trip, and the best choice of how to do it will depend on your needs and the way you best identify yourself when traveling.


Mazatlan, a city of beach and party

Beach Mazatlan Mexico

The city of Mazatlan is the resort par excellence of many travelers who love places with sun, beautiful beaches and perfect waters to swim for hours, not for nothing to this city is also known as “The Pearl of the Pacific”. However, if you are not totally convinced to take one of the flights to Mazatlan, then we will tell you why you should know it.

The perfect climate, for the perfect tan

At the national level, the Sinaloa heat is famous, the one that causes thousands of Sinaloans and visitors to drink beer after beer on sunny afternoons as if there were no tomorrow, to avoid getting hot. So you must be prepared to pack your best shorts and the lightest clothes you have so you don´t have a bad time. However, this warm climate only occurs in the months of June to September, where it is maintained at an average temperature of 29 ° C and from October to May around 22 ° C that are not negligible to spend a good afternoon of beach.

Attractions for all travelers

Mazatlan not only stands out because its beaches are beautiful, nor for the kindness with which its locals treat their visitors, and that by combining those two factors it ends up in one of the best experiences. This city stands out for having tourist attractions for everyone, finding the perfect balance between the tranquility of the coast and the euphoria of a happy city.

One of the best walks you will ever go

Put your feet on the boardwalk and start walking to the south, you will be walking on the second longest boardwalk in the world while you admire its blue beaches, sculptures and feeling the embrace of the air. Keep walking and don´t stop because this trip will take you to the second tallest lighthouse in the world, with more than 150 meters high, located on a very natural base, which is where our walk ends. However, if you don´t want to walk, you can also take the tour in a pulmonia, some golf carts that run along the main avenue or the boardwalk, although you can also ride a bicycle that can be rented in different places from the city.


Beach Sunset at Mazatlan


A Historical Center worth knowing

Like many Mexican cities, the historic center is a place you can´t simply stop visiting, with beautiful buildings such as the Cathedral dedicated to the Immaculate Conception, the Angela Peralta Theater and one of the most representative signs of the community, The Fisherman’s Monument.


The party is a symbol of this city

Sinaloa is the cradle and capital of the popular band music, so as you can imagine, there are many bands ready to brighten the afternoon with some of the most iconic songs of this culture that dances to the sound of trumpets and the beat of the drums. Don´t hesitate to put together the party with them, as enjoy it in the place where this genre was born, it will be a unique experience.

If you are already ready for flights to Mazatlan, just make sure you take what you need to enjoy the place and discover why every day more and more people make it their favorite place to vacation.

The best reasons to visit Zihuatanejo in Mexico

Zihuatanejo Guerrero Mexico Beach

Two places that look like one, luxury hotels in Ixtapa and simple but cozy accommodation in Zihuatanejo are ideal to enjoy a vacation away from the masses of tourists like those who usually have beaches like those in Cancun. This is because for many people this place is still unknown, that is why we want to give you 5 reasons to board any of the flights to Zihuatanejo and to know one of the best places to rest.

Because its beaches are simply amazing

Zihuatanejo is located in the Mexican Pacific, in the beautiful state of Guerrero; the bay of Zihuatanejo is recognized as one of the most beautiful in the country, and no wonder, since it has 5 beaches where you can enjoy its warm waters. The places you can enjoy are Principal beach, La Madera beach, La Ropa beach, Las Gatas beach and Blanca beach, all ideal for surfing, swimming, snorkeling and enjoying marine life or just relaxing and sunbathing on the sand.


It is ideal for adventure sports

For lovers of adrenaline and speed, these destinations offer tours in off-road vehicles, and you can hire a tour to explore this natural paradise in very easy-to-drive ATVs. In addition, you can discover the treasures of the bottom of the sea, which is one of the mandatory plans in Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo. If you are a skilled diver, you can descend up to 30 meters deep in its blue waters, but don´t worry, because if you are a beginner you can snorkel, since the diversity of marine life and natural ecosystems of this area of the country is considered one of the most beautiful and important that every traveler can enjoy.

Aquatic Sports at Zihuatanejo

It is perfect to connect with nature

One of the most fun activities is to travel both destinations by bicycle, since it has 17 kilometers of cycle routes, where you can have a feeling of well-being outdoors observing the thick vegetation, which in contrast to the blue of the sea and the sky, will make this bike ride one of the most special activities of the place. In addition, if you run with luck, you can admire some of the local and migratory species that can be found in this place thanks to the variety of ecosystems.

The gastronomy is exquisite

Seafood is the specialty of this region, which delights all travelers with its great variety of flavors and unique preparations.Some of the typical dishes you should taste are the famous fish strips, made with sliced fish, shrimp tacos, cocktails of Ceviche, garlic octopus, lobster and of course, red clams, which are other specialties to delight your palate.


It is a place to visit during any time of the year

With an average temperature between 24 and 28 degrees, it is a place where the sun shines most of the year, and so you won´t have to worry about choosing the best time for flights to Zihuatanejo. Although if you are one of those who enjoy the heat, we recommend going between the months of April and May, although on the contrary, if you prefer a more temperate climate, it will be December and January the ideal time for you.


Yelapa, a corner of tranquility

View of Yelapa Puerto Vallarta

Many are the places that people travel to find days of true peace, and flights to Puerto Vallarta are an excellent response to this need for tranquility because very close to there is another small town that can be a perfect option, we speak of Yelapa, a hidden place of mass tourism in Jalisco that you should know if you are looking for relaxation and tranquility. To get to Yelapa it is necessary to take a water taxi from Puerto Vallarta and in a few minutes you will be there, the cost of the water taxi is $90 pesos per person, and per trip, this already includes your luggage and it is recommended that DON´T pay anything to anyone before boarding the water taxi, it is paid to the driver and it is until the end of the trip.

The main activity here is to relax and leave all the earrings and worries aside. It is one of the most beautiful beaches of Jalisco because it is very well maintained, clean and its waves are minimal, which makes it perfect for everyone, so don´t forget to bring your snorkel gear so you can enjoy the fish they live there.


Take a dip in the waterfalls


If you stay in a hotel that is on the shore of the beach, you will first have to cross the junction of the beach with the river, it is not dangerous but try not to carry valuables in the bags of the shorts or pants, so as not to get wet. You will see signs made by the same people who say “Waterfalls”, in any case if you have doubt of the way, you can ask the people there and they will gladly answer you. It is a walk of about 15 to 20 minutes, so wear comfortable shoes so you don´t get tired and you can walk on the cobblestone, once you are in the waterfall, you can enjoy the fresh water and take a dip.Yelapa Waterfalls


Visit the beach “Las Ánimas”

Taking a water taxi to Boca de Tomatlan, you can ask to be dropped off at Las Animas pier, it costs $70 pesos per person for the trip, and it is a beautiful beach with emerald water and with more life than in Yelapa. Here you can come to swim, be in a beach club all day and in the afternoon return to your hotel, we recommend you stay at “el Coral” it is fast and good with its service, although there are enough restaurants on the beach to choose from.

Puerto Vallarta Yelapa

The food of the place


There are several restaurants on the beach that offer seafood, cocktails and other dishes, some of the best restaurants are from the same hotels which allows them to have their tables on the beach, lounge chairs or a covered area with tables where you can eat very comfortably. However, If you don´t stay at the hotel don´t worry as they are usually open to the public.

Don´t miss this place or its total calm, the next time you take one of the flights to Puerto Vallarta, because if you really want to find a place on the beach to relax this is your place.

Sea Food at Yelapa

A trip between ravines

Undoubtedly, something that we can´t miss when taking one of the flights to Chihuahua, is the route in the El Chepe train, which crosses the Barrancas del Cobre between Chihuahua and Sinaloa. Due to its beautiful landscapes, fantastic villages and adventure parks, it is one of the best in the Mexican territory; its main attraction is to cross a majestic canyon system of the Sierra Tarahumara in the Sierra Madre Occidental, which is 4 times more extensive than, and almost twice as deep as the Grand Canyon of Colorado.


A pretty exciting tour

The route of the Chepe is made through 653 km in which you will observe rustic spaces, admire a landscape full of cliffs, go through 80 tunnels of different sizes and cross over 37 bridges of vertigo over quite strong river gorges, an adventure that makes from this route a very attractive experience. The Chepe operates with 2 passenger trains, Chepe Express and Chepe Regional, the first of these is more oriented to a tour between Creel and Los Mochis, while the Chepe Regional makes the complete route between the city of Chihuahua and Los Mochis Sinaloa.


The Chepe Express

This has a fantastic round trip of 350 km between the Magical Town of Creel and the city of Los Mochis, in which it crosses the imposing landscapes of the Barrancas del Cobre and the Tarahumara Mountain Range. Its comfortable wagons for passengers of executive class and tourist class, that include a car restaurant, bar and a terrace, can transport 360 people, in this you can get off at the stations of El Fuerte, Divisadero and Creel. If you want to stay in one of these to know the local attractions, you can arrange your return for days later.


The Regional Chepe

This makes the complete journey between Chihuahua and Los Mochis, crossing the impressive Sierra Tarahumara from one end to the other. The trip of 653 km allows knowing the canyons of the Barrancas del Cobre and all the extension of the mountain range between the states of Chihuahua and Sinaloa. Operates with the tourist and economic classes, the economic tickets are only reserved at the stations at both ends of the route.


The best time to travel in Chepe

The ideal season depends on your tastes, because, although it is colder in the winter, snow in the mountains is a special attraction, and on the other hand, in summer, you can spend most of your time in light clothes and a sweater or a wind breaks. The tourist train Chepe recommends making the reservation in high season with 4 months in advance, the periods of greatest influx of passengers are Easter, July-August and December, this recommendation is valid for both Chepe Express and Chepe Regional. We also advise you to book the accommodation in advance since the accommodation capacity is limited.

Prices vary widely depending on the train, the class, the route, the number of days of the tour, the season and the services included so before taking any of the flights to Chihuahua to do the tour, we recommend you plan well the details of this.