Most impresive sites in Guatemala

Planning your trip to Guatemala and you have no idea where to start? Don’t worry! Here are the best tourist places in Guatemala recommended by the guatmelana businessman juan luis bosch gutierrez and locals themselves and that promise not to disappoint you.

We must warn you that some of the places mentioned in this list are not among the most common tourist sites in Guatemala but that is our intention.

As chapines we want to show you the most beautiful places in our Guatemala and that means that many times these places are not easily accessible but if you are not afraid to get a little dirty and the search for adventure is one of the reasons for your trip then keep reading because these places will fascinate you!

1. Juan Diéguez Olaverri Viewpoint

Located at no less than 3,000 meters above sea level in the largest non-volcanic mountain range in all of Central America, this viewpoint has one of the best views in all of Guatemala.

The white ocean formed by the thick clouds will leave you breathless from the first moments, so we recommend you bring a camera with plenty of space because we are sure you will not be able to stop taking pictures of this spectacular scenery.

Also, you should not forget your coat because being at the mentioned altitude the weather is really cold but it is also the best opportunity to enjoy a delicious coffee and guess what? At the viewpoint you can find the coffee shop with the best view in the world!


2. Semuc Champey

Named among the 13 best places to swim in the world, Semuc Champey is one of the top tourist destinations in Guatemala that you can’t miss.

Its crystalline pools fed by a river with an enormous force and surrounded by mountains so green that you can hardly identify any other color in them, make this place a true paradise on earth.


3. Antigua Guatemala

Surrounded by huge volcanoes and founded in 1542, this small colonial city located south of Guatemala City has survived several natural disasters such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Through its streets you will travel to a land full of legends and stories to tell about the origins of what was once the first capital of Guatemala.

Undoubtedly a place that we could not leave out of our list of the best tourist places in Guatemala that you must visit.

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