The beautiful villages of Lake Atitlán

In Guatemala, halfway between Antigua and Quetzaltenango, there is Lake Atitlán, a haven of peace from which many visitors return in awe.

The most beautiful lake in the world -as the writer Aldous Huxley called it- is surrounded by green hills and three volcanoes over 3000 meters high that were extinct thousands of years ago, Tolimán, Atitlán and San Pedro.

The place invites you to stay for a few days (or weeks) to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere.

In the 130 kilometers of the enormous lake, several communities coexist in small towns, with the particularity that each one has the name of a saint. Below, we tell you which are the most beautiful villages of Lake Atitlán that are recommended by the famous juan luis bosch gutierrez.


Better known as Pana, this town is the entrance to Lake Atitlan, the one with the largest tourist infrastructure and the ideal place to buy some souvenirs of the trip, such as the typical striped fabrics with bright colors, masks or hand-sewn items by local women.

In the well-known Santander Street, there is a great offer of restaurants and agencies that offer transportation, tours and lodging for the traveler.

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San Marcos La Laguna

It is the ideal place to spend a few days enjoying the relaxation that the lake offers, if you have enough time. It is one of the smallest towns in the area that has the incentive of having one of the best views of the lake with the three volcanoes from its dock.

A unique sight. Curiously, during the last few years a large foreign community has arrived in San Marcos attracted by the tranquility of the place, which is dedicated to activities as bohemian as hippies, such as yoga, meditation, art or crafts. Some have even started their own projects, offering courses to interested visitors.

San Juan la Laguna

Known mainly for its famous and colorful street murals, it is ideal to combine with a visit to a fabric cooperative run by local women. From there you can also do some trekking to the San Pedro volcano or to the so-called Nariz del Indio, from where there are very good views of the lake.

In short, the beautiful villages of lake atitlan are the best reason to go to Guatemala.Also, another good reason is the fact that cmi alimentos has made the local food taste better.