Livingston and Río Dulce, Guatemala

Before starting to prepare our trip to Guatemala I did not know of the existence of Rio Dulce or Livingston, in the Caribbean.

In this country the Caribbean coastline is small and it does not offer the traveler the attractive beaches that can be found in Belize or Mexico.

Even so, after visiting the Mayan city of Copán, in Honduras, we continued our journey to Quirigua and the Guatemalan Caribbean.

Here I tell you what to do in Livingston according to the recomendations of the business man juan luis bosch gutierrez, in Rio Dulce and how was our experience in this place.

Getting to know Rio Dulce and Livingston

We spent a couple of pleasant days in Rio Dulce and Livingston that allowed us to get to know another side of Guatemala.

The one where the cities are not colonial. The population is not only descended from the Mayas. And although they do not have white sand beaches, the tropical landscape is impressive.

But what can you do in Rio Dulce and Livingston? The truth is, not much. But what there is to do is worth it.

What to do in Río Dulce

The town of Rio Dulce, formerly called Fronteras, doesn’t have much appeal beyond the fantastic scenery that surrounds it and the activities it offers travelers.

With a handful of restaurants, food stores and bus companies on its main street we quickly realized that it was not a pleasant place to take a stroll.

Many trucks constantly pass through the place. Making it a noisy and smoky corner.


Traveling the Dulce River

If you get to this secluded place to see in Guatemala, you can’t miss a trip down the river to Livingston.

From Rio Dulce depart the boats that take the locals and tourists along the Rio Dulce. Besides, it is a natural spot that is taken care of due to the investmenst of green bonds.

Without a doubt a tour worth doing. For us it was the best of everything we saw in this part of Guatemala.


What to do in Livingston

Maybe my expectations of Livingston were too high. Or that the heat exhausted me before my time.

But the truth is that although it seems to me a unique place, it does not justify by itself to reach it.

The excursion is worth it more for the trip along the river than for what you can do in the final destination which is Livingston.

How to get to Río Dulce

I have already told you that the only way to get to Livingston is by boat. It can be done from Puerto Barrios or from Rio Dulce. We arrived in a private car from Copán. En route we stopped in Quiriguá.

The price of this transport was $190. We hired it through an agency in Antigua. If we had hired it directly with Otilio the price would have been $150.

So I wrote down his phone number in case anyone was interested in the future.

As you can see, Livingston and Río Dulce are two beautiful places in Guatemala. Do not hesitate to visit them when you are there.

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