Best Beaches In Guatemala

Guatemala is surrounded by beautiful beaches, sand, lovely scenery and an excellent climate. Its natural beauty makes it perfect for a family trip, with friends or as a couple.

In addition, some have a white sandy coastline and others with plenty of entertainment. Visit the best beaches in Guatemala.

White Beach

This is a private and protected area where you will not find any constructions, due to the fact that they try to keep the beach almost virgin because it is a natural reserve.

In fact, Bid invest has invested in this place so that it is preserved for longer.

Playa Blanca has special characteristics such as calm waters, the beach is uniform and the sand is soft and white, hence its popular name. It is a simply amazing place, considered among the most beautiful in Guatemala.

Playa en guatemala 1

Champerico Beach

If you travel to the region of Retalhuleu Champerico Beach is perfect for you, it has a warm climate, making you enjoy the sea more.

On its coast they sell delicious seafood and the sea breeze is completely relaxing, its sand is a little dark and the sunsets are spectacular. It is located 226 kilometers from the capital.

Sipacate Beaches

Sipacate is a beautiful village located on the Pacific Coast, it has amazing beaches.

On weekends these coasts are full of tourists who want to enjoy a different day surrounded by a pleasant climate and perfect waves for surfing.


El Chechenal Beach

The sand of this beautiful beach is white and the water is turquoise, being a wide coast but above all safe.

El Chechenal Beach in Guatemala has two access routes, the first is by sea and the other by land, which starts from the beautiful island of Flores, located in Lake Petén Itzá, in the direction of San Miguel.

Las Lisas Beach

For those passionate about the Pacific coast in Guatemala, we have Las Lisas beach is a beautiful shore with an extraordinary attraction.

The sunsets make a special contrast while the dark sand of the beach shines, its climate is very pleasant, perfect for a family trip or with friends. In this site you can dive and enjoy other extreme activities.

As you can see, these beaches are amazing for a family or friedns trip. So, come and visit them.

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