The best places in Zapopan

When we decided to take one of the flights to Guadalajara, beyond wanting to travel to one of the cities that best represent the Mexican culture in its splendor, we are heading to a city that is surrounded by truly special places and totally worth visiting. However, today we will talk about one in particular; we are talking about Zapopan, a city with a tourist attraction that focuses on the value of religious culture, curiosity about history and love of Mexican cuisine.


Zapopan Art Museum

Even with its modest infrastructure, the Zapopan Art Museum, which is located next to the Basilica of Our Lady of Zapopan, brings together works by great artists such as Picasso, Toledo and Soriano, plus an important number of works of Mexican art. Admission to this museum of modern art has a cost of $13, except Tuesdays, which is the day of free entry.


Teopitzintli walk

In this place, you will know more about the culture of Jalisco, it is a pedestrian area of restaurants, bars, music establishments and souvenir shops, with local musicians who animate the place and make this one of the best to have a nice experience during the trip.


Benito Albarrán Hunting Museum

This museum is possibly the only one of its kind in Mexico with these characteristics, it is a museum with taxidermy exhibits, perfectly preserved animals after being hunted in Europe, Asia, Africa and of course, America. The whole work belongs to Don Benito Albarrán, responsible for having accumulated and formed this collection of more than 270 pieces of variety of species.


Archaeological Zone of Ixtépete

The Archaeological Zone of Ixtépete has one of the most important archaeological attractions in Mexico, a pyramid 44 meters high with 5 stages and 2 extensions. The area has a stream known as El Garabato, which accompanies the vestiges of a humble village of artisans, together with a city strongly divided by social classes. The Archaeological Area of Ixtépete was discovered in 1955, and is available to be visited from Tuesday to Sunday.


Basilica of Zapopan

This place is to approach God and spirituality; it is a 17th century sanctuary and one of the most visited in Mexico because it keeps the image of the Virgin of Zapopan, a religious icon of great cultural relevance. In addition, the basilica has a museum with works of indigenous Huichol art, a bit of the culture of the region. The Virgin of Zapopan is a figure elaborated during the sixteenth century in corn and wood, by the hands of the Michoacán Indians, which is carried throughout Jalisco between June and October to protect the state from natural disasters, being kept in churches and parishes in the region.

Take the opportunity to get to know Zapopan so that you can taste the delicious flavor of its food, enjoy its people and above all, know the richness of its culture. If you have already checked the dates of the flights to Guadalajara, and you chose the best one for your trip, then give it a day to this beautiful city to better complement your stay.

Make the most of your trip to Cancun

Quite a few travelers are looking for the best deals on flights to Cancun Mexico, but very few take the time to study this destination well and take all the necessary measures to get the most out of their trip. And it is precisely this last, which makes us present you a small guide, which besides being able to make the trip easier, makes you enjoy it to the fullest.


Become aware of what you will do

Tourists, who plan to spend most of their days on the beach, must necessarily buy sunscreen, since the heat of Cancun is really careful if you are not used to these temperatures, because in summer we can tan even during the usual ride around the city. Another equally obligatory aspect is to recognize the area where we will be to know which places are close to us and which others not so much, in order to adequately plan our activities.



That the visit not only stay on the beaches

The most experienced tourists in this Caribbean city recommend that, if you want to know the different areas that surround the city, do it your way. The best thing is to rent a car or take a taxi for a whole day, because the taxi services for twelve, or up to fifteen hours, will be no more expensive than three hundred dollars, in this case the driver will take the clients to exactly any interesting curiosity , even to the parts that are outside the city.


It is very easy to get around Cancun

The busiest public transport is the bus, since the cost of the trip through the territory of the city has an approximate cost of half a dollar. Buses run through the main streets of the city, from morning to night and don´t have fixed stops, to stop the bus simply by raising your hand and arriving at our destination to ask for a stop. However, if you are looking for a more private mobility in the city, there are numerous car rental stands, for this you have to carry the driving license of the international class and a credit card; the cost will depend on the brand of the car and of the term of rental.


Don´t be afraid of local markets

To buy souvenirs you have to go through one of the local markets, the prices of the merchandise there are much more attractive than in the big malls, and the most convenient thing is also to pay with the national currency, this so that we don´t have problems of exchange monetary. In the place, you can find from a simple souvenir to the most elaborate pieces of art, everything depends on what you seek to take home with you.


Don´t be fooled by those tourist trips that seek to surprise you with visiting many places at once, as they could result in a very close trip where you can´t enjoy almost anything. It is better to decide what you want to do and know, before taking any of the flights to Cancun Mexico, and based on this, plan perfectly the itinerary to follow to enjoy, as you should of this great city.

The magic of the towns of Veracruz

Veracruz has many magical towns that are somewhat enigmatic, but beautiful. Each of these towns has its own essence, so knowing them becomes a very entertaining and enriching adventure, because any of the flights to Veracruz can ensure a trip full of beautiful things to admire.



Surely, you have heard of the “Voladores de Papantla”, five men who climb to the top of a post from which 4 of them hang down gradually, while the fifth seated on the top plays an instrument. This tradition is Nahuatl, it was a ceremony destined to invoke the fertility for the land, and the community, besides that dance, Papantla has some archaeological zones like El Tajin and Cuyuxquihui.


If you like sports, this is the magical town you should visit, especially if you love mountain biking or if you are looking for more ecotourism you should know that it is between two ravines, so expeditions are made to place while a guide tells you the history of the site and tells you about the importance of staying alive, is located near Cordoba so it is very easy to stay.



This is a small coffee town, so the quality of this drink in the place is unparalleled, and to celebrate this plant there is a ceremony in May in which the queen of the coffee is crowned, and to honor her they are taken to held musical events, which end in massive dances. However, it is also the place with the highest production of orchids and has several species, here there is nothing like walking along the hill of the Culebras until you reach the viewpoint and see the town from the top. In some tours, they offer coffee and liqueur tests derived from it that will make you fall in love with this place completely.



It is known as the City of the Cheerful Waters since it crosses a river that takes its name and that is born from the skirts of the Peak of Orizaba. Every year it receives a large number of visitors who seek to completely explore the place, making it the second most visited destination in Veracruz. However, this place not only has the huge mountain in its territory, since you can also admire the area of historical monuments, which are 8 mainly highlighting the houses of important people in Mexican history.


Zozocolco de Hidalgo

The waters of the Tehuantepec River moisten the shores of the place, this site is one of the main producers of crafts with cedar and silver, and so in addition to seeing high quality artisan pieces, you can also buy some and support the local economy. Its people say that the traditions and cultural activities are centered on gastronomy, so you should taste the barbecue and the mole, which are usually prepared differently in each place. In addition, to cool off a bit, you can visit the pools and streams that surround the town.

Delight yourself with each of these towns in any of the flights to Veracruz and know more about the riches that each one protects so that all its visitors enjoy them.

That your goal to travel doesn´t stop your purpose

purpose ex

There are many purposes that people have in mind to meet during the New Year party, however, the most common purpose is usually to lose weight or do exercise, and often trips are the perfect pretext for not meeting with our purpose. That is why, if you are thinking of taking any of the flights to Mexico City, here we show you a list of places that are an excellent option to be closer to mix our goals.

City center

The Sope. This is one of the most frequented places to run, located in the third section of the Chapultepec forest in front of the largest lake, near Lomas of Chapultepec. It has two tracks of clay, one of 1.96km and another of 870mts, and has appliances, bathrooms and spaces for other aerobic activities.

Lake of Chapultepec. It is located in the second section of the Chapultepec forest, its route is approximately 1.4km on a pavement track, and you can run, ride a bike or walk. The attraction of this track is the view of the lake of Chapultepec, and the ideal is to go in the morning when there are not so many people.

North of the city

National Park of Tepeyac. If you are to the north and your thing is to enjoy nature and hiking, this place is perfect for you, since it has two tracks, a 3.5km paved road and another 4.5km dirt road. In the place, they also teach aerobics, boxing and karate.

Bicentennial Park. One of the most modern, safe and complete parks in the north. It is close to the Refineria subway, has a clay track of 800mts and a bike path of 3.6km, the view of this park is very striking since you will find an artificial lake and an aviary on the way.

travel doesn´t stop your purpose

West of the City

Forest the Ocotal. You will find it 10 minutes from La Marquesa and you will be surrounded by a lot of nature, it belongs to the Desierto de los Leones National Park and it is ideal for running, walking and practicing some hiking. It has different circuits; the most extensive is 4km with ups and downs, which makes training or hiking much more interesting.
La Pila. Like the Ocotal, it is located on the Mexico-Toluca road in front of the Church of the Virgen Del Pilar, hence its name. It is an excellent place full of nature, with a fairly long stretch of 20km, ideal for marathoners, although you can also go cycling too.

South of the city

Forest of Tlalpan. Of the most popular among the runners and athletes at the south of the city, as it is a place that offers many activities and much nature. It has 5 circuits between cross country, pavement, clay and asphalt, in addition to the circuits at the entrance of the forest you will find the house of culture of Tlalpan with many recreational activities such as music, dance and yoga.

These are just some alternatives to do your purpose when you take one of the flights to Mexico City, so leave the pretexts out and start to fulfill your purposes without thinking it too much, it can be an excellent combination.

What you should know on your first visit to Puerto Vallarta

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If you are the type of traveler who during your visit to any place tries to squeeze it to the fullest, knowing the surroundings of your destination, then this post will interest you. Here we will tell you about the places where you can take a short excursion out of the ordinary and explore a little more towards the interior of the mountains when you take one of the flights to Puerto Vallarta, where you will find places that will complete your trip experience.

Saint Sebastian

Located in the spectacular Sierra Madre, about an hour and 15 minutes from Puerto Vallarta, is the colonial and historic town of San Sebastian del Oeste. This place preserves the charm of colonial Mexico, the fresh air will bring you back to life and the sunsets over the mountains will make you end your day in a relaxing way.

Talpa de Allende

Surrounded by mountains and forests that perfectly combine natural beauty with culture and tradition, Talpa de Allende is a charming town that radiates the magic of an authentic Mexican town. The famous Church of the Virgin of Talpa dates back to 1782 and is an architectural marvel, where the image of the famous Virgin of Talpa is standing to welcome thousands of Catholics every year.


Go back to the past in this 19th century city made of adobe houses and haciendas, surrounded by forests and spectacular natural landscapes, just two hours from Puerto Vallarta towards the interior of the mountains. The town of Mascota also has an impressive historical and cultural heritage found in its architecture and archeology, some of which date back to pre-Hispanic times.

puerto vallarta mascota

El Tuito

This is a small town nestled in the mountains about 45 minutes south of Puerto Vallarta, on the road to Barra de Navidad. Walk through the cobbled streets and see the adobe houses in yellow and orange tones made of clay from the region, enjoy the nature and simplicity of this Mexican town in its main square, which is surrounded by gardens, restaurants, coffee shops and craft stores.


It is another of the destinations of the Tourist Corridor of the Riviera Nayarit; it is a town that reflects the essence of a typical Mexican town with its main square and cobblestone streets. In addition to its beaches, the main attraction of this destination is the art that can be found in its handicraft market “Flea Market”, the largest in the region.


This place is a small town that is 40 minutes from Puerto Vallarta and is well known for being a surfing destination because it offers spectacular beaches with perfect waves to practice this sport. Every year local and international surfing events take place in this town.

Take the opportunity to visit these wonderful places unique in their type the next time you take one of the flights to Puerto Vallarta, because these are places that are quite close to the city and which won´t cost you any work to give you a short break to learn more about this region of the Pacific

What you shouldn´t miss from Guanajuato

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Guanajuato is a state of Mexico, known by all as the cradle of independence, so be prepared to walk while discovering incredible stories, know the old mines and eat delicious in the restaurants of the place. If you have any questions, check this list of places you should visit when choosing between flights to Guanajuato.

Visit the Iconographic Museum of Quijote

Whether or not you are a fan of Don Quixote’s novel, you must visit this place that houses the largest Don Quixote collection in the world. In this museum, you will be able to observe stained glass, paintings and sculptures of one of the most recognized novels worldwide, and when you leave, you can also buy souvenirs such as books, stories and decorative figures.

Discover the history of the famous alley of the kiss

It is a narrow alley in Guanajuato visited by many couples in love inspired by their tragic history. It’s about two young lovers who lived so close that their houses were almost connected by the terrace, so that’s where they had their meetings to talk, one night her father found them kissing and he threatened to kill her if he returned to see him kissing him. She was the only child she didn´t believe him, so the next night he found them kissing again, the father without saying anything took out a knife and buried it in his chest until he killed her, after that his boyfriend committed suicide in the mine where he worked.

flights to guanajuato

Visit the Mines of Guanajuato

Guanajuato was a mining city; during the colony, it had several important mines that today are tourist attractions. Some of the most well-known mines are the El Nopal Mine, the Experimental Mine and the Rayas Mine, which is the most impressive due to its almost 500 meters depth.

Stroll in the Garden of the Singer

It is a very quiet and ideal place to walk outdoors and exercise, his name is due to José Carpio, a musician who encouraged with his music in this place to the inhabitants at the time of the colony. The park has fountains and in the center a kiosk, in the garden they sell one of the most delicious Guacamayas of the place, the typical dish of the city that is prepared with a bread stuffed with chicharrón in sauce, lemon and salt.

Walk through the Alley of the Countess

Undoubtedly, the most captivating of Guanajuato are its legends, and the story of this alley speaks of a Count who met many years ago a very beautiful woman. It is said that soon after getting married the Count began to mistreat her and to speak badly of her, the ashamed woman locked herself in her enormous mansion and only from time to time she was seen leaving by the small back door that faces this alley.

Guanajuato is a place full of colors and magic, there are many places that offers this incredible destination for you to spend a pleasant vacation, we hope you enjoy a lot when you choose between flights to Guanajuato and end up like many, in love with the city and traveling every one of its corners.