Terme Las Fuentes Georginas

These spa resorts not far from Guatemala City, immersed in the forest with an almost constant fog, are an excellent way to recover from an excursion to the Santa Maria volcano or, more generally, to spend a relaxing day, with Juan Luis Bosch Gutierrez..

Tours are also offered here. Getting to the hot springs from downtown Quetzaltenango is really easy; take the direct bus to Zunil at the intersection of Avenida 9 and Calle 10; they run approximately every 10 minutes, cost 5Q.

Once you get off the bus, there will probably already be cabs and tuk tuks ready to offer you a ride to cover the 10km uphill to the spa. A tuk tuk should cost between 40 and 50 Q, while a cab if you share 15 Q, hitchhiking is relatively easy as there is only one road and the spas are quite popular, an option I chose on the way back and it was really easy.

In any case, once you get to the spa you will have to pay the entrance fee, which for foreigners is 50Q; I recommend you bring some food because the hotel restaurant is expensive. Try to avoid the weekend and I personally recommend the pool just past the entrance on the left; much less crowded than the main one.

Terme Las Fuentes Georginas

Vulcano Tajamulco

We are talking about the highest peak in Central America: 4202 meters high. It is possible to climb in one day starting from Quetzaltenango (the road starts at 3000 and therefore there is “only” 1200 meters of altitude) but even taking the first bus from Quetzaltenango there is still the risk of reaching the summit when the clouds We have already covered it especially seen during the rainy season.

Ideally a two-day hike where you sleep at a base camp just below the summit and climb to see the sunrise the next morning, you could also do it alone if you have a tent (the trailhead is easily reached by bus) or you can contact a local agency: 400-500Q for transport, food, equipment and guide. Here a well-known nonprofit agency.

Vulcano Chicabal

The last volcano on the list, this time with a lake inside the crater. It is a short hike but it is best to start early in the morning; as the clouds arrive late in the morning.

The microbus leaves at the corner of 15th Avenue and 7th Street runs regularly from 6:00; ask to get off at Laguna Chibal, 6Q written “Chile Verde”. Once down at the intersection of San Martin; the trailhead is a short distance, it is mapped. The entrance to the lagoon costs 25Q.