A family adventure in Cabo 

There is no doubt that a family vacation is always enjoyed in a very special way, as each member returns home with new experiences and unforgettable memories; memories that will last a lifetime to remember them, adventures that only flights to Los Cabos San Lucas bring us closer to live them thanks to its different activities that this beautiful destination has for all family members.

An afternoon with dolphins

The little ones will enjoy one of the most incredible experiences by being in contact with one of the most intelligent species. In Los Cabos, there are programs and activities that range from dolphin encounters, where children can interact, feed and even swim with them, without a doubt a very fun and unique sensory experience in life.

An adventure through the heights

If you like strong emotions, Los Cabos has the most exciting and fun zip lines, where only the bravest dare to slide through the wide and deep desert canyons. Wild Canyon and Cabo Adventures offer this type of activities in which we assure you, everyone will live the adventure of their lives with the best landscapes that Baja California offers us.

Los cabos Map for diving


Nothing more fascinating than the marine life that lies in the depths of the “largest aquarium in the world”. The crystal clear waters will allow you to see from manta rays to sea turtles along with countless tropical fish, you can also admire corals full of color and rock formations that are home to millions of species.

Whale watching

Every year from December to April, the Sea of Cortez is the ideal place to witness one of the most wonderful shows, the sighting of humpback whales. Experience a fun photographic safari where you can capture the exact moment when whales and dolphins play, jump and enjoy their natural habitat.

Animal Sanctuary in Wild Canyon

Imagine having amazing species of iguanas, exotic birds, prairie dogs and other animals up close, all this in the Wild Canyon Animal Sanctuary, one of the most amazing adventure parks that Los Cabos has for you.

Gran cañon Baja California

Underwater trip

Enjoy a trip in the only semi-submersible equipped with air conditioning, on board the Nautilus II, you will discover the wonderful species that inhabit the depths of the Sea of Cortez without having to get wet, nor be an expert in diving. In addition, the best news is that the crew can be of any age, because regardless of whether it is small or large we assure you will be amazed.


This fun activity, which combines diving with snorkeling and offers you the opportunity to breathe underwater without the need for diving equipment, and the best thing, is that you don´t need to be a certified diver to enjoy the wonderful flora and fauna face to face that exists at the bottom of the Sea of Cortez.

Make the most of flights to Cabo San Lucas as a family and stay in constant motion with all these activities that await you to fill you with unforgettable memories in the company of those you love most, and what better than surrounded by the best landscapes of the Pacific.