Creel, a Chihuahua town for all travelers

Creel Chihuahua Mexico

Although in the world there are many places that meet perfect characteristics for all types of travelers, there are few places that do it as perfectly as Chihuahua. Well, who has taken any of the flights to Chihuahua, knows that in the state you will find everything you need to take the best memories home, and to sample is Creel, one of its magical towns.

If you are one of the travelers who like to explore

In Creel there are plenty of things to do, but for those who don´t like to sit still, they will find a series of perfect places to walk for a good while, and what better than to start photographing themselves in the Creel Station of the El Chepe railway. The total journey covers 653 km with 37 bridges and 86 tunnels from where you will have another view of the Barrancas Del Cobre, and then you can go into the Cristo Rey Church of Neo-Gothic style, located on the corner of the Armas Square next to the Temple of Our Lady of Lourdes, both buildings of the twentieth century. Now, if you want to know a little more about the town, you should go to the Casa de la Artesanías Museum, since it is dedicated to the customs, crafts and lifestyle of the Rarámuris, don´t forget to stop by the store where handicrafts made by themselves are sold.

If you like more, enjoy the nature that surrounds you


Nothing like a walk in the middle of the forest and discover the impressive rock formations of the Monje Valley, also known as Valley of the Gods, or spend all day in the Barrancas Del Cobre Adventure Park, admiring its magnificence, throwing you on zip lines, traveling by cable car, climbing via ferrata and walking on its hanging bridges. Although if you prefer a refreshing place, then you should swim in the thermal spring of Recowata, located in the Tararecua ravine, which has an average temperature of 35 degrees Celsius, although to get there it is necessary to descend by ATV or horseback.


And if after the adventure you feel hungry

At lunchtime, you will also have a great time in Creel where the meat is delicious, taste it on a typical dish, stew meat or a traditional chilaca stuffed with cheese, accompanied by a tesgüino to refresh yourself. On the other hand, for the simple whim, taste the burritos of roast, and don´t leave without having a machaca, which will give you all the energy to continue enjoying the town.

Village Creel


Stay in the village

Creel is a town that you can explore in a day, but if you really want to know and enjoy it properly, then you should stay a couple of days more. However, for the lodging don´t worry since you will find the best for your visit, although it is best to arrive with a reservation.
Creel is a place that even to get there must be done in a special way, in El Chepe railway crossing tunnels and cliffs to marvel at the majestic nature, to reach its enchanted scenario that seemed inspired by some novel. So you can´t miss this spectacular place the next time you take one of the flights to Chihuahua.

Sierra de Creel