An all-inclusive trip through Mexico

All inclusive vacation

An all-inclusive trip is for many, the simplest, most practical and, in addition, the best way to get cheap flights to Mexico, because it is just about choosing the destination, paying and enjoying. However, for many other travelers this is not usually the best option that is why we have taken on the task of comparing the characteristics of an all-inclusive trip and the advantages or disadvantages of traveling without this plan.

A traveler of the all-inclusive type doesn´t have as a priority to walk from one place to another, likes to be pamper and prefers not to get too complicated, because his main objective is to leave home and have a good time, rest in a few words. On the other hand, an anti-all-inclusive traveler likes to walk from one place to another, plan an itinerary, know places that are not in the travel guides and enjoy the destination as a place.

The all-inclusive trip your best option if …

If you are someone who is really looking for a rest during your holidays, then definitely the all-inclusive trip is for you, also if you travel with small children it will be your best option. It is important to make sure that your all-inclusive trip also has entertainment and fun options for families.

All inclusive with kids


Whom shouldn´t take an all-inclusive trip


Travel or not as a backpacker, if you are looking for adventure, an all-inclusive trip is not for you, as an adventurous traveler just wants to experience strong emotions, those that you won´t find in the hotel bar, in addition to those who seek to know the must-see destination, the most delicious food and the most opportune places to make purchases this plan will leave them very limited. So if you are an active traveler, who likes to walk to get to your destination, visit museums or the Center, practice outdoor activities such as mountain biking, climbing, swimming in natural pools or parachuting, you won´t find much of that at the all-inclusive hotel.


Those who love typical or local gastronomy

This maybe is one of the main issues that make the difference with an all-inclusive trip, in which the buffet food can be the same every day. On the other hand, someone who plans his trip will generally seek to eat at the Municipal Market or where other travelers recommended him, as it will give them the opportunity to taste new flavors or local food restaurants.

Local Gastronomy

The hotel is the least

If for you the most important thing of the trip is finding a good place that puts the best amenities at your disposal, then you should look for the all-inclusive that has the best plan for you, but if on the other hand, the accommodation is what you least care about and you can even occupy a hostel without problems, traveling on your own will be the best option.

Having one of the cheap flights to Mexico, will depend on how many comforts you prefer during your trip, and the best choice of how to do it will depend on your needs and the way you best identify yourself when traveling.