San Luis Potosí a land of tourism

Mezcal´s Route

In the center of Mexico is San Luis Potosí, one of the most incredible states of the country full of history, culture and tourist places, which offer a wide variety of activities to spend a perfect holiday away from the daily routine. A place where you can get lost in a natural environment with rivers and waterfalls for diving, mountains for cycling and also enjoy their traditions. Check some of the places you can´t miss in your next opportunity to take one of the flights to San Luis Potosí.

Tangamanga Park

It is known as one of the largest urban parks in the country, there you can find several places to eat and rest, and of course, the large space that has to walk, exercise and live with family or friends. Without a doubt, it is a place for a very quiet but entertaining plan to spend a day in contact with nature.

El Meco Waterfall


In the middle of the vegetation with more than 50 meters of height is the El Meco Waterfall, also known as “El Mirador”. Prepare to be paralyzed when you see for the first time this incredible natural wonder that has a relaxing sound and a beautiful view, you can stay at a hotel overlooking the river, eat potosinas enchiladas at the Rio Paraíso restaurant, and even take A beer in the nearby bars.

Railroads of San Luis Potosí


For some, this place is a treasure; perhaps because it conserves the trains that traveled through Mexico for thousands of years, for the youngest, this means of transport was in the past and perhaps some haven´t even had the opportunity to see them in person. That is why during your trip, don´t forget to spend an afternoon at the Railways to witness all types of wagons, get to know them inside and learn about the stories and anecdotes of the railroads.

Zaragoza Pedestrian Avenue

Known as one of the longest pedestrian avenues in America, if you are a lover of architecture get ready to appreciate many large houses built in the place. In this avenue, you can also find places of interest such as the Cathedral, the Plaza de Armas, the Spanish Clock, the Caja de Agua, the Red Cross, the Military Barracks and finally, the beautiful Sanctuary, each site with unique and admirable characteristics.

Route of the Mezcal


If you are a Mezcal lover, you can´t miss this walk that leaves the Plaza de Armas and goes through the highland factories, which have a history of more than 200 years and some still work producing the best of this liquor. You can also learn a little about this drink and the mysticism behind its history, since ancient cultures considered it a sacred drink.
San Luis Potosí is a place in Mexico that without a doubt, we must know, it adapts to all types of travelers and you can make endless ecotourism activities. We hope this information helps you plan and choose between flights to San Luis Potosí and let the place fall in love with you.