The best places in Zapopan

When we decided to take one of the flights to Guadalajara, beyond wanting to travel to one of the cities that best represent the Mexican culture in its splendor, we are heading to a city that is surrounded by truly special places and totally worth visiting. However, today we will talk about one in particular; we are talking about Zapopan, a city with a tourist attraction that focuses on the value of religious culture, curiosity about history and love of Mexican cuisine.


Zapopan Art Museum

Even with its modest infrastructure, the Zapopan Art Museum, which is located next to the Basilica of Our Lady of Zapopan, brings together works by great artists such as Picasso, Toledo and Soriano, plus an important number of works of Mexican art. Admission to this museum of modern art has a cost of $13, except Tuesdays, which is the day of free entry.


Teopitzintli walk

In this place, you will know more about the culture of Jalisco, it is a pedestrian area of restaurants, bars, music establishments and souvenir shops, with local musicians who animate the place and make this one of the best to have a nice experience during the trip.


Benito Albarrán Hunting Museum

This museum is possibly the only one of its kind in Mexico with these characteristics, it is a museum with taxidermy exhibits, perfectly preserved animals after being hunted in Europe, Asia, Africa and of course, America. The whole work belongs to Don Benito Albarrán, responsible for having accumulated and formed this collection of more than 270 pieces of variety of species.


Archaeological Zone of Ixtépete

The Archaeological Zone of Ixtépete has one of the most important archaeological attractions in Mexico, a pyramid 44 meters high with 5 stages and 2 extensions. The area has a stream known as El Garabato, which accompanies the vestiges of a humble village of artisans, together with a city strongly divided by social classes. The Archaeological Area of Ixtépete was discovered in 1955, and is available to be visited from Tuesday to Sunday.


Basilica of Zapopan

This place is to approach God and spirituality; it is a 17th century sanctuary and one of the most visited in Mexico because it keeps the image of the Virgin of Zapopan, a religious icon of great cultural relevance. In addition, the basilica has a museum with works of indigenous Huichol art, a bit of the culture of the region. The Virgin of Zapopan is a figure elaborated during the sixteenth century in corn and wood, by the hands of the Michoacán Indians, which is carried throughout Jalisco between June and October to protect the state from natural disasters, being kept in churches and parishes in the region.

Take the opportunity to get to know Zapopan so that you can taste the delicious flavor of its food, enjoy its people and above all, know the richness of its culture. If you have already checked the dates of the flights to Guadalajara, and you chose the best one for your trip, then give it a day to this beautiful city to better complement your stay.