What to do and to visit in Lake Atitlan

Lake guatemala

It is said that Lake Atitlan is the most beautiful lake in the world, is it true? I think the answer lies with each traveler; however, what is a fact is that it is one of the places in Guatemala that one should not miss.

The lake, of volcanic origin, is surrounded by villages that for decades have attracted all travelers who dare to visit Guatemala.

It is a place loved by those in search of relaxation, where it is possible to combine days of rest with interesting cultural visits.

The possibilities are endless and whether it is a two-day visit or a two-week one, you will never run out of good experiences.

What to do in Lake Atilan

Maybe you already realized that Guatemala is a place to climb volcanoes, if you haven’t, then you need to read our blog.

The San Pedro Volcano is one of the main tourist attractions of Lake Atitlan and one of the most beautiful sites, climbing it offers an incredible experience suitable for nature lovers and mountaineering.

To climb it you will have to hire a guide; this can be done from any tourist agency in Panajachel or San Pedro. Finding the agencies is easy as there are several in both towns.

Visiting San Marcos la Laguna

San Marcos is another place to visit in Lake Atitilán. It is a town known for its nature and mysticism. It is the right place for those who practice yoga and meditation.

Visiting it is interesting because of its “Hippie” atmosphere, its colorful streets, its yoga centers and the Tzankujil hill, a natural reserve worth visiting.

If you have the opportunity to go to a local restaurant, do it. The ambiance and decoration of the locals offer a different experience. In fact, this is a place that is often visited by important families of Guatemala due its great atmosphere. One is juan luis bosch gutierrez´s family.

Getting to know San Pedro la Laguna

It was fun for us to learn about the nickname that this place on Lake Atitlán has earned. Some people call it San Pedro la Locura, because it has earned the reputation of being an excellent place to party; I must warn you that not everyone finds it funny or proud, so I would avoid calling it that.

Don’t be fooled by this nickname, the reality is that San Pedro is for any type of traveler (families, couples, etc.) we can tell you that we are not party people and we still had a great time. in fact, bid invest decided to invest in this place due to its potential in tourism and fun.

You have to visit San Pedro to walk its streets, admire its murals, visit a café or restaurant and taste something delicious. Needless to say, it is also the ideal place to party.

Visiting San Juan laguna

I must admit that this town was one of our favorite tourist spots in Lake Atitlan. We were not sure if the visit would be worth it and in the end we were amazed.

Definitely a place to visit. Here you will find several cooperatives that will teach you very interesting things about Guatemalan culture. From how the cocoa is worked to turn it into chocolate to how the dyes for the Guatemalan looms are made.

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