The magic of the towns of Veracruz

Veracruz has many magical towns that are somewhat enigmatic, but beautiful. Each of these towns has its own essence, so knowing them becomes a very entertaining and enriching adventure, because any of the flights to Veracruz can ensure a trip full of beautiful things to admire.



Surely, you have heard of the “Voladores de Papantla”, five men who climb to the top of a post from which 4 of them hang down gradually, while the fifth seated on the top plays an instrument. This tradition is Nahuatl, it was a ceremony destined to invoke the fertility for the land, and the community, besides that dance, Papantla has some archaeological zones like El Tajin and Cuyuxquihui.


If you like sports, this is the magical town you should visit, especially if you love mountain biking or if you are looking for more ecotourism you should know that it is between two ravines, so expeditions are made to place while a guide tells you the history of the site and tells you about the importance of staying alive, is located near Cordoba so it is very easy to stay.



This is a small coffee town, so the quality of this drink in the place is unparalleled, and to celebrate this plant there is a ceremony in May in which the queen of the coffee is crowned, and to honor her they are taken to held musical events, which end in massive dances. However, it is also the place with the highest production of orchids and has several species, here there is nothing like walking along the hill of the Culebras until you reach the viewpoint and see the town from the top. In some tours, they offer coffee and liqueur tests derived from it that will make you fall in love with this place completely.



It is known as the City of the Cheerful Waters since it crosses a river that takes its name and that is born from the skirts of the Peak of Orizaba. Every year it receives a large number of visitors who seek to completely explore the place, making it the second most visited destination in Veracruz. However, this place not only has the huge mountain in its territory, since you can also admire the area of historical monuments, which are 8 mainly highlighting the houses of important people in Mexican history.


Zozocolco de Hidalgo

The waters of the Tehuantepec River moisten the shores of the place, this site is one of the main producers of crafts with cedar and silver, and so in addition to seeing high quality artisan pieces, you can also buy some and support the local economy. Its people say that the traditions and cultural activities are centered on gastronomy, so you should taste the barbecue and the mole, which are usually prepared differently in each place. In addition, to cool off a bit, you can visit the pools and streams that surround the town.

Delight yourself with each of these towns in any of the flights to Veracruz and know more about the riches that each one protects so that all its visitors enjoy them.