Mazatlan, land of Carnival

At the moment we choose between flights to Mazatlan, you can begin to feel the energy and good vibes of a beautiful beach town, which receives its carnival every year with parades and joy, while you can admire colorful ornaments on the street and people who are willing to have a good time. Mazatlan, the “Land of the Deer” as its inhabitants used to call it, keeps history, color and tradition in this carnival that has just turned a century since its birth.

The Mazatlan Carnival is distinguished by its grupera wave music that defines this celebration with bands, tambora and wind instruments. The typical dances of the region stand out, such as “la quebradita”, going through other rhythms such as marimba, mariachi and all kinds of music that is characterized as cheerful and fun.

One of the main events is “The Burning of Bad Mood”, whose tradition tries to burn with fire a doll of some personality that has made them have a bad time, they can be characters such as politicians, singers, and even the local baseball team have gone through the flames. Among the events where people gather, the most are during the coronation of the Carnival Queen, the Queen of the Flora Games and the Infant Queen.

If you want to be part of the most popular dances performed in this carnival, you just need to attend and have the best disposition, since in the ” dance of fachas” all attendees dress up and wear masks, while more original and fun better, since at the end of this celebration an evaluation of the best outfits is made.

The carnival begins this February 28, but you must be on the lookout, since on the third day the first “Carnival Parade” takes place in the afternoon. However, if you prefer the night party, a day after this will light the coast of Mazatlan with allegorical cars that parade to the sound of the tambora. Around 40 cars with different themes are liked by children and adults who enjoy everything, from dinosaurs to creative puppets, it is said that each year they are brighter and more original.

Another main event is “The Naval Combat”, and it is about the representation of the fight during the French intervention of the 19th century, followed by a fireworks show that looks spectacular in the reflection of the sea. The cultural part can´t be left aside and alternative activities of literature, poetry and painting are carried out with their respective exhibition halls.


Talking about Mazatlan opens our appetite, and if in your plans is to attend the carnival you can´t miss the typical flavor of the sea food with mojarras, cocktails and ceviches. To cool off, you can taste barley water or the delicious Tejuino, and for dessert, typical sweets such as cocadas, capirotadas, or jericalla.

The flights to Mazatlan offer us endless options for fun like any good beach destination, but having a carnival is the strong card of the destination that we can´t miss.