Mazunte, a land to enjoy

The flights to Oaxaca are the best investments you could make, since this land is one of the most privileged in Mexico, and that has practically everything. Now, a perfect place to enjoy these riches can be found in Mazunte, a perfect land to rest and have a great time. The magical town of Mazunte is embellished by an extension of one kilometer of golden sand, bathed by temperate and crystalline waters, with beautiful green and blue tones, making it magnificent to sunbathe, eat delicious and drink mezcal while you contemplate the horizon.
This Magical Town also boasts a charming hotel and gastronomic offer, which seduces travelers from all over the world. The golden tones of its beaches at sunset won´t let you go easily from this paradise in which the days seem to last less, so be prepared to enjoy the best of the place.


Admire sunrises and sunsets

The most beautiful sunrises and sunsets are appreciated in Punta Cometa, the largest mountain in the South Pacific; from there you can see the different natural wonders such as the migration of whales from December to March. Puerto Angel is a beautiful horseshoe bay located 10 km from Mazunte, its quiet beach is ideal for swimming safely; its waters with green and blue tones will surprise you with its marine fauna. Very early, it is possible to see working fishermen and even one can come to talk with them while the sun is rising over the horizon.


Taste exquisite gastronomic delights

One of the best things you can do on this land is to eat, and you can do it all day long because it will be difficult for something not to please you. Don´t forget to taste the pork beans, which are cooked with pulque, pork hogs and sausage, the birria tatemada is also typical, having as dessert fruits in syrup, pomegranate and milk caramels.


This land is from the turtles

Mazunte is the magical town of the turtles and one of the best experiences you can have in life will be to free these little ones who only seek to survive in the immense sea, ask about the schedules and enjoy this popular activity in this town magical. The Mexican Turtle Center, is an open space to promote the conservation of five different species of turtles, works as a museum, research center, aquarium and hatchery, so visit this aquarium perfectly complement that unique experience at sea.


The whole year is perfect to take any of the flights to Oaxaca and visit Mazunte thanks to everything that can be done in the place, regardless of whether it is high or low season. However, during the holidays you will see more people and you will be able to soak up the culture of the town, as it happens on January 15 with the Popular Festival of the Patron Saint of Esquipulas or in the final days of February, when the International Festival takes place of the Circus, and when spring arrives on March 21, the Equinox Festivities are prepared.