Playa Viva, the best place to reflect


Many travelers, who want to take one of the flights to Zihuatanejo, or to the Mexican Pacific coast, often think twice, and that is the main reason that makes them hesitate to make this trip is the great mass of tourists that fill the Pacific coasts. However, there are some places that still have a unique privacy, that is why today we will talk about one in particular, Playa Viva, a resort that with its eight houses place it far from mass tourism from the beginning. Its location on the other hand in Juluchuca, a small town only half an hour from Zihuatanejo, they show us a totally rustic and traditional setting.

A hotel totally designed to take care of the environment

Hotel Playa Viva, besides generating a very relaxing environment, is an eco-friendly place, because it doesn´t generate pollution and is sustainable. It is even possible to become a volunteer to free turtles or if you prefer to work to help the community. Upon entering the room you will fall in love immediately, as it has a privileged view of the sea with a hammock to enjoy the sunset until nightfall, one of the novelties of this hotel is its tree house, a room that rises a couple of meters on the floor level with private bathroom, king size bed and a unique landscape.

playa viva tree house

Imagine walking through the jungle on the way to your room with a refreshing drink in your hand as you listen to the sound of the waves that are only a few meters away from the rooms, to immediately see a construction made of bamboo that seems to hide between the palm trees and the 800 thousand square meters of jungle that surround him. Playa Viva works in an ecological way, using solar energy and recycled water, you can also enjoy putting your feet on a private virgin beach with the best view of the crystal clear waters of the Pacific Ocean and your morning yoga classes included. The kitchen is open air and if you wish, you can participate in the preparation of your food, in this way you can take advantage and learn to cook one and other specialty of the place.

A place of relaxation where you can do much more

At the Playa Viva Resort, you can take a romantic walk along the beach, visit an archaeological museum, take a tour, ride a horse in La Plata, receive a couple’s massage or you can take an excursion in the Sierra to the Gutiérrez farm. However, if you just want to relax, walk through the Aztec archeological site, free a turtle in its sanctuary, observe birds, dive or do some canoeing. To swim and refresh your body go to the pool that doesn´t have contaminated water because they use salt collected locally, or you can go to Loma Bonita just 15 km from the Playa Viva Resort, one of the best places to surf.

The next time you want to visit a place that seems to be exclusive for you, you can take any of the flights to Zihuatanejo and visit this hotel, where you can rest as you deserve and without having to worry about those tourist masses.