A relaxed trip to San José del Cabo

San Jose del Cabo

The beaches are the number one attraction for most travelers in Mexico that is why we are going to talk about one of the most special beach places you can visit; we are talking about San José del Cabo, which is located in Baja California Sur. Then, it is enough to take any of the flights to Los Cabos to arrive comfortably to rest, and if you are looking to save on your tickets, remember to be flexible when choosing the travel date, as you could save yourself a lot of money traveling in the low season.

Plan your trip is the key to make this a success, because organizing an itinerary will be much more comfortable to know every corner of San José as it should, that’s why we will let you know the most important places you must travel during your trip, and that you can´t miss in your plan. We recommend you first locate the city tour, normally they are in the squares, and they offer you an overview of the place, so you will locate places and you will feel much more familiar with the area.

Palmilla Beach

On this beach in the form of half-moon you can perform various water activities, including renting a sport fishing boat, and in whale season you can be dazzle with this majestic spectacle.

San José bird sanctuary

A natural refuge for birds and plants better known as the Natural Oasis, which covers 1.4 square kilometers of protected territory with incredible biological diversity ranging from birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles and insects.

San José bird beach

Organic market San José del Cabo

This space opened in 2002 to provide a place for small local organic farmers, it is known for being a place with soul, spirit and tradition, don´t miss visiting all the stalls that offer you a great multicultural variety.

Paquimé Gallery

Design, technique and art, is what you can find in this gallery, you will delight with beautiful and colorful crafts, as well as jewelry and Huichol art. Don´t miss the opportunity to admire the different pieces of art that you find here and even in an outburst, you could take some home.

Todos Los Santos Bay

Designated as Magical Town, it has peculiar activities among which surfing stands out, as well as having a great variety of festivals among which the Music Festival, the Mango Festival and the Champagne Festival stand out. One of the most outstanding stories of the place is in Hotel California, because the urban legend says that the group The Eagles was inspired by this place to write the famous song.

Palmilla Beach

Hotels in San José del Cabo

As for the offer of hotels in San Jose del Cabo, there is a huge variety of options that also go hand in hand with the season in which you make your reservation, but you shouldn´t worry, since you will always find something suitable to your tastes, needs and budget.

Start looking for the ideal date to choose one of the flights to Los Cabos and get to know San José del Cabo, because the landscapes, surely you will want to immortalize them in your social networks. All the beaches are dreamy, and with a wide variety of water activities.

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