Xilitla, an unmissable place in San Luis Potosí

Xilitla it's a magical place in Mexico

The Magic Town of Xilitla is very well known in the world due to the Surrealist Garden of Edward James, this being its number one attraction, however, apart from the garden there is another large number of sites of natural, architectural and culinary interest that will make unforgettable the flights to San Luis Potosí. Xilitla is a municipality and Magic Town located in the territory of the Huasteca Potosina, is the rainiest municipality of the state with abundant vegetation, thousands of streams and waterfalls that end up accumulating in delicious pools.

The pools, the center of attention of the place

The main attraction of Xilitla is the Surrealist Garden, a beautiful space of about 400 thousand square meters that is both an immense garden and an outdoor art gallery with works and constructions that were made by the British artist and millionaire Edward James. The garden is a large space full of plants, flowers, forests, streams, paths and pools, the abundance of the latter are what give the name to the place. Thirty-six large surrealist buildings and sculptures that are a mixture of architectural and sculptural art are scattered around the garden and have many empty spaces giving the impression that they were inconclusive, but Edward James felt that the only way for a work of art it would preserve or improve its artistic value, leaving it unfinished, so that it could continue to grow in space and time.

A place that goes beyond surrealism

Xilitla is a huasteco town very quiet, who lives breathing the pure air that comes down from the forests and coffee plantations of the sierra and its main attractions are integrated to the nature that surrounds it. A cultural jewel of Xilitla is the temple and former convent erected by the Augustinians in the mid-sixteenth century, which was the first religious building that was built in the current state of San Luis Potosí. The place managed to resist 5 centuries of wars, in the midst of which it was devastated and abandoned, but it found a way to survive to be today the main historical testimony of this town.

Since 2011, Xilitla is Magic Town mainly thanks to the Surreal Garden, which is a must in the municipality; however, there are other natural attractions that allow every traveler an unforgettable trip. Attractions such as the basement of Huahuas, an abyss of almost 500 meters deep that is a paradise for bird watchers, who enter and leave the vertical cavern.

On the other hand, for mountaineering lovers, they will be able to challenge the giant of “La Silleta”, and for cave exploration enthusiasts there is the El Salitre cave, a place that shows us unique scenarios under the earth.
Don´t miss the opportunity to visit this beautiful town on any of the flights to San Luis Potosí, because, although it is not a large town, it contains treasures truly unique in the world that must be visited by all travelers who want to know the best from every corner in the world.