Shopping in Los Cabos as an adventure

Imagine with the tickets of the flights to Los Cabos in hand , decided to completely forget the stress and with all the attitude to relax completely in this corner of Baja California. Time goes by and you realize that something was missing to put in your luggage, that’s where the moment becomes uncomfortable and you think your vacation was ruined, however, this doesn´t have to be the case, as often even the traveler more experienced get to spend this inconvenience, and the simplest thing that can be done to remedy the situation is to go to a shopping center.

In Los Cabos, these centers offer an infinity of services for visitors and locals, if you require a specific product or service, we present below the most luxurious shopping centers for shopping in Los Cabos.

Puerto Paraíso

Its beautiful construction and its impressive location make it the heart of downtown Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Paraiso has 10 theaters, bowling hall, electronic games, parking for 2000 cars and a large selection of brands and imported items from other countries. It also offers a variety of restaurants, bars and cafes that have a varied menu, Mexican and international drinks, no doubt a place where you will find anything you have forgotten to pack, and taking advantage of the trip you can take a walk around the place and give yourself a little taste in any of its stores or its restaurants.

Puerto Paraiso mall los cabos

Plaza Del Mar

Go shopping in Los Cabos and enter this shopping center is an experience similar to malls in the United States, Plaza del Mar offers a variety of stores such as Cabo Hats, Agave Bar, Cabo San Lucas Surf Shop, Wide Open Baja, between many more. In this square you can buy t-shirts, bags, hats, accessories, in short, if you want to put together a totally different outfit, this is the right place.

Plaza Bonita

Located in the Marina of Cabo San Lucas, it is designed to spend an excellent day of rest and buy everything you need at the last minute. In this place, you can enjoy magnificent bars, incredible restaurants, luxury boutiques, jewelers and shops specializing in handicrafts, it is perfect for a family or couple walk and even to find the ideal souvenir of those unforgettable holidays.

plaza bonita Los cabos

San Lucas Square

In it you will find a great diversity of professional services, entertainment, restaurants, and much more, its wide spaces offer comfort and it is ideal to spend a day shopping with family or as a couple. It is considered one of the best centers to go shopping in Los Cabos due to the great diversity of options to spend an entertaining afternoon or to take a night walk that ends with a delicious dinner.
Don´t worry about what you forget at home when you take one of the flights to Los Cabos, better go shopping and discover the diversity of entertainment, cuisine and even handicrafts offered by these shopping malls.