An unaccompanied trip with friends

going with a map

It is increasingly common to see or hear stories about travelers who decide to start a new route through different places, starting the adventure in one of the Mexican airlines accompanied only by their exploration curiosity and the necessary luggage. Nowadays, traveling alone is a true experience of life where you make your own decisions about the roads you will travel, without consulting anyone else and adventuring to discover places, cultures and situations that will live in your memory forever. That is why, if you are about to make the decision to live the experience, these tips may be useful for the trip.

Mark the route to follow, write the places you want to visit and find out their tourist attractions

When you travel on your own, you are more open to let yourself be surprised by what surrounds you; you will be privileged to observe things that nobody else has seen on their excursions to the most known places of a certain destination. However, the most important thing is that you always have a good sense of location, find out where you are, what means of transport you can use, prices and access routes to each of them in your trip.


Don´t be afraid to ask for recommendations of places

Whether you advise at the hotel or with other travelers, it is likely that someone on your list is missing, and the best way to truly discover the attractions of your destination is through the people who live there. Whether it’s cafes, bars, restaurants, natural places, monuments, museums and beaches, anyone will make your visit different and unique, because many times we only visit the most famous places, when there are many others, in which you can enjoy more than those we had in mind.

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Don´t take more than necessary

Baggage is essential when traveling, but so you can move more easily and without discomfort, take only what is strictly necessary. We refer to things such as your travel documents, such as passport, travel and identification insurance, cell phone, charger, a good pair of shoes and depending on the weather you are going to be in, coat, gloves, shorts, cool shirts, and of course, your sunglasses and sunscreen.

Warn that you will be far

We know that the adventurous spirit always accompanies you, but keep in mind that you can´t disappear like that out of nowhere, so the best thing is to tell a relative or close friend that you will be away for some time during your trip. Communicate with them from time to time and let them know that you are well.

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Take a map or guide with you to know where you are

If you prefer, you can also download some apps that will help you locate yourself better, generally in each destination you will find a point of attention to tourists where they will inform you everything related to the place and the facilities to move.

There are several ways to travel alone, you can go in adventure mode, backpacker and with a fixed budget or, on the contrary, you prefer to stay in a hotel with all the amenities, hire a tour or rent a vehicle to move around freely. However, always be very clear that regardless of whether you are on a Mexican airline, or of any type, you should find out which are the safe areas and what precautions you should have so that you avoid inconveniences during your trip.

going with a map