Yelapa, a corner of tranquility

View of Yelapa Puerto Vallarta

Many are the places that people travel to find days of true peace, and flights to Puerto Vallarta are an excellent response to this need for tranquility because very close to there is another small town that can be a perfect option, we speak of Yelapa, a hidden place of mass tourism in Jalisco that you should know if you are looking for relaxation and tranquility. To get to Yelapa it is necessary to take a water taxi from Puerto Vallarta and in a few minutes you will be there, the cost of the water taxi is $90 pesos per person, and per trip, this already includes your luggage and it is recommended that DON´T pay anything to anyone before boarding the water taxi, it is paid to the driver and it is until the end of the trip.

The main activity here is to relax and leave all the earrings and worries aside. It is one of the most beautiful beaches of Jalisco because it is very well maintained, clean and its waves are minimal, which makes it perfect for everyone, so don´t forget to bring your snorkel gear so you can enjoy the fish they live there.


Take a dip in the waterfalls


If you stay in a hotel that is on the shore of the beach, you will first have to cross the junction of the beach with the river, it is not dangerous but try not to carry valuables in the bags of the shorts or pants, so as not to get wet. You will see signs made by the same people who say “Waterfalls”, in any case if you have doubt of the way, you can ask the people there and they will gladly answer you. It is a walk of about 15 to 20 minutes, so wear comfortable shoes so you don´t get tired and you can walk on the cobblestone, once you are in the waterfall, you can enjoy the fresh water and take a dip.Yelapa Waterfalls


Visit the beach “Las Ánimas”

Taking a water taxi to Boca de Tomatlan, you can ask to be dropped off at Las Animas pier, it costs $70 pesos per person for the trip, and it is a beautiful beach with emerald water and with more life than in Yelapa. Here you can come to swim, be in a beach club all day and in the afternoon return to your hotel, we recommend you stay at “el Coral” it is fast and good with its service, although there are enough restaurants on the beach to choose from.

Puerto Vallarta Yelapa

The food of the place


There are several restaurants on the beach that offer seafood, cocktails and other dishes, some of the best restaurants are from the same hotels which allows them to have their tables on the beach, lounge chairs or a covered area with tables where you can eat very comfortably. However, If you don´t stay at the hotel don´t worry as they are usually open to the public.

Don´t miss this place or its total calm, the next time you take one of the flights to Puerto Vallarta, because if you really want to find a place on the beach to relax this is your place.

Sea Food at Yelapa