Oaxaca, a city with a lot of history

It is impressive everything you can discover on the flights to Oaxaca, and specifically in the Historic Center of Oaxaca, things like culture, traditions, colonial monuments, cobbled streets, colorful houses, workshops, art galleries, typical clothing stores, mezcalerías, delicious food, markets and much more await you to prove yourself because it is one of the best cities to visit.

Temple of Santo Domingo

This is a truly detailed place, it is a Baroque temple from the 18th century and it is one of the most imposing in Mexico. The shocking thing of the place is its roofs and saturated walls of gold color, in it is buried Tlacahuepantzin Yohualicahuacatzin, better known as Pedro de Moctezuma, one of the sons of Moctezuma II, an ancient emperor of ancient Tenochtitlan.

Cultural Center of Santo Domingo

Since you enter imposes its architecture, is located in what was one of the most important convents of the colonial era. It is here where the world famous jewels of Tomb 7, Mitla, Yagul Lambityeco, Dainzú, Huijazoo and other pre-Hispanic sites, one of the greatest treasures in the world, can be found. These pieces of gold, jade and different materials are unique and it is a delight to admire them.

Benito Juárez Market and 20 de Noviembre Market

There is no better place to eat than these markets, in the first you will find all Oaxacan products that you can imagine, insects, mezcal, cheese, mole, among others. The advisable thing here is that you give yourself a time to refresh yourself with a rich tejate, which a pre-Hispanic drink is made with corn and cocoa, with some of its ice creams or its famous fresh waters. As for the 20 de Noviembre market, you can´t miss visiting the tlayudas corridor, where you prepare your tlayuda by selecting from different positions the jerky, cheese, tortilla, sauces, etc.

food in oaxaca

Las Quince Letras Restaurant

However, if you thought that only in the markets you could find authentic Oaxacan cuisine, you are wrong, because if you are looking for a place where you can get more comfortable and have a la carte service, we recommend going to this restaurant. In it you can find authentic Oaxacan traditional cooks who make the best black mole in the city, a mole to suck your fingers, and snacks that will leave you in love with the most typical dishes of the state. The restaurant has been passed down from generation to generation and today is one of the best to enjoy the gastronomic wealth of the city.

Mezcal tasting

Something that can´t be missed in a visit to this traditional state is the tasting of a good mezcal, and in the center of the city there is an impressive number of places to make a tasting, besides learning why it is called the drink of the gods. In the different sites, you can learn everything about the process of making mezcal, taste different types of mezcal and discover which your favorite is.

Don´t wait any longer to get to know this great land full of beauty and tradition, take one of the flights to Oaxaca and take home the best experiences and traditions of Mexico.

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