Celebrate with your partner in some romantic places in Mexico

Valentine’s Day has become an important date for couples around the world who celebrate their love in different ways, although it has become customary to give flowers or chocolates, invite our partner to dinner or simply relax at home. However, beyond the material, love can be demonstrated through experiences that remain forever in the memory of both, experiences like a trip to a place that none of you have ever visited. If you have in mind to make a trip with your partner, then we recommend some beautiful romantic places that you can reach by Mexican airlines.

Los Cabos

Close to El Arco, you will find one of the most beautiful and romantic beaches in Mexico, the beach of love is a natural sanctuary of marine species; crystal clear waters and white sand, undoubtedly a perfect destination for lovers who want to celebrate Valentine contemplating the sea, in a very intimate and perfect environment for love.


San Miguel de Allende


Beautiful colonial constructions of the XVII century that have been conserved until today, its cobbled streets, an ideal climate all year round and its calm atmosphere that is breathed in each of the places that this beautiful city hides, make San Miguel de Allende, one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in Mexico.


The Bacalar lagoon in Quintana Roo

Also known as the lagoon of seven colors, this magical place is located only 35 km from Chetumal and offers a spectacular break for couples. Nothing like relaxing in the hammocks on the beach, taking a boat ride, walking through the streets of Bacalar and of course, enjoy the exquisite cuisine where seafood is the specialty, these are some of the plans we recommend.

Bacalar lagoon at day


There are no better and romantic places to live a new love story, than the spectacular former haciendas of Hidalgo, these imposing and luxurious places surrounded by nature, mountains and beautiful forests have become hotels that provide an unforgettable romantic experience to couples who want get away on Valentine’s Day.


This mining city, like San Miguel de Allende, has amazing historical places such as the Cathedral of Zacatecas, the De la Bufa hill or the El Eden mine. Although if you want to take a walk contemplating the view over the city and its beautiful architecture, you have to get on the Zacatecas cable car, a short, but well deserved walk in the heights to enjoy together.

Don´t miss the opportunity to celebrate with your mate the love you have in one of these wonderful places, where we can assure you that you will live experiences that are hard to forget and that will also make your love stronger. Check the Mexican airlines for these destinations and go and enjoy them as they should, because what better date than Valentine’s Day to spend it in a place just for both, where the most important thing is to have a good time and let yourself be carried away by love.


Zacatecas Cathedral at night wiht lights on the building

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