Have a great time in the Sultana del Norte

Known as the Sultana del Norte, the capital of Nuevo Leon is the largest metropolis in northern Mexico, it is a modern city, which has a number of tourist attractions within its vast territory that you simply shouldn´t miss when you take any of the flights to Monterrey Mexico. That is why then we leave you with this list with some recommendations of things you can do in the city, so let’s get started.

Cabrito al pastor, dish

Taste the cabrito to the shepherd

Something that is very well known is that the north of Mexico has become famous for the preparation of its peculiar cuts of meat. However, there is a food that is prepared to perfection and only find it in this city, we refer to the cabrito, a meat prepared from sheep that have a unique and spectacular taste that you can´t miss when you visit this great city.

Walk the Santa Lucia Ride

This place, which is part of the Fundidora Park, is one of the jewels of the city, which makes it one of the must see in the list of things to do in Monterrey aka Sultana del Norte. Throughout this artificial canal, there are fountains, bridges, murals, museums and restaurants, so it is ideal to walk in the afternoon and relax while the current of the walk takes us to our next stop.

Explore the MARCO (By its initials in Spanish)

Of the things that we must do in Monterrey, exploring its artistic scene is something of great importance, and The Contemporary Art Museum of Monterrey exposes the latest trends of current artists, both national and international. Its biggest emblem is “La Paloma”, a statue built by Juan Soriano, which is the icon of this museum.


Characters of Plaza Sesamo Mexico

Have fun at Sesame Street Park

If you thought that the city was suitable only for adults, let us tell you to consider it again, because in this amusement park you can find the characters that marked the childhood of many. With its mechanical games and its slides, this site is guaranteed entertainment for children and adults, don´t be afraid to spend a moment of fun with your family, friends or your partner in this place.


Walk around the Macroplaza


One of the emblems of the Monterrey capital is the seventh largest square in the world, with an area of 400 thousand square meters; here you can easily reach the Trade Lighthouse, which is another icon of Monterrey. On the other hand, take a walk through its shops and find something to remember the city.

Discover the Metropolitan Cathedral of Monterrey


You can´t leave the city without first entering the Metropolitan Cathedral of Monterrey, its facade blends two architectural styles, giving it a very peculiar appearance. The headquarters of the Archdiocese of Monterrey is perfect to admire an example of its incredible architecture and learn more about the faith.

Admire the Old Quarter

Finally, nothing like going through the oldest painting in the city, which is located next to the Government Palace, this was once the nightclub of the place, although it is now a place of cultural entertainment.
Just go to the city to realize that flights to Monterrey mean traveling to a growing city with many iconic and simple places to enjoy.


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