Monterrey Mexico is surrounded by memorable places 

Undoubtedly, one of the best destinations to vacation is Nuevo Leon, it is the state that has one of the most important cities in Mexico, so take one of the flights to Monterrey Mexico allow you to be practically close to the best places to have a few memorable days. So get ready and decide which of the following places are the ones you are going to choose to visit on your trip.

Pletórico Park

If you like to share with your pet unforgettable moments away from home, the Pletórico Park is the option, it is on the National Highway at Km 972, there you will find games and pet friendly rest areas, as well as a good variety of food trucks and interesting workshops to spend a whole day of joy and fun in a different way to the traditional one. Don´t leave your friend at home and visit this magnificent place where both will ended happier than tired.

Pletorico Park Monterrey

Garcia Grottos 

Just an hour away by car from Abraham Lincoln Avenue, the Metropolitan Axis or Nuevo León 100, you will find one of the caves whose rock formations will leave you breathless, both for the natural development of its stalactites and stalagmites, as well as for a height viewpoint and different natural spaces where the light makes works of art on the walls and ceiling of the caverns. Don´t miss the adventure of touring the bowels of the earth and photographing these spectacular ancient formations.

Parras de la Fuente

A little further and leaving Nuevo León, three hours away, is another of the best holiday destinations, Parras de la Fuente. It is a picturesque and quiet little town that besides delighting for its unique architectural designs will surprise you with its beautiful springs and its location in the middle of the desert. When you arrive at the place you will realize that the time of the journey will have been totally worth it, let yourself be enchanted by Parras and enjoy its tourist wealth.

Parras de la Fuente Monterrey

Cuatro Ciénegas

Newly named “Magic Town” and four hours from Monterrey, is one of the most beautiful ecosystems in the area, Cuatro Ciénegas generously opens its beautiful pools of crystal clear water and invites a tour of its rivers and springs. We recommend that when you are there ask for local wines, you will get a very pleasant surprise with its peculiarity and delicious tones that will make you want to return home with one or two bottles to remember this wonderful trip.

Montemorelos Monterrey Mexico


Montemorelos is just over an hour’s drive away, famous for hosting some theme parks such as The Serengeti of Biopark Star and Land of Dinosaurs. Explore Montemorelos and ask also about the hot air balloon rides, which beyond being a spectacular ride, will let you admire the territory from an enviable and unique angle to photograph.

We hope you have enjoyed these recommendations for you to visit when you take one of the flights to Monterrey, don´t forget to plan your trip with time, and if you are interested in knowing more places, find out about the tours that can be offered in the city.