Unique Destinations of Mexico

Mexico is one of the countries that has many cities and natural sites ideal to visit at almost any time of year; the highlight of these places is that they can be so diverse that a single trip is often not enough to travel them properly. That is why today we bring you some destinations that you can easily reach by plane tickets to Mexico and discover their great tourist attractions and unique Destinations.

Bellas Artes Palace

Mexico City, the city of palaces

The capital of Mexico is known as the city of the palaces due to its constructions, among them the Palacio de Bellas Artes, which was inaugurated in 1934, part of the works that make this structure something unique is the work of bronze crown the dome, the leaded stained glass windows of the god Apollo and the nine muses, as well as the great glass curtain.  CDMX has a lot of activities to do, visit the trajineras in Xochimilco, take a cultural tour of the museums, such as the National Museum of Anthropology or the Museum of Popular Art, make a bicycle tour of Reforma Avenue or the Chapultepec Forest, visit the Torre Latino, visit the Chapultepec Castle and watch the sunset from the viewpoint with a great view.

Guadalajara Mexico

Guadalajara, the Tapatía Pearl

The Tapatía Pearl has many activities to do, as well as places to visit, as the state of this great capital has seven of the 111 Magical Towns, so when visiting the city you can also take a tour of some of these. As for example in the route of Tequila, where you will know the process of making this drink and taste some of it, or if your thing is to eat then take the gastronomic tour through the city, where you taste some delicious tortas ahogadas, or a meat in its juice in the fastest restaurant in the world, Karne Garibaldi. Enjoy the mariachi, take a tour of the stadium of the local soccer teams, know your surroundings and spend an afternoon in the Chapala Lake or walking the streets of Ajijic.

Guanajuato Mexico

Guanajuato, the cultural destiny of Mexico

The magic of Guanajuato lies in the combination of natural, historical, gastronomic, architectural and cultural resources, all in one place. So, if you want to live a completely cultural experience, consider marking your visit in October to experience the Cervantino International Festival, and at the same time, get to know the history of the Juárez Theater, the legend of the Cheese Garden, eat some enchiladas mining or go the cobbled streets of the city along with the Cervantina and the callejoneadas. Definitely, something that you have to cross out of the things to do in this Country, you can also take advantage of and know the surroundings of the city to visit San Miguel de Allende, declared as heritage city.

There are still many destinations to which you can get from the different Mexican airlines, but for now, with these it will be enough for you to start planning your tour through this wonderful country that holds great beauties for each of its states.