That your goal to travel doesn´t stop your purpose

There are many purposes that people have in mind to meet during the New Year party, however, the most common purpose is usually to lose weight or do exercise, and often trips are the perfect pretext for not meeting with our purpose. That is why, if you are thinking of taking any of the flights to Mexico City, here we show you a list of places that are an excellent option to be closer to mix our goals.

City center

The Sope. This is one of the most frequented places to run, located in the third section of the Chapultepec forest in front of the largest lake, near Lomas of Chapultepec. It has two tracks of clay, one of 1.96km and another of 870mts, and has appliances, bathrooms and spaces for other aerobic activities.

Lake of Chapultepec. It is located in the second section of the Chapultepec forest, its route is approximately 1.4km on a pavement track, and you can run, ride a bike or walk. The attraction of this track is the view of the lake of Chapultepec, and the ideal is to go in the morning when there are not so many people.

North of the city

National Park of Tepeyac. If you are to the north and your thing is to enjoy nature and hiking, this place is perfect for you, since it has two tracks, a 3.5km paved road and another 4.5km dirt road. In the place, they also teach aerobics, boxing and karate.

Bicentennial Park. One of the most modern, safe and complete parks in the north. It is close to the Refineria subway, has a clay track of 800mts and a bike path of 3.6km, the view of this park is very striking since you will find an artificial lake and an aviary on the way.

travel doesn´t stop your purpose

West of the City

Forest the Ocotal. You will find it 10 minutes from La Marquesa and you will be surrounded by a lot of nature, it belongs to the Desierto de los Leones National Park and it is ideal for running, walking and practicing some hiking. It has different circuits; the most extensive is 4km with ups and downs, which makes training or hiking much more interesting.
La Pila. Like the Ocotal, it is located on the Mexico-Toluca road in front of the Church of the Virgen Del Pilar, hence its name. It is an excellent place full of nature, with a fairly long stretch of 20km, ideal for marathoners, although you can also go cycling too.

South of the city

Forest of Tlalpan. Of the most popular among the runners and athletes at the south of the city, as it is a place that offers many activities and much nature. It has 5 circuits between cross country, pavement, clay and asphalt, in addition to the circuits at the entrance of the forest you will find the house of culture of Tlalpan with many recreational activities such as music, dance and yoga.

These are just some alternatives to do your purpose when you take one of the flights to Mexico City, so leave the pretexts out and start to fulfill your purposes without thinking it too much, it can be an excellent combination.

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