A magical route in Guanajuato

Dolores Hidalgo Guanajuato Mexico

If you are already bored of the monotony of the city, then it is time for you to take one of the flights to Guanajuato and tour this great colonial city that, in addition to its classic beauty, is surrounded by several towns where magic seems to be in the air. Escape with family and friends to these Magical Towns of the state of Guanajuato, charming places that offer visitors culture, architecture, gastronomy, fun and endless entertainment.

Jalpa de Cánovas

In this town you will enjoy the picturesque simplicity of its streets and its imposing Parish of the Lord of Mercy, a magnificent Gothic building designed by the British Louis Long, which took almost 17 years to complete due to the beginning of the Revolution. Jalpense gastronomy such as the nut mole, the patitas in tomatoes, the pecan pie, the fox broth, the chicken entomatadas, the chard tamales, the nut and quince liqueurs, the artisanal snows, the scrapes, the hard crafts and the famous membrillo cajeta, will leave you with a good mouth taste.

Mineral de Pozos

Located in the municipality of San Luis de la Paz, it offers us an unforgettable stay with bohemian air, cobbled streets and traditional houses. Most of its architectural heritage was built during its boom period as a mining center for silver and other metals. This Magic Town is represented by the mines of Santa Brígida, 5 Gentlemen and others in which several metals were exploited. From the golden age of the town of Mineral de Pozos, beautiful architectural testimonies are preserved, such as the Parish of San Pedro Apostol, several chapels, the Juarez Garden and the School of Arts and Crafts, also called model school.

Dolores Hidalgo

Dolores Hidalgo

Place considered as the Cradle of National Independence, provides a provincial atmosphere and formed by narrow and picturesque streets. It is a town where its buildings keep a fragment of Mexican history, a place that emanates patriotism, where the past is combined with the present. From its church with its nostalgic walls to its representative icons that give life to its culinary and artisan traditions, it is a region that offers a number of tourist attractions to its visitors. Dolores Hidalgo stands out for its ceramic industry also called majolica, and of course, for its must-have ice creams of the most exotic flavors such as Avocado, pork rind, corn, pineapple juice whiskey, famous that occurs in the summer season, is all a blessing you can find in Dolores Hidalgo.


This place is characterized by a former Augustinian convent of the 16th century, it is the most important jewel of this Magic Town, which has resisted the passage of time and which accounts for the architectural magnificence of the first colonial constructions erected in that downtown area from Mexico. In addition, the imposing lagoon that means “Lake of blood” whose name is of Purépecha origin, was named for the attractive colors of its waters, which with the reflection of the sun form greenish, reddish and even scarlet tones, similar to that of the blood.

Make the most of flights to Guanajuato visiting these towns where, in addition to tranquility, you can admire the natural beauty combined with the colonial touches of ancient Mexico.

 A family adventure in Cabo 

Los cabos Mexico in family trip

There is no doubt that a family vacation is always enjoyed in a very special way, as each member returns home with new experiences and unforgettable memories; memories that will last a lifetime to remember them, adventures that only flights to Los Cabos San Lucas bring us closer to live them thanks to its different activities that this beautiful destination has for all family members.

An afternoon with dolphins

The little ones will enjoy one of the most incredible experiences by being in contact with one of the most intelligent species. In Los Cabos, there are programs and activities that range from dolphin encounters, where children can interact, feed and even swim with them, without a doubt a very fun and unique sensory experience in life.

An adventure through the heights

If you like strong emotions, Los Cabos has the most exciting and fun zip lines, where only the bravest dare to slide through the wide and deep desert canyons. Wild Canyon and Cabo Adventures offer this type of activities in which we assure you, everyone will live the adventure of their lives with the best landscapes that Baja California offers us.

Los cabos Map for diving


Nothing more fascinating than the marine life that lies in the depths of the “largest aquarium in the world”. The crystal clear waters will allow you to see from manta rays to sea turtles along with countless tropical fish, you can also admire corals full of color and rock formations that are home to millions of species.

Whale watching

Every year from December to April, the Sea of Cortez is the ideal place to witness one of the most wonderful shows, the sighting of humpback whales. Experience a fun photographic safari where you can capture the exact moment when whales and dolphins play, jump and enjoy their natural habitat.

Animal Sanctuary in Wild Canyon

Imagine having amazing species of iguanas, exotic birds, prairie dogs and other animals up close, all this in the Wild Canyon Animal Sanctuary, one of the most amazing adventure parks that Los Cabos has for you.

Gran cañon Baja California

Underwater trip

Enjoy a trip in the only semi-submersible equipped with air conditioning, on board the Nautilus II, you will discover the wonderful species that inhabit the depths of the Sea of Cortez without having to get wet, nor be an expert in diving. In addition, the best news is that the crew can be of any age, because regardless of whether it is small or large we assure you will be amazed.


This fun activity, which combines diving with snorkeling and offers you the opportunity to breathe underwater without the need for diving equipment, and the best thing, is that you don´t need to be a certified diver to enjoy the wonderful flora and fauna face to face that exists at the bottom of the Sea of Cortez.

Make the most of flights to Cabo San Lucas as a family and stay in constant motion with all these activities that await you to fill you with unforgettable memories in the company of those you love most, and what better than surrounded by the best landscapes of the Pacific.

Unpopular beaches of Oaxaca

oaxaca spots

Who has taken any of the flights to Oaxaca, knows that the state has everything for a dream vacation; however, some travelers prefer to enjoy more of its coasts since some of them still remain free spaces of the tourist masses, with just the essential services to spend a few days and eat delicious. Today we will talk about two beaches in Oaxaca characterized by their simplicity, but enormous beauty.

Zicatela Beach, a place of surfing

This is located east of Puerto Escondido; this spectacular beach to the open sea is very popular worldwide for being the annual headquarters of the International Surfing Tournament. This event takes place in November and lasts three days; here national and foreign surfers participate, thanks to its waves that reach up to 6 m in height, its fine sand and its crystal clear water with a warm temperature. It is considered the third beach in the world and the number one in Mexico to perform this sport.

Zicatela has truly beautiful sunsets; these are complemented by the huge waves achieving a truly wonderful natural spectacle. You can find the basic tourist services to rest in this place with hotels and hostels very cozy that don´t break with the style of this unique beach and with a very friendly cost. Also on the shore of the beach there are many restaurants of national and international food, bars for all tastes and palapas with lounge chairs where you can enjoy the view, all accompanied by delicious seafood or a delicious dish of the region.

Zipolite beach

Forget everything at Cangrejo Beach

If you are tired of the noise of the city, stress and all you want is to get away from the world, Cangrejo Beach is a treasure in the municipality of Santo Domingo Tehuantepec, the beach is quite extensive and lonely which makes it perfect to forget all your worries in its immense blue sky waters, very far from the urbanization. The beach is semi virgin, so it has very few inhabitants and it is quite clean, in addition, you will enjoy a quiet and family atmosphere with an exquisite climate to relax, rest and have fun.

Breathe fresh air and renew your energies with outdoor activities such as walking on the beach on foot or riding a horse, leaving you marvel at its contrasting sunset tones. Food is widely recommended by those who have visited it, there are many seafood restaurants where you will taste excellent dishes, with an efficient service and in the comfortable palapas facing the sea.

Enjoy the beautiful views towards the horizon at sunrise or sunset, listen to the movement of the waves, watch the birds fly from one side to the other and feel the sweet wind on your face. You can stay in one of the cabins of the place, they are surrounded by extensive green areas, they have playgrounds and at very accessible prices.

Something that can characterize flights to Oaxaca is the desire to stay in this wonderful state when it’s time to go home, so take your precautions and visit it at your own risk.

The best landscapes await you in Mexico 

Beautiful landscapes

Mexico has hundreds of destinations with hidden landscapes waiting to be discovered, because, who would think that there would be so much beauty behind a swamp? that a forest remained hidden for years? In addition, that within an island there would be another island. You only have to check the destinations of the airlines of Mexico and decide on one to enjoy these and more Mexican dream landscapes.

Swamps de Centla in Tabasco

Fasten your life jacket and get on the boat, because you will travel the depths of the swamps of Centla, open your eyes well that this place is home to hundreds of animals ranging from amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and even fish camouflaged between nature vegetable. Pay attention to the colors and charm found in this place, which has nothing to do with the image that comes to mind when thinking of the word swamp, on the contrary it is a place full of life where you will see manatees, crocodiles that swim around poking their eyes, white turtles passing by the side of the boat, migratory birds like the hawk that rules the skies and real ducks prowling the area in search of food.

swamp of Tabasco Mexico

Waters of the Lake in Michoacán

Imagine that you are inside a forest surrounded by immense and leafy trees, so big that to embrace them you would need the help of three or four people. In your journey, the ground becomes transparent water and you need a boat to cross the waters of Lake Camécuaro, which is fed by more than 1,300 springs of fresh water. This lake is a natural protected area, but it has thermal water pools, tables to eat, camping areas and areas to walk, in the place you can go around the lake and take a boat ride to see a path that opens between the trees. Pay attention to the sounds that surround you and let yourself be carried away by the song of the birds.

Lake of Michoacan Mexico

Maple Forest in Jalisco

Located in the deepest part of the Sierra Madre Occidental, there is a place that at first glance seems unreal and outside of Mexico. It is not a picture of the Canadian or American forests that we see in photographs; it is an authentic vestige of the Jalisco nature, as well as a unique treasure in all Latin America, the Maple forest. According to diverse plant species found within the forest, it is known that this has existed for more than 10 thousand years; the current endemic vegetation has been accumulating through the eras, supporting glacial periods. Just take a couple of steps inside this place to notice the magnitude of biodiversity with cedars, pines, ferns and above all, maples, make up only some of the many species that seem taken from a fantasy story.

Maple Woods at

Check out the favorite airlines of Mexico and be surprised by these landscapes of unique beauty that seem to have come from a fantasy tale, that regardless of your decision, we can assure you that you will return home with memorable experiences.

Disconnect from the world in Real de Asientos

Real de Asientos is a Magical Town that you can visit in any of the following flights to Mexico especially Aguascalientes, since the place is a town of mining origin and although it is small, it has valuable preserved attractions of the viceregal period in its architecture and art. Its underground tunnels, gardens and greenhouses make it perfect to disconnect for a while from the big cities, and that is why here are some reasons why you should visit Real de Asientos.

A walk through its streets will let you enjoy its food and architecture

It is a great pleasure to enter the neighborhoods to discover its details through the “El Piojito” train route, which runs along the old mining route, where you will hear mythical stories of the place and its most emblematic legends. After the tour, the time has come to enjoy the traditional dishes of the place such as the roast bridal, the rabbit to the Chichimeca, the chicken to the 9 wines, enchiladas potosinas and gorditas of huitlacoche or pumpkin flower. Then cool down with the water of red tuna or give a drink to the atole of guava so you don´t feel the cold while you walk through its classic streets.

Aguascalientes Architecture

A lot to know about Real

In the parish of Our Lady of Bethlehem there is a Christ who apparently has skull, ribs and human teeth, until a few decades ago he also had natural hair, was brought from Spain almost five hundred years ago and they say that his look can´t be taken away from over. The hidden aqueduct of Real de Asientos is an underground passage of the parish with wet walls, it is said that it was built at the end of the 18th century to filter the water, take it to the river and avoid floods, the curious thing is that it wasn´t known about existence until 2001, when it was discovered while repairs were being made in the church. In its corridors, there are niches with religious images and a water hole, just as another mythical place in the town is the cemetery of Guadalupe, one of the few that are still next to a temple, it is the oldest in the region and this was the place where Spaniards were buried, here some mummified remains have been found.

Real de Asientos Aguascalientes Mexico

A vintage festival

The Ogarrio Festival is presented from March 27 to April 2, in this festival the inhabitants wear 19th century clothes to celebrate the tunnel that was inaugurated in 1901, this festival is the perfect pretext to know the beauties of the place as its great pottery culture that is the artisanal process of the region with the production of pieces such as vases, pots, pan, casserole, stewpot, in short many things made with mud of unique design in its kind. This festival also offers tours to explore the beautiful Wirikuta, one of the most sacred grounds for the founding cultures of the place, where you can feel the mysticism of the area.

Disconnect from the whole world when you take one of the flights to Aguascalientes and meet Real de Asientos, a perfect place to set new goals and learn to enjoy the simple days.


Unique Destinations of Mexico

Uniques Destinations of Mexico

Mexico is one of the countries that has many cities and natural sites ideal to visit at almost any time of year; the highlight of these places is that they can be so diverse that a single trip is often not enough to travel them properly. That is why today we bring you some destinations that you can easily reach by plane tickets to Mexico and discover their great tourist attractions and unique Destinations.

Bellas Artes Palace

Mexico City, the city of palaces

The capital of Mexico is known as the city of the palaces due to its constructions, among them the Palacio de Bellas Artes, which was inaugurated in 1934, part of the works that make this structure something unique is the work of bronze crown the dome, the leaded stained glass windows of the god Apollo and the nine muses, as well as the great glass curtain.  CDMX has a lot of activities to do, visit the trajineras in Xochimilco, take a cultural tour of the museums, such as the National Museum of Anthropology or the Museum of Popular Art, make a bicycle tour of Reforma Avenue or the Chapultepec Forest, visit the Torre Latino, visit the Chapultepec Castle and watch the sunset from the viewpoint with a great view.

Guadalajara Mexico

Guadalajara, the Tapatía Pearl

The Tapatía Pearl has many activities to do, as well as places to visit, as the state of this great capital has seven of the 111 Magical Towns, so when visiting the city you can also take a tour of some of these. As for example in the route of Tequila, where you will know the process of making this drink and taste some of it, or if your thing is to eat then take the gastronomic tour through the city, where you taste some delicious tortas ahogadas, or a meat in its juice in the fastest restaurant in the world, Karne Garibaldi. Enjoy the mariachi, take a tour of the stadium of the local soccer teams, know your surroundings and spend an afternoon in the Chapala Lake or walking the streets of Ajijic.

Guanajuato Mexico

Guanajuato, the cultural destiny of Mexico

The magic of Guanajuato lies in the combination of natural, historical, gastronomic, architectural and cultural resources, all in one place. So, if you want to live a completely cultural experience, consider marking your visit in October to experience the Cervantino International Festival, and at the same time, get to know the history of the Juárez Theater, the legend of the Cheese Garden, eat some enchiladas mining or go the cobbled streets of the city along with the Cervantina and the callejoneadas. Definitely, something that you have to cross out of the things to do in this Country, you can also take advantage of and know the surroundings of the city to visit San Miguel de Allende, declared as heritage city.

There are still many destinations to which you can get from the different Mexican airlines, but for now, with these it will be enough for you to start planning your tour through this wonderful country that holds great beauties for each of its states.

Monterrey Mexico is surrounded by memorable places 

Best places Monterrey Mexico

Undoubtedly, one of the best destinations to vacation is Nuevo Leon, it is the state that has one of the most important cities in Mexico, so take one of the flights to Monterrey Mexico allow you to be practically close to the best places to have a few memorable days. So get ready and decide which of the following places are the ones you are going to choose to visit on your trip.

Pletórico Park

If you like to share with your pet unforgettable moments away from home, the Pletórico Park is the option, it is on the National Highway at Km 972, there you will find games and pet friendly rest areas, as well as a good variety of food trucks and interesting workshops to spend a whole day of joy and fun in a different way to the traditional one. Don´t leave your friend at home and visit this magnificent place where both will ended happier than tired.

Pletorico Park Monterrey

Garcia Grottos 

Just an hour away by car from Abraham Lincoln Avenue, the Metropolitan Axis or Nuevo León 100, you will find one of the caves whose rock formations will leave you breathless, both for the natural development of its stalactites and stalagmites, as well as for a height viewpoint and different natural spaces where the light makes works of art on the walls and ceiling of the caverns. Don´t miss the adventure of touring the bowels of the earth and photographing these spectacular ancient formations.

Parras de la Fuente

A little further and leaving Nuevo León, three hours away, is another of the best holiday destinations, Parras de la Fuente. It is a picturesque and quiet little town that besides delighting for its unique architectural designs will surprise you with its beautiful springs and its location in the middle of the desert. When you arrive at the place you will realize that the time of the journey will have been totally worth it, let yourself be enchanted by Parras and enjoy its tourist wealth.

Parras de la Fuente Monterrey

Cuatro Ciénegas

Newly named “Magic Town” and four hours from Monterrey, is one of the most beautiful ecosystems in the area, Cuatro Ciénegas generously opens its beautiful pools of crystal clear water and invites a tour of its rivers and springs. We recommend that when you are there ask for local wines, you will get a very pleasant surprise with its peculiarity and delicious tones that will make you want to return home with one or two bottles to remember this wonderful trip.

Montemorelos Monterrey Mexico


Montemorelos is just over an hour’s drive away, famous for hosting some theme parks such as The Serengeti of Biopark Star and Land of Dinosaurs. Explore Montemorelos and ask also about the hot air balloon rides, which beyond being a spectacular ride, will let you admire the territory from an enviable and unique angle to photograph.

We hope you have enjoyed these recommendations for you to visit when you take one of the flights to Monterrey, don´t forget to plan your trip with time, and if you are interested in knowing more places, find out about the tours that can be offered in the city.

Los Cabos San Lucas, a paradise between seas

Los Cabos

When you take one of the flights to Cabos San Lucas the first dilemma you will have to deal with will be to choose how to spend your days in this wonderful place, because literally there are thousands of activities to do, and when you just start to develop some, you are already thinking about the next. That is why we bring you a very useful guide so you don´t miss anything on your trip.

Visit the Santa María Beach

When traveling to Cabos San Lucas, without a doubt one of the things you are looking for is to have a nice experience on the beach, it is true that the beaches are very different from many of the tourist spots in Mexico, and however, there are impressive places to visit. Enjoy the sea breeze and at the same time relax in its waters. The beach of Santa María is 17 minutes from Cabos San Lucas and about 30 minutes from San Jose, and is one of the best in the area. It is a public beach, however, you will never find it stuck or crowded. An interesting fact is that this beach has the “Blue Flag” certification, which means quality, education, diverse services and a lot of security.

Santa Maria Beach Los Cabos San Lucas

Travel in a sailboat to the Arco in Los Cabos

Probably the most famous activity in this place, and we can´t blame anyone for that, since it is definitely worth a lot to ride one of these sailboats, whether you do it in the morning and snorkel at the end of the Arco, or just wait to the perfect sunset of Los Cabos. El Arco is located in a very special place of Mexican waters called “finisterra”, which means the end of the Earth, and is a magical place to snorkel and observe the corals along the mountains hidden under the sea.

Meet the whales

If you will be visiting Los Cabos in December and until April, you are probably a very lucky person, since it is when the most impressive and beautiful visitors come to visit their beaches. During this season, the whales arrive from the Arctic and they stay for 6 months to procreate and care for their young, they love the climate and also, they feel safe from their predators.

Los Cabos

Enjoy the best views of Mexico and the world in Los Cabos

The landscapes of this rocky population are indescribable, just land to convince you that your days will be full of natural beauty. We know that, when 0choosing a tourist destination with beaches, the first thing you think about is going to swim and the sound of the waves with the sea breeze, and this place won´t disappoint you, on the contrary, it is the perfect place to admire the greatness of nature.

Let yourself be captivated by a land full of entertainment and beauty, take some of the flights to Los Cabos San Lucas and discover why the visitor is considering staying a long time to enjoy this paradise between the Cortes Sea and the Pacific.

 The ecotourism side of Guanajuato

People doing ecoturism

The state of Guanajuato is geographically located in a privileged place, since it has a wide diversity of resources and natural areas that lend themselves very well to the practice of ecotourism. Therefore, whether you take one of the flights to Guanajuato for a weekend  or more days, we want to share these options to escape those four walls of your office and enjoy all the nature that Guanajuato offers you.

Sierra de Santa Rosa

The mountains of the Sierra de Santa Rosa are an obligatory passage of more than 70 species of migratory birds from the United States and Canada; it is a reserve of almost 2000 hectares where many animals live. Also in the place you can practice mountain walking, photography, mountain biking and there are even summer camps.

Valley of Santiago

Another favorite place to practice ecotourism is Valley of Santiago, it is a little further away from the capital, but you will arrive very easy. It is a protected ecological area also known as “Country of the Seven Luminaries”, a name that was earned thanks to the fact that the area is surrounded by several craters of extinct volcanoes, the closest are 7 and that is precisely why its nickname.

Sierra de Lobos

Another excellent place for Ecotourism is the protected Natural Area known as Sierra de Lobos, in this area there are 181 species of birds, 39 species of reptiles and 34 species of mammals. This place is of vital importance for Guanajuato because it recharges the groundwater thanks to the retention of its soil.

ecoturism in Guanajuato

The Cañada de la Virgen

The Cañada de la Virgen is located northwest of the Sierra de Guanajuato, in the place you can observe the development of handmade coal, live with farmers and enjoy a waterfall that bears the same name of the community. In addition, it has a freshwater spring that supplies the community, and the place is ideal to spend a few days in the countryside to ride a horse, visit its archaeological zone or, practice mountain biking.

Cañada de las Flores

In Cañada de las Flores the famous and traditional “Pulque” is produced, but also fieldwork such as the production of coal, firewood and extraction of ground for pots. A little further on, walking you can reach a place known as “La Peña Agujerada”, here you can get a beautiful panoramic view and observe several species of birds and mammals of the region.

Forest of Vergel de la Sierra

It is a beautiful area of oak forests nestled in the Sierra de Lobos, is an ideal place to visit with family and enjoy of nature. The place also has a hotel, as well as facilities for the realization of activities such as fishing, horseback riding, and golf course, among others.

As you can see, when you take one of the flights to Guanajuato you will find many places and spectacular landscapes, both familiar and for those who enjoy extreme sports, don´t miss the opportunity to meet them and relax in a peaceful environment.


 Meet Cozumel as a local, guide for begginers

Cozumel island

Most of us have heard of the paradisiacal island of Cozumel, a perfect place for rest and admiration of the Mexican Caribbean, and it is that more and more are interested in taking any of the flights to Cozumel and thus let themselves be pampered by its wonderful weather, excellent services and its warm people. However, it is usually reputed to be a destination that can be somewhat expensive, which is why we will give you some tips so that your trip doesn´t result in a waste of money and that you can also take advantage of the benefits of this island to the fullest. After all, who doesn’t like to have a good time without spending too much and more in a place like this?

Your trip on the ferry

If you pay more than 200 pesos for a round trip on the ferry, you are looking bad, don´t despair and buy the first ticket you find, take your time and choose well because there are about 3 or more boats from different companies that can solve your transfer issue. There are even schedules where fares go up or down in price, wait for the perfect time to buy your trip.

Feryes at cozumel

Don´t trust tour sellers

As a tourist it is normal that you want to know all the places that are offered to you to take full advantage of your trip, however, don´t get carried away by the sellers of these tours, since they usually take advantage of your emotion and sell you the simplest plans to higher prices. Review in detail what they offer you and don´t buy the first one, compare with the different sellers and choose the one that suits you best, remember that the sellers will almost force you to hire them, but you can compare and ask how many times you want or think necessary so you can choose the best for you.

Tour the island on your own

Many tourists arrive in Cozumel with only one idea in mind, not leaving the beach and eating everything from the hotel, although this idea of vacation is very acceptable, the island has the great advantage that you can travel it without problem on board a motorcycle or a small car. Therefore, don´t miss the opportunity and rent a vehicle to move around the different scenarios that this Caribbean paradise have to discover.

Do a cultural tour

On the island, you will also find parks, ruins, cenotes and quite interesting activities for those who enjoy tourism focused on getting to know the culture and history. To those parks, we do recommend that you buy your tickets directly from their websites, as you will get the right price at no extra cost per commission. It is worth investing in these parks because in addition to being more exclusive sites, they are places where you can literally breathe peace and tranquility, while admiring the history, nature and vestiges of the wonderful Mayan culture.

The flights to Cozumel won´t only get you to know one of the best beaches in the Mexican Caribbean, it will also allow you to enjoy an ideal vacation climate, places full of history, natural beauty and not to mention that you can enjoy the first rays of the sun day.