A pink destination: The Coloradas of Mexico

Las coloradas, a pink lake

Surely you are already saw in the social networks some pictures and comments of a beautiful place of pink water in the state of Yucatan, and that is because everyone is talking about them. They are the famous “Coloradas”, it is a small town that is characterized by its high production and distribution of salt, although the locals are also engaged in fishing, here there is no hotel infrastructure, no telephone signal, so you should consider that you will be without communication for a while, but that is sometimes what we need most to appreciate things. Take advantage of cheap flights to Mexico with destinations like this and enjoy the unique landscape in the world of “The Pink Destination of Mexico”.

The salt of the Coloradas

Thanks to the high concentration of salt and the microorganisms that exist in the place called halo bacteria, the water is dyed in a peculiar pink, which has become the fascination of many national and foreign travelers. You should know that this ecosystem is very particular and it is not advisable to get into the water of the lagoon, not only because of the pollution that can be generated, but because of the large amount of salt that irritates the skin directly, although what is allowed is to take many photos and try your artistic skills, as the place lends a lot to creativity.

Salt of coloradas

The intensity of the pink tone of Las Coloradas varies according to the time of day, since the sunlight and its position can make the tone very dim or very noticeable, especially at noon, which is why the Rose tone will always look different, with pastel, Mexican, rosewood and other tones. So don´t be disappointed if sometimes you can´t appreciate the water like in the pictures you’ve seen, because you’ll see many other natural beauties on the site that will fascinate you, especially when the clouds gather or when the sunset falls, that the mirror of water reflects the same scenario. Some people travel to Australia to see the Rosa Lagoon or choose the Desert of Salt in Bolivia to see the reflection of the sky, in Las Coloradas you will have the two ideal frames for your photos with a pink destination.

Flamingos at Coloradas Yucatan

How to get to Las Coloradas

To get to Las Coloradas, the nearest tourist spot where you can stay is called Lagartos River, a picturesque little town that among its attractions is the Ría Lagartos, a nature reserve. While there, you can take a tour to see the pink flamingos and other species of local and migratory birds that inhabit the reserve, here in the walk through the mangrove you will learn everything related to the ecosystem. After seeing the mangrove you will arrive at Las Coloradas, where besides appreciating the pink color of the water, in a certain area you can cover your body with mud to exfoliate, it is advisable to leave it for 15 minutes and then rinse.

Don´t miss the opportunity to take one of the cheap flights to Mexico and get to know this type of unique landscapes in the world that will leave a mark on you.


Festivals waiting for you in Mexico City

Mexican Festivals

Mexico City is one of the largest representations of multiculturalism in the world, because thanks to thousands of people from all over the world living in it, the city is increasingly nourished with different ways of expressing themselves. It is enough to witness some cultural festival to realize this, so if you are about to take one of the flights to Mexico City, don´t miss these festivals.

International Film Festival of the UNAM

The ninth edition of FICUNAM will feature the screening of 139 films from more than 40 countries, the functions will be carried out in different venues of the UNAM, in cinemas in Mexico City and virtually. There will be keynote lectures, cinematic reflection tables, critical forums, talks, special screenings and more, this from February 28 to March 9 in different venues.


Festival of Architecture and City

Mextrópoli is a festival focused on architecture and urbanism, it is a space to dialogue and share opinions on architectural issues through workshops and exhibitions, but it is also an experience that seeks to promote ownership, interaction and enjoyment of public spaces. This year will talk about union in the city, and how urban ideas can combat fragmentation. This event is designed for experts in architecture and urban planning, as well as for amateurs and the public in general interested in these topics, from 9 to 21 March in different venues.

International Beer Fair

The eighth edition of the Cervefest is the ideal pretext to spend a pleasant evening surrounded by friends, it is a totally family event, with a lot of activities and will be located in an outdoor space. You can taste more than 500 types of beers from around the world, as well as live music, food sales, cultural shows, activities for children and conferences given by manufacturers. The festival will have free transportation from the Angel of Independence and Taxqueña subway from March 15 to 17 at the Acalli Sports Club.

Passion of Christ in Iztapalapa

This is one of the most important religious festivals in Mexico, the representation of the passion and death of Christ begins on Palm Sunday and ends with Easter Sunday. All events are carried out through tours through different streets of Iztapalapa, including emblematic sites in the area, this is an event that is prepared months in advance, and the main event takes place on April 20.

Pasión Cristo Iztapalapa

International Fair of Friendly Cultures

The International Fair of the Amigo Cultures will have like new headquarters the forest of Chapultepec, with what pretends to increase the accessibility to the event. The fair will feature the participation of 70 countries that will have for sale various gastronomic and artisanal items characteristic of their region, so it is a good time to learn more about other countries, all in one place.

If the date of the flights to Mexico City allow you to enjoy these festivals, don´t hesitate to give yourself a break and have a good time through the different urban scenarios of the city.

A sweet and tasty life in Guanajuato: candies

Candy from Guanajuato


Guanajuato is a city surrounded by culture and history, but it is also a place full of gastronomic wealth with dishes that leave more than one with a good taste in the mouth. On the other hand, it is also a source of enough candies and snacks that you might not dare taste if you only focus on their names, but we are sure that once you taste them they will become one of your favorite addictions when you take one of the best flights to Guanajuato.

The charamusca

They are strips of candy made with piloncillo and butter, which in contact with the heat become chewy, to which they are given a human form, more specifically a mummy, and sold throughout Guanajuato. You can even find them with clothes and even with a hat, it is the most traditional sweet in this city and a unique detail to take home with you.

Candy in form of mummy

The trompada

If someone offers you a punch, they are invited to eat some candies that is prepared in a very similar way to the charamuscas, but add coconut, peanuts or some other dried fruit. When the marshmallow is hot, they stretch it and cut it into small pieces, so they remain in the form of squares, they are also typical of the city of Guanajuato and you can find them in any store or in the market.

The tumbagón

This is a candy very similar to the Italian cannoli, that you can buy in San Miguel de Allende, they are something similar to cookies, but extremely thin, rolled and rolled in icing sugar, they don´t have filling and the typical thing is to eat them with a bit of rompope. Undoubtedly, one of the best for after a good meal and walk the streets of Guanajuato.

bread tumbagon Guanajuato


Although you may not believe it, there are tourists who are shocked to hear that in Guanajuato eat macaws, the reality is that it is a bread called bolillo, stuffed with chicharron, which is added a spicy tomato sauce and sometimes also put avocado, so don´t be alarmed as it is only a delicious torta of chicharron.

Guacamaya  bread


It is a traditional bread of the Day of the Dead, but it is not the same as the bread of the dead, in Guanajuato it is named for its shape, because for its preparation round the dough and then separate some strips on the sides, which cross in front of arm mode at rest. They are usually eaten with a sweet potato called cajeta of dead and that can be made of walnut, guava or some other fruit.

Pan de Muerto

Fox’s tail

This dish doesn´t need to alarm you, since foxes are not hunted to prepare it, it is a beef broth with onion, cilantro and xoconoxtle that can fall very well to start the day during a cold morning, and is part of the delicious gastronomy of Dolores Hidalgo, cradle of independence.

Don´t get carried away by the names of these peculiar candies and typical dishes of the region, because when you take one of the flights to Guanajuato, you will find many strange names, but behind them, you will find delicious recipes that will make you want to return to taste other more.

The best places to have fun with the family in Monterrey

Monterrey atractions

It is very true that when we take one of the flights to Monterrey Mexico , we want to visit the city and its famous places full of luxury and technology, however, there are other places that can show us a more familiar side with fun at all times, and today we will talk to you of those unique places in Monterrey.

Sesame Street Monterrey Park

This beautiful park is set in the Sesame Street animated series, with attractions for children and adults, and it is divided into three areas, each with specific attractions. The Sesame Villa is built as a small village with colorful streets and benches to sit outdoors, its most popular attractions are the tornado, the little train, the tsunami, the bubbles, the Conde Contar castle and boats in the Lake Count. Another area is the Aquamundo, which is an area full of pools with different slides in each one, and finally, we find the area of Adventure Island, where there is a pool with waves to enjoy with family and sea buccaneers, another pool but with much bigger waves for young people and adults.2

Sesame Street Monterrey


This park is designed to enjoy nature and the creatures that abound in it, added to this, the park located in the heart of Monterrey, also offers extreme activities that you won´t want to miss. Its attractions are classified as extreme, natural, mechanical and fun show. In Extreme activities, your adrenaline will rise with the zip line on a flight with more than 240 meters away, while on the Xbike you will pedal a bicycle 40 meters high, or on the orbotron where you will turn in unimaginable ways and on the extreme road you will have to overcome obstacles. While in the natural activities, you can see up close and touch the animals in attractions such as the aviary, jungle lemur, interactive farm and the bird show. Moreover, to finish, in the mechanics, that are the most popular in the park, you will see 20 dinosaurs of real size and movement with which you can interact.

Lorventura Park

Magic Forest

This is the park with the highest attendance in the capital of Nuevo Leon, it has many individual attractions and to go up as a family, age is not a problem because they are built for children and adults. The park is divided into 3 types of attractions that are children, family and extreme. Inside the children’s you can find fun and safe attractions for the little ones of the house, which can climb the magical cups, jumping frog, low bugy, jumping alien and the Viking boats, most of them carousel type mechanical attractions, while In the family you can spend moments of fun with each member of the family at the same time. And finally, in the extreme, you will find games that are not suitable for everyone, but if you are brave enough you will go to all the roller coasters.

Visit these places with your family and let yourself be surprised by their attractions, find that moment of fun that is so hard to have by day-to-day routines, take any of the flights to Monterrey with the enthusiasm necessary to spend perfect days in the most important city of northern Mexico.


The perfect plan to travel Los Cabos

Cabo San lucas

Every adventure requires a good planning so you can enjoy the best way that is why we want to give you the following recommendations so that any of the flights to Los Cabos is simply perfect.

The obligatory photo in the most recognized place in Los Cabos

The obligatory photo for all those who visit Los Cabos for the first time, is with the emblematic Arco, the right place where the Pacific Ocean meets the Gulf of California. To get there you can hire a boat ride, yacht or boat in the Marina of Cabo San Lucas, and there are many types of tours for all tastes and budgets. Approximately every three or four years a “beach” is formed under the Arc, it is a beautiful natural phenomenon that occurs due to the marine currents and the temporary accumulation of sand, it lasts up to three weeks, although due to the high swell it can be dangerous to walk in the area.

Los Cabos View

The perfect season to travel to Los Cabos

The high season in Los Cabos is between October and May, which is when a greater number of Americans and Canadians visit the destination to leave behind the low temperatures of the north, but the busiest days are especially the end of March during the springbreak. Don´t forget in your luggage a sweater or light jacket because, although in Los Cabos 365 days of sunshine are enjoyed, some nights you can get to feel something cold by the winds that come from the sea. If you visit Los Cabos from December to March, you will live a great show, the whale watching, because during these months, several species of cetaceans migrate to their coasts to mate or to have their young, and without a doubt, it is an incredible experience.

Let yourself get caught up for the nights of parties

The night in Cabo San Lucas is full of entertainment and fun, so you will never be short of options for fun, thanks to the great variety of restaurants, bars of all sizes and colors, as well as a large number of nightclubs for all tastes. Therefore, in summary, the night in Cabo is guaranteed fun.

Relax, discover and have fun in Los Cabos

Los Cabos are world famous for the quality of their spas, try their relaxing massages, hydrotherapy, reflexology and other options offered to give you that moment of peace that we all need. However, remember to make a place in your agenda to also go shopping, because here you will find everything with small boutiques, major brands, luxury brands, jewelry stores, art galleries, handicrafts, textiles, organic markets and much more. On the other hand, if yours are first level sports then you can´t miss knowing the golf courses that are among the best in the world for their breathtaking views, which don´t exist in other parts of the planet, thanks to their ecosystem of deserts and cliffs with the spectacular sea in the background.

We warn you that when you take one of the flights to Los Cabos you may end up in love with the city and want to stay and live there, so take your precautions and enjoy the trip.

Extraordinary landscapes of Cancun

Cancun Landscapes

If we had to give a reason why so many people take flights to Cancun Mexico, it would be for its turquoise and fine sand paradisiacal beaches. However, in Cancun there is much more than this as the city has everything you need to have fun as in a cosmopolitan city, and within the city there are also places that you can visit in a day to discover incredible landscapes.

Puerto Morelos

If what you want is to leave the city without going far, this is a very good option since it is only 20 minutes from Cancun, a day in Puerto Morelos is all you need to de-stress and enjoy the tranquility that it offers on its clean, beautiful beaches and without so many tourists with its landscapes. In the place, you have the option to do a tour on bicycles or to know the reefs, which is worth mentioning, they belong to the second largest barrier reef in the world. It also has the Botanical Garden, where there is a viewpoint that gives you a beautiful view, here there is always something to do and a nightly atmosphere of excellence.

Puerto Morelos

Route of the Cenotes.

Nothing like a natural pool with clear, cool water for a dive during the hot season, that is why the cenote route is the best option. It is located in a deviation almost to the exit of Puerto Morelos, and in the place you will find about eight of these natural treasures of different sizes and depths called cenotes, some are outdoors and others are not. If you don´t have a car, can take the option of renting an ATV and do the journey your way, in some even have activities for you to have fun to the fullest.

Mexican Cenotes

Akumal´s landscapes

It is one of the most wonderful places you can visit, with very clean and magical beaches, characterized by having the most beautiful colors of the Caribbean Sea. The best thing about visiting Akumal is that you have the opportunity to swim with the turtles that live there, whether you hire a tour or do it on your own, but with the right equipment for your safety. You don´t have to go far to be near them and the experience is unforgettable; don´t miss this opportunity as it is ideal for making unique photos.

Isla Contoy

It is located north of Isla Mujeres, and to get there you must take a boat that leaves from Isla Mujeres, Puerto Juarez or Cancun. Because it is a protected natural area, only 200 people are allowed to enter daily, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The main tourist attraction of the place are the birds, its diverse flora and fauna that makes it a perfect place to escape from the city and where you can also snorkel, swim and relax by the sea shore enjoying its incomparable blue tone.

As you can see, Cancun is an excellent point to get around the Caribbean, so don´t miss the opportunity that flights to Cancun offer you and explore its surroundings to get to rest at your hotel and enjoy your stay to the fullest.

San José de Gracia a town of faith

Aguascalientes downtown

Surrounded by a large vegetation and large natural spaces, we present you to San José de Gracia, a Magic Town that has become one of the great favorites of those who take one of the flights to Aguascalientes looking for a true place of peace, but let us tell you the reasons more in detail.

The climate of a peaceful town

With an altitude that exceeds 2000 meters above sea level and as in the Sierra Madre Occidental, San José de Gracia enjoys a temperate climate and an average annual temperature of 16 °C. The months of June and July are the hottest and the December-January period is the coldest, the pleasant climate of the mountains invites you to enjoy it with warm clothes.

The attractions of the place

Let’s start the tour in San José de Gracia through the town center, where you will find a simple but elegant main square, and near this is the emblematic municipal palace. Although undoubtedly, the attraction that attracts the most tourists, and especially to believers from all over the world, is the imposing statue of the Broken Christ located in the Plutarco Dam, a masterpiece of engineering in its time. Another important attraction if you want to get in touch with nature is theBoca Del Túnel Park, an immense space to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities.

Christ broken

The Broken Christ a symbol of world faith

Among the 5 largest monuments in all of Mexico, is this immense statue of 28 meters high, divided between 25 meters of the sculpture and 3 meters of the concrete base that supports it. The spectacular image is located on the island of Presa Calles so its access is only by water, and after reaching the island, you have to climb some stairs to the sanctuary. The great sculpture of the Christ, which lacks the right arm and right leg, was inspired by the tragedy that hit the town by the construction of the dam, which forced a massive exodus of the population to raise the level of the water, today is one of the most visited monuments in Mexico, also receiving parishioners from around the world.

Girl at mountain in San Jose de Gracia


Boca de Túnel, a place for adventure

Adrenaline lovers also have a perfect option to have fun in San José de Gracia in the Boca del Túnel Adventure Park, with a beautiful lagoon and rock formations around it is an ideal environment for horseback riding or cycling, you can also throw yourself by the two available zip lines and crossing the 13 suspension bridges that the park has, including one of 105 meters long and 15 meters high that crosses the lagoon. The entertainment of the park will provide you with much excitement on your trip, with several experiences only suitable for the more adventurous.

There are different options for staying in the town if you want to travel from very early to very late, we are sure that after arriving on any of the flights to Aguascalientes, in this place you will find all the peace you need to replenish energy and spend some days full of tranquility.


Shopping in Los Cabos as an adventure

Imagine with the tickets of the flights to Los Cabos in hand , decided to completely forget the stress and with all the attitude to relax completely in this corner of Baja California. Time goes by and you realize that something was missing to put in your luggage, that’s where the moment becomes uncomfortable and you think your vacation was ruined, however, this doesn´t have to be the case, as often even the traveler more experienced get to spend this inconvenience, and the simplest thing that can be done to remedy the situation is to go to a shopping center.

In Los Cabos, these centers offer an infinity of services for visitors and locals, if you require a specific product or service, we present below the most luxurious shopping centers for shopping in Los Cabos.

Puerto Paraíso

Its beautiful construction and its impressive location make it the heart of downtown Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Paraiso has 10 theaters, bowling hall, electronic games, parking for 2000 cars and a large selection of brands and imported items from other countries. It also offers a variety of restaurants, bars and cafes that have a varied menu, Mexican and international drinks, no doubt a place where you will find anything you have forgotten to pack, and taking advantage of the trip you can take a walk around the place and give yourself a little taste in any of its stores or its restaurants.

Puerto Paraiso mall los cabos

Plaza Del Mar

Go shopping in Los Cabos and enter this shopping center is an experience similar to malls in the United States, Plaza del Mar offers a variety of stores such as Cabo Hats, Agave Bar, Cabo San Lucas Surf Shop, Wide Open Baja, between many more. In this square you can buy t-shirts, bags, hats, accessories, in short, if you want to put together a totally different outfit, this is the right place.

Plaza Bonita

Located in the Marina of Cabo San Lucas, it is designed to spend an excellent day of rest and buy everything you need at the last minute. In this place, you can enjoy magnificent bars, incredible restaurants, luxury boutiques, jewelers and shops specializing in handicrafts, it is perfect for a family or couple walk and even to find the ideal souvenir of those unforgettable holidays.

plaza bonita Los cabos

San Lucas Square

In it you will find a great diversity of professional services, entertainment, restaurants, and much more, its wide spaces offer comfort and it is ideal to spend a day shopping with family or as a couple. It is considered one of the best centers to go shopping in Los Cabos due to the great diversity of options to spend an entertaining afternoon or to take a night walk that ends with a delicious dinner.
Don´t worry about what you forget at home when you take one of the flights to Los Cabos, better go shopping and discover the diversity of entertainment, cuisine and even handicrafts offered by these shopping malls.


Become addicted to adrenaline in Puerto Vallarta

Parasailing adrenaline

Puerto Vallarta is a destination full of things to do between the sea and the mountains, so it becomes the perfect place for extreme sports, however, we recommend you not to do since you could become addicted to the adrenaline and the feeling that it will cause in your body, when you take any of the flights to Puerto Vallarta.

Parachute jumping


Few are the experiences that can overcome the sensation of being over the whole world and see from that point all things as small as an ant. In addition to having the feeling that you can fly, all this and more offers you the parachuting, an extreme sport that consists of being transported to more than 3 km of height by a small plane and jumping. In the descent, you can take a speed of up to 200 km / h and at a certain height open the parachute to enjoy 5 or 7 minutes flying through the landscape that the area offers.

Parachute jumping at Puerto vallarta

Bunge jump


This experience lasts only a few seconds, but makes your adrenaline rise to the maximum. The favorite place to do this activity in Puerto Vallarta is 15 minutes from the hotel zone, on a platform of 40m high, ready for you to dare to jump into the sea and take home what can be an unforgettable experience that you will want to repeat.

Throw yourself down the zip line

Imagine flying through trees, feeling the wind in your face while enjoying the best view you can have on the longest and fastest zip line in Mexico with more than 1200m long, with which you can reach a speed of 100km/h. In addition, added to this, you can observe the habitat of predators, since Eden, that is the home of this zip line and also one of the locations of the movie “Predator.”

Diving and snorkeling

Take the time to explore the wonders of the depths of Puerto Vallarta breathing underwater and living closely with the flora and fauna in the open sea. In Las Caletas, a private beach that has the clearest waters is where you can find the equipment and the excellent conditions to carry out these activities.



Another way to be able to fly on the beach is parasailing, which is an activity where you are elevated by a small boat while your back hangs a parachute. Here you are not elevated as high as skydiving, but enough to enjoy a beautiful view of all of Puerto Vallarta.
Give the maximum dose of adrenaline to your trip when you take one of the flights to Puerto Vallarta, either through a forest at full speed, flying on the beach, falling from the sky or exploring the depths of the sea, let each of these activities becomes a complete addiction for you and for those who decide to accompany you in your adventure. After all, each new experience is better when you can share it with a loved one and have a truly exciting memory together.

Celebrate with your partner in some romantic places in Mexico

Bacalar lagoon and house romantic places

Valentine’s Day has become an important date for couples around the world who celebrate their love in different ways, although it has become customary to give flowers or chocolates, invite our partner to dinner or simply relax at home. However, beyond the material, love can be demonstrated through experiences that remain forever in the memory of both, experiences like a trip to a place that none of you have ever visited. If you have in mind to make a trip with your partner, then we recommend some beautiful romantic places that you can reach by Mexican airlines.

Los Cabos

Close to El Arco, you will find one of the most beautiful and romantic beaches in Mexico, the beach of love is a natural sanctuary of marine species; crystal clear waters and white sand, undoubtedly a perfect destination for lovers who want to celebrate Valentine contemplating the sea, in a very intimate and perfect environment for love.


San Miguel de Allende


Beautiful colonial constructions of the XVII century that have been conserved until today, its cobbled streets, an ideal climate all year round and its calm atmosphere that is breathed in each of the places that this beautiful city hides, make San Miguel de Allende, one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in Mexico.


The Bacalar lagoon in Quintana Roo

Also known as the lagoon of seven colors, this magical place is located only 35 km from Chetumal and offers a spectacular break for couples. Nothing like relaxing in the hammocks on the beach, taking a boat ride, walking through the streets of Bacalar and of course, enjoy the exquisite cuisine where seafood is the specialty, these are some of the plans we recommend.

Bacalar lagoon at day


There are no better and romantic places to live a new love story, than the spectacular former haciendas of Hidalgo, these imposing and luxurious places surrounded by nature, mountains and beautiful forests have become hotels that provide an unforgettable romantic experience to couples who want get away on Valentine’s Day.


This mining city, like San Miguel de Allende, has amazing historical places such as the Cathedral of Zacatecas, the De la Bufa hill or the El Eden mine. Although if you want to take a walk contemplating the view over the city and its beautiful architecture, you have to get on the Zacatecas cable car, a short, but well deserved walk in the heights to enjoy together.

Don´t miss the opportunity to celebrate with your mate the love you have in one of these wonderful places, where we can assure you that you will live experiences that are hard to forget and that will also make your love stronger. Check the Mexican airlines for these destinations and go and enjoy them as they should, because what better date than Valentine’s Day to spend it in a place just for both, where the most important thing is to have a good time and let yourself be carried away by love.


Zacatecas Cathedral at night wiht lights on the building