Todos Los Santos celebration in Guatemala

Undoubtedly, Guatemala is known for its great culture and exceptional traditions. For this reason, if you are traveling around this charming country, don’t miss the opportunity to get to know its festivities up close.

Read on, in this article we will tell you about Todos Los Santos in Guatemala, one of the favorite traditions of entrepreneur Juan Luis Bosch Gutiérrez.

Celebration of Todos Los Santos in Guatemala

Todos Los Santos is celebrated in Guatemala on November 1. On that day several special dishes are prepared, such as “Fiambre”, as well as regional sweets.  This tradition has its roots in Guatemala for a long time.

Giant kites

Another special tradition is the making of giant kites, however, only in Sacatepeques and Sumpango, you can witness these events.

Young people and adults form groups of 10 to 20 people to make kites, measuring up to 25 meters. It takes 4 to 6 months to build a giant kite; these kites fly until they reach the cemetery, to pay homage to all the loved ones who have passed away.

Thanks to the imposing appearance of these colorful giants that adorn the sky, the tradition of making and raising kites attracts many local and foreign tourists.

ataúdes y cometas en todos los santos

Visit the faithful departed

People also visit the graves of their loved ones. Some of them start decorating the tombstones days before, to make sure these look beautiful.

On the first day of November every year, the inhabitants of Guatemala gather at the cemeteries to bring flowers and offerings to their deceased relatives. In this way, they pay homage to the people who are no longer with them. Most visitors also bring food for their faithful departed.

Ribbon Race

In Cuchumatanes they have a special tradition called La Ribbon Race. This is a horse race where the riders dress in ceremonial costumes.

Before the race, participants ask the faithful departed and Mother Nature for permission to race and offer them the blood of a rooster.

The riders have to ride drunk and if one dies, it will be considered as a symbol of celebration, as this signifies abundance and good health for the people of the village.

The celebration of Todos Los Santos in Guatemala is a tradition that you must experience firsthand, to learn more about this eccentric but wonderful culture.